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3/27/12 8:30 A

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It so funny that we are in the last week of the challenge and I just got challenged to go all the way. I started out planning to go gradually from flexitarian to vegetarian to 100% vegan. On Sunday, an old friend came to town with her new boyfriend. I went to brunch with them and I picked a BBQ restaurant because it was easy for them to find.

I ordered a meat dish and greens. They ordered a meat dish and carbos. Halfway through the meal, her boyfriend vehemently lectured me for being "overweight" and abusing my body by eating foods that were bad for me. To be polite and considerate of my friend, I did not tell her boyfriend that I had been working on my health, training for a race, and eating mostly vegan. I guess by not resisting him, he doubled down on his urgent advice to me about "Changing My Ways!" I think he was really talking to her by lecturing me in front of her, because my friend had gained a significant amount of weight since I last saw her.

Even though I think his motives were suspect, I could not stop thinking about the message behind the message. To me, completely unknown to him, he was making me think about whether or not the time for being on the fence about flexitarianism and veganism is over for me. Then I decided to finally watched the documentary "Forks over Knives". I knew about several of the doctors in the documentary and I also knew about the China Study. I guess having all of this happen at the same time has convinced me that it is time for me to be on a completely plant-based vegan diet. I recommend seeing the film, if some of you have not seen it already.

I plan to use what is left of the meat in my refrigerator in a dish for a potluck I am going to this weekend. The meat is certified organic so I am not being to mean to my friends. I am just going to move on from here striving to get better each day at living vegan.


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3/26/12 2:08 P

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I got derailed a bit during week 3 - dh was in a car accident and our car was totaled (but he's fine! That's the important part), and my parents came to visit that same week, so things were hectic and I defaulted to some non-vegan meals that were easy, fast and familiar - I had a hard time coming up with ideas for things that were vegan. If I spend more time eating vegan I'm sure my repertoire will expand so that during future crises I'll have more vegan ideas that I can fall back on, but right now I need time for searching for recipes and ingredients and practicing cooking them.

I do feel much better - lost 4 pounds (so far) and don't wake up with my head all 'fuzzy.' I think I have more energy, too. I'm definitely planning on continuing - I might relax my '80% vegan' goal to more like 2/3, but we'll see. Maybe 75%.

3/25/12 1:06 A

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I'm loving this challenge! Tonight we made homemade vegan pizza, which was awesome. My husband had cheese on his but none on mine :D I just used some nutritional yeast on the top for that cheesy kick. Honestly, I don't know that I'll go back to eating differently once this month is up. Maybe I'll allow myself a little leeway at parties and when out to dinner, but I'm really happy eating 'plant-strong'. I still haven't lost any weight, but that's okay. I'm happy being healthier.

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3/24/12 9:27 A

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Yes one week to go and have been doing just as good, I dream about eating meat and when I smell it i want to eat it but so far so good i have not eaten meat for nearly a month............Doing this challenge is hard as I have bean allergies but i have become inventive in ways of eating and I definitely enjoyed trying new recipes..... I think I may just continue past March 31st emoticon

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3/23/12 7:04 P

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It's great to hear you're doing well on the challenge!

I find Tofurkey brand, Yves brand and Lightlife brand dogs
and sausage/"brats' are really helpful when I feel like
"cheating". Also - Trader Joe's carries a great vegetarian
chorizo which I often fry with chopped onions and diced
potatoes. This is wonderful in veggie burritos, tacos, etc.

3/23/12 5:07 P

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Only one week (give or take) left! How are you doing? I'm feeling great--I've stuck to my protein goal, and I've only given in to treat temptations once! Let's go veg!

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