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4/15/09 1:54 A

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If low carbing works for you great

for me its no dice, for me high carb works best for getting the weight off

I tried doing it low carb, it only ended with my blood glucose readings not being where we needed them to be (high carb wise, my levels are in range, no more going to low or to high).

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4/15/09 12:06 A

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feel free to vent at any time. Best of luck in all that u do!

One day, not only will my PRINCE grow up, ... he will learn to change the empty toliet paper roll...... Hey, I can dream cant I? God Bless

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4/15/09 12:02 A

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Girls, I have lived with PCOS for 11 years now (that I've been diagnosed) but probably longer undiagnosed. I have NEVER had regular periods. I got my first one at 14, had another 6 months later, then started the pill. However, on my own I have never had regular periods. If anything I would have spill over bleeding every 6 months-9 months. Because of this I was not able to get pregnant on my own. Luckily I only had to take one dose of Clomid to get pregnant with my boy/girl twins, Caleb and Katie, who will be 10 tomorrow the 15th. Even after pregnancy I was not regular. I've either had to be on the pill or take Provera for 10 days every 3 months to make me have a period, all this since age 14 and I'm 34, so 20 years.

Well, I am so EXCITED, I can't tell you how excited I am to have started on my own, all by controlling the sugar in my blood. Nothing has ever worked like this before, not even gastric bypass surgery that I had in 2003 (lost 150 pounds, put 70 back on). On 03/20 I started the first phase of the South Beach Diet. I have been faithful, and they said it would take 3 days or so to get your body off all the sugar/carb highs and lows and "reset" your body for blood sugar. Sure enough, as soon as I got my body's response to sugar "reset" or evened out after 3 days, I must have ovulated like a normal person because I had a period exactly 2 weeks later. The timing was so perfect IT HAD TO BE FROM HOW I HAD CHANGED MY DIET.

The only carbs I have are from milk sugar (fat free milk) or good leafy vegetables which don't stress the body. In addition, I feel so CALM. It is great. I don't have the jitters an hour after eating trying to will myself away from another bout of M&M's. I've made it through Easter, spats with the hubby, etc and not even wanted those carbs. You feel so calm when the sugar is under control and SO FULL. Doing South Beach right (with the help of the SB Phase 1 group here on SP) has made me calm, very full I have to make myself eat, and I have lost 12 pounds in a month since starting; and I NEVER could lose weight before by myself. Insulin resistance makes it SO HARD to lose weight! But doing the SB Phase 1 and working out on my Wii Fit everyday (with SP Wii Fit group) has made it alot easier. I plan to add carbs eventually, but slowly, one at a time to see how my body tolerates that sugar and if it stalls weight loss. I am just so happy to be calm when it comes to food I don't feel like rushing it, don't want the calmness to go away!!! But when I am ready to add fruit, I will make sure to link it if needed, same with whole grains.

I just had to share, especially if you are TTC and this might help you to have regular periods and ovulate. I know how hard infertility can be, especially after my experience, and I've been a surrogate mother once for an infertile couple, and am about to do it again. I hope this info can help.

I will copy this post to the Living with Insulin Resistance group in case you see it posted again.

Thanks for letting me vent...

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