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2/3/12 1:09 A

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Hi Everyone!

Oh yeah, bad start and I and she were just overloaded on a lot of things. What I did was go to my 'job' as the Cat Mom at the local shelter and play and cuddle with all the cats (Over 30 is what they have I actively can play with and cuddle 17 to 18 of them) and got over the funk. I'm volunteering at the moment 3 times a week while I can.

We talked after she came home for a long time. And discussed why we really bit down hard on each other which is really unusual... And we found out we had been not communicating what we really needed and wanted for a little bit and her job is VERY intense and she is moving out of her comfort zone with some of her responsibilities... It makes her uneasy, and she had several things that morning that she was worried about but had not really told that to me...

Which led to the explosion, since appearance is at the moment very important, and the loss of the two pairs of shoes was coming at the worst time...

Me I was worried about my job, I'm currently on a contract that is over at the end of April, not unusual with seasonal hotel/restaurant work and I have to have all my paperwork in 3 months before it ends at the unemployment office so that I can get my money if I don't have a replacement job or the contract is not extended.... Gotta love Germany... I am a total worry wart about working.... just the way I react, and I know I need to do it and I needed help and I got grouchy because I felt unsupported at the moment...

It was just two worlds that collided with a bang.... And after the talk, came down to we forgot to talk and step back and take some time for us to reconnect about the worries of the day rather than shouldering them alone....

We went shopping the next day (My restaurant /hotel kitchen is being renovated so I am off on top of all of this) and had a wonderful time.... Ate out, responsibly, and found her new shoes and new clothes she needed, there are BIG advantages to being a chef, Uniforms make shopping for clothes MUCH easier!

And then went food shopping together and got what we needed that I had on our shopping list.... Which eased off the pressure on the two of us through yesterday....

Now to just get past the fact that its -12 to -15 degrees in the morning when we wanted to walk (I've done my 10 minute videos here) and we need to find another way to get the exercise in because that is just too damn cold at 4:30 in the morning....

So the week has been refocused on us... and we tell each other when we are anxious and the work world is really stressed out so it doesn't get bottled up only to explode later....

THANK YOU for the support, it felt like a hug....

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1/29/12 10:17 P

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KellyAnn, I saw your post today (sorry I'm laggin on email--backlog's growing, ugh). I hope yesterday and today were better. Yesterday was frustrating for me too, and, having lived in Europe a couple of decades ago, I remember the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning stress because stores were closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I hope you and the pup got in some poodlewalking today. Funny how I was thinking about groundhog day this morning. At least the sun was shining here, and temps were unseasonably warm, and the pups enjoyed a walk at one of their favorite parks. I even saw some blooming snowdrops and aconite and heather,


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1/27/12 12:13 P

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Well it does sound like you have had a hell of a day. But the day will only stay crappy if you want it to. You don't have to allow it. You can DECIDE to be happy no matter what.

Abraham Lincoln, one of our most revered Presidents said: People will be as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Even after all that happened this morning, your world is still intact and you aren't deathly ill. That makes it a darn good day!

Hugs to you from Alabama

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When kindness touches it!" - George Elliston

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1/27/12 1:24 A

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YOu know there are days one really should be able to press the restart button for...

Today is one of those... Literally... Not that it would help much....

Its raining, again. Very heavy, which means that My partner and I couldn't go Nordic Walking together this morning... We JUST got into the groove of waking up at 4:30 am (Its before she has to go to work) and starting the day off with exercise together... Tomorrow I hope its not raining, because we can't get out of that groove.... We need to do this together and on our own... the gym membership is just not fesable at the moment due to major work loads on both our parts and its too expensive not to use ... AND we LIKE this MUCH better! We can do it together AND not be wasting money....

I hurt this morning... I'm doing physiotherapy twice a week for my hip displaysia/beginnings of arthritis and what I have managed to do is screw up my entire back and hips from my shoulders down.... YIPEE! NOT!

We didn't have time to eat breakfast together... The cat puked twice all over the floor (Our 20 year old) Sam our poodle has loose poop... and had to go out at 2 am and before that to pee (Heart tablets =diuretics) YAY.... NOT.....

My breakfast wasn't right.... I hope she eats the lunch I made... We are working on the diet together and food is a slightly stressful issue to begin with....

Her shoelaces were getting really thin, so I thought I would change them (I had bought what I THOUGHT were the right replacements) and the lace broke in two places and of COURSE the replacement was WAY too short....And she doesn't have that many shoes to wear that are comfortable for work...

So she yelled... and then she went to look at what she DID have... Unfortunately the shoes she thought she had we had taken to get repaired (Two pairs by the way) and she TOLD me it was too expensive at the shop where we also go for food (Has a small independent kiosk shoe repair they do GREAT work) and I KNOW I asked her what she wanted me to do with them and I could SWEAR she said throw them out she could buy new ones for that much money...

SO I did just that, right then and there...

Oh boy what a mistake... I got told just now the shoes were about 200 euros worth of shoes... and she NEVER said throw them away! She said she NEVER said it and I was wrong... and She left pissed and angry...

The foods not right, the diets not right, the house isn't right (I am NOT a good cleaning person... I just am not and I know it)the weathers not right, decisions about anything are not right....

I am NEVER making any decision about her clothes, shoes etc again... She goes and buys her own s**t... Then if its wrong or she doesn't have it Im not at fault...

Not to mention we NEED to go shopping... FOOD shopping.... AGAIN..... The problem with that is we have ONE car... SHE has it.... Her workday is probably going to be really LONG which means she is NOT going to want to do it after she comes home... We didn't manage to talk about what we want to eat over the weekend... SO I CAN NOT plan our meals and do it myself... And the store I want to go to I can't get to easy by bus.... And I don't want to buy stuff she won't eat or doesn't want....

I also need a different way to carry the food, A backpack will not do it and I am afraid too much weight will make me hurt more...

But today started out very badly...We don't fight hardly at all... and today I got my head taken off twice.... I feel like Marie Antoinette....

Now I know todays going to stay sh**ty... I bet the world at the moment I am going to be a dang lazy butt for not doing something ...

Can someone tell God we need a Cosmic rewind button?

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