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5/21/11 7:31 A

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A little about me... While my husband and I were dating my doctor who is a DO and my boss and friend, ask me what I was going to do about birth control because "he seemed like he was the one"? I told her I wasn't sure. She suggested I try natural family planning (NFP) so that I wouldn't have to take a pill. I had taken myself off Ortho-Tricyclen LO since I wasn't sexually active and planned to remain that way until marriage. My cycles off birth control we 19 to 56 days apart.

So I took her lead and went to a FertilityCare™ NFP teacher using the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System which features the new women's health science, NaProTECHNOLOGY. The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System is the only NFP that has a scientific arm to it. It is using this system, for about 2 months, that my teacher thought I had PCOS. She referred me to a wonderful doctor who has special training with CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System and he confirmed her suspicion with blood work and then he chose to put me on Metformin ER 1500 mg daily and Promitruim (Progesterone supplement) 200 mg at bedtime on peak +3 to peak +12 of my cycle. Now my cycles are mine and are consistent at 32 to 35 days and I can confidently tell you that when I am ready to get pregnant I will know when I am most fertile and have the best possible window to conceive. To learn more or to find a teacher and/or doctor in your area check out their site:

As for eating I have found a PCOS menu from Children's Hospital in Boston. I printed it out an had my physician look it over. She said if I followed it as is and stuck with it I would should lose 4-8 per month. Week one I stuck mostly to it and I lost 6 pounds. This week with being sick and out of commission I gained a pound back because I ate nothing according to the menu. Here is the link:

They even give you recipes on the site so it isn't the same food every 3 days. emoticon

As for exercise... With doing the NFP I have got a lot of PCOS education emoticon My NFP teacher has shared that the research is out there that 30+ min at a wack of cardio works great for PCOSers. She even shared that she knew a women who found she had to do 2 hours of cardio a day to drop the weight. I have also recently read that doing some strength training is good but that more cardio is better.

Keep up the good work! Good for you for reaching out and asking for advice!

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10/27/08 9:56 P

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Katialynn gave good advice. I can tell you, I also get stuck on these monster plateaus and it seems like nothing will break me out. One thing that has worked for me in the past is completely nixing simple carbs, eliminating all the "sugars" (bread, pasta, potatoes) and increasing my lean protein. A high protein diet will help boost your metabolism. Very different exercise helps too.

I think every now and again our body needs something really different to wake it up.


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10/3/08 11:46 A

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There are a couple of good PCOS books - if you look on Amazon under PCOS they should pop up. Also, check out for more resources.

As far as the lbs issue - your body may just be adjusting to the lbs you've already dropped. Once that adjustment is done, you will probably start dropping more. Maybe try mixing up what you're doing - like switch what cardio you're doing on which day, add a new machine, or take it outside (ride a bike around the block instead of a stationary at the gym). Maybe try something new - like a balance ball class instead of Pilates, or something like horse back riding or wall climbing. Sometimes your muscles get so used to what you're doing, they don't work as hard as they used to.

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10/3/08 11:27 A

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Hi to all,

Here is a brief description as what is going on in my body!

I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago. Irregular periods and a little higher man hormones as well as hair loss. I have no cyst. I was told to go onto birth control and some pills to level out my hormones. But I have not. Due to the weight gain of taking the birth control as well as the migraines I get.

So instead I decided to be healthy!!! I started working out, stopped smoking and found that pilates helped immensely with my migraine issues!! As well as my periods became regular every 40 days instead of 60 to 90 days. I think I was able to avoid the Med's. HOWEVER this is the kicker! It has been a good 9 mths of me working out about 5 days a week as well as cutting back the bad foods and eating healthy. I have dropped a totally of 25lbs and I am guessing about 15 inches off my body. I am very happy with this. However I find that I am soooo beyond stuck with dropping more lbs. My legs are toned, my arms are toned and I have a flat butt for the first time in my life :) as well I do feel better than ever in my life! But those lbs…oh those un-wanted lbs how do I get them off???

Can u all share a success story about how having PCOS and weight loss? What is the best diet to go on? Or shall I say life style change of foods as I do not want a diet as this is a life style change forever! I understand carbs are a HUGE factor with PCOS is there any good books out there for food ideas?

Thanks in advance to all the respond .


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