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11/30/13 10:55 A

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Thank you. These are all good points.


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11/30/13 10:22 A

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I am getting my inspiration for this post from Natural Health July/Aug 2004 ~ yes, my pack-rat tendencies are being revealed; I have stacks of old magazines I cannot bear to get rid of. Here is my justification "See, I am rereading the articles."

From Taming the Primal Appetite by Peter Jaret (what follows is my interpretation)

1. "Lack" of Willpower
We have to eat, there is no way of getting around that fact. There problem lies within what are we wanting to eat. If you are like me, no matter where you go, you are faced with temptations. Unfortunately, for many home is not a safe haven from the onslaught of temptation. The unhealthy snacks are there in your cupboards. They arrived either by you or another member of the household and eventually you will find yourself eating what you determined not to eat.

So, how do we get over the "lack" of willpower.
A. Hide the foods you do not want to eat. You know the saying, "Out of sight, out of mind." If you do not see it you may not be tempted to eat it. Or just get rid of it all together. In its place, stock healthy choices to eat. Instead of that candy bar, have an apple or carrot.

B. Turn off the TV, or make it a point to get up and move during the commercials so you are not exposed to the food advertisements. Although the last time I watched TV I was amazed at how many drug ads aired. To me, that seems to imply that we have a take a pill for what ails you.

C. Don't shop when you are hungry. Haven't we all heard that one before? It seems like a no-brainer but how many times do you put something in the cart because you are hungry and want something to tide you over til you get home.

D. Read the labels - I want to eat healthy and sometimes reading a label actually gives me the strength to say NO and leave the item at the store. One of my favorite grab-and-go items used to be the chocolate donut. However, one time there was none in the display case but they had a package of 6 on the shelf nearby. I turned the package over and the ingredient list was almost as long as the bottom of the package. That cured me of my craving for chocolate donuts.

E. Eat smaller portions. Learn to stop when you feel satisfied, rather than stuffed. I tried this several times and am continually amazed at how much lighter I feel and actually have more energy when I eat less. This is a hard habit to break since I was raised with the clean up your plate mentality. I am learning to take smaller portions on my plate to begin with because too many times I eat it all because it is there.

to be continued...


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