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Woman in Menopause using HRT

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TOPIC:   Is Your Thyroid the Problem? 

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5/9/08 10:05 A

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Is Your Thyroid the Problem?
For some people who gain weight easily, a dysfunctional thyroid gland may be partly to blame though only rarely is it a major cause of excess weight. The thyroid gland is located in your neck and is responsible for many complex regulatory functions within the body. Hormones produced by the thyroid play a role in regulating metabolism, or the rate at which the body uses calories.
When the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone (a condition called hypothyroidism), your body's metabolism slows, and burning fat becomes harder. If an underactive thyroid contributes to weight gain, treating the thyroid condition may help with weight loss. The thyroid glad can also be overactive (a condition called hyperthyroidism).
One reason thyroid problems are often overlooked is that the symptoms tend to be subtle or confused with those of other diseases. Symptoms of reduced thyroid function may include fatigue, sluggishness, trouble waking in the morning, depression, dry skin and hair, constipation, fluid retention, low sex drive, and muscle aches and cramps. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include nervousness, irritability, rapid heart rate, and tremors.
If you're struggling with your weight and you suspect your thyroid may not be working normally, ask your doctor to test your thyroid function. A simple physical exam and blood test is the only way to know for sure.

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