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11/27/11 9:32 P

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Believe me, you did nothing to cause this. Nym was 19, it is just his time. He lived a wonderful last 6 almost 7 years with 2 wonderful moms who love him very much. Had it not been for your love, he would have been euthanized years ago. Please, don't give in to the "what if's"

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10/13/11 11:37 A

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So sorry to hear about your precious kitty friend. Never easy to get such news and to know we may need to help them cross sooner than we would like. My heart goes out to you and all your family - 2-legged and 4-legged. Tough times for all. Love, prayers and healing energy coming your way.

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10/12/11 9:07 P

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Nym is beautiful!

Our pets do live forever in our hearts. I still tell stories about "Angel", "Tiger", "Matika", and dear old "Momma Cat" (who lived up to her name!) I still laugh at their antics. Each one was different and special in his own way.

I am sorry you have to go through this with Nym, but I'm sure you will find some great memories. 19 years old is an accomplishment in itself! Prayers . . .


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10/12/11 6:05 P

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I just set my profile pic to one of Nym, so everyone can see him....We are coping as best we can at the moment, and Nym is being Nym which is the best thing, thank you again for all the support...

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10/12/11 4:04 P

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Prayers of comfort to you. Our pets are our family. emoticon

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10/12/11 10:06 A

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Oh my dear! I'm so very sorry. Number 1, you did nothing to bring this on. He is 19 and that is AMAZING! If you two had not taken him into your hearts, he would have probably been euthanized because no one wanted him. You two gave him an extra 6 wonderful and loving years. Please don't let your present grief take away your joy in loving him for whatever time you have with him. He will sense that something is wrong. It will be hard not to I know.

I, too, wish that our pets could just be with us forever. My thoughts and prayers will be with you both.


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10/12/11 9:55 A

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I am deeply sorry to hear this. I went through the same thing with a 16 year old poodle named Lucy. It's so very hard to see a pet suffer and get ill. Keep in your heart that you gave your pet a good life. Know that you have done your best. Pets and people come in and out of our lives as it is the cycle of life. Enjoy and cherish the time you have and had. I'm sorry and my thoughts are with you.

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10/12/11 5:51 A

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I am so sorry to hear this news. I just went through the same thing last year for my service dog (Gibson) who gave me my life back. He had renal failure and I had to let him go. I saw him struggling to breathe and I made the choice. It is a very trying and sad time when our beloved pets have to leave us so soon. I wish there were words to take your pain away because I would say them to you. Make the time you have with your kitty special so you have good memories to rely on.

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10/12/11 2:48 A

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Okay... I just want to thank everyone here for being my sounding board, since it seems that I am a quiet member unless there is a disaster or pain happening in my life....

I need support again...

You helped me with the loss of Charlie the 13 year old siamese that we had for only 3 weeks.... You helped me with the lost of Rusty our beloved poodle (My parents dog) of over 13 years....

Now its Nym.... I know he's not a poodle, but our 19 going on 20 year old Thai cat has been diagnosed with Renal insufficency... and our vet said we will have him for 6 moths at the MAX.... That is the best time he can give us...IF everything goes well...

Is is devestating my partner.... Nym (Named after the Shakespear character) was her very FIRST personal pet.... I was not sure if or how I was getting back to germany after my internship was done, and she would have been alone and I also knew how important a warm fuzzy, living breathing and loving critter, someone to come home to would be...

SO we went to a shelter and Nym picked us....

He was 13 years old.... I told Her he would be the best to adopt since at 13 he had little chance of being adopted since older animals are rarely adopted... And he went home with us...

He has been her buddy, her closest critter friend.... He sleeps on her pillow every night, he sits on her desk under the lamp every time she works there, he sits with her watching tv or reading, he lays on our balcony table sunning himself....

He is in short her heart.... And indeed mine too... He has been through so much with her when I could not be.... when work kept me from being home at night and she was alone, when I was in the USA wondering how I was getting back... through rough times...

And also the best of times....

We took him to the vet on Monday since she had noticed weight loss, or what we thought was weight loss.... They took blood and we found out yesterday the shocking and horrid news....

All we can do, at the moment is get him on a phosporous binder, low protien special kidney diet and go from there.... There is no cure for this.... It IS and is ALWAYS terminal.... And here in Germany, there is not the heroic measures for animals that the USA has, or gives access to...

We also had decided that heroic measures, which will not help in the long term and will only traumatize him are not an option.....

We just didn't realize when we made that decision, it would be put into effect so soon....

This diagnosis comes on the heels of her watching a colleague who's dog died of renal failure... and that was with heroic measures.... IV's every day for almost two weeks until the VET stopped treatment since it was not doing anything except traumatize the dog...... confusion, inability to balance, no appetite, parkinsons like trembling, and in the end, grand mal siezures and dementia....

The thought that Nym would be diagnosed with Renal insufficency (The NICE name for the start of total Renal failure) so soon, and with such a short time left to us, is destroying her and me...

She was reluctant to take him to the vet, afraid that this time our wonder cat of 19 was running out of luck.... And I said we were better off knowing... And we needed to make sure it wasn't something we could fix....

And now we have something we can not fix... Only support and watch and wait.... I feel like hell for insisting....

I am hurting, scared and trying to be strong... I am the critter person, I have been working with vets and had critters (And these hard decisions to face before), I am the chef of the house....

Which includes the morning parade of feeding our three critters....

The thought that it will be only two, and sooner rather than later, is making us nuts... Watching every breath, every move every behavior in the last 24 hours is what we are doing at the moment....

The if only's are creeping in.... The questions of if we did something, fed something to hem that did this is creeping in....

And at the moment all I can do is cry, read on the internet which drives me nuts since this is ONLY in one direction.... And palative care is all that we have for this, even if we were in the USA, this is terminal....

What I am is tired of loss....

Why can't our pets live forever....

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