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TOPIC:   suggestions? 

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CAPECODSANDI's Photo Posts: 15,005
9/8/10 5:01 A

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I have to say you did fantastic for your first try and the fact that you are going to get right back it is emoticon

Having lack of concentration is one of the top 7 symptoms of quitting! If you have time read the new post under Quit tips.... I just posted it. A lot of people talk about their lack of concentration and their inability to sleep well. They say it lasts for 1-2 months secondary to the change oin blood flow to your brain when you quit! Your e ntire body is effected by nicotine.

Cheers to you on your awesome first try and I commend you for wanting to get right back at it!emoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon

P.S. Please share with the team the e-cig results. It is still kind of new and it would be interesting to see how well it works!emoticon

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TAMANCAM's Photo SparkPoints: (15,920)
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9/8/10 1:16 A

TAMANCAM's SparkPage
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My official quit was 09/03/10, and I have to say that I think I did pretty good for my first real try, tho I did cave :( Had 2 on Sat, 2 on sun, 2 on mon, and then got in my car for work this morning and caved! I'm still proud that I could go all that time with smoking that little, esp since i was over a pack a day on Fri the 3rd. My biggest issue was that I found myself to be "spacey" and having difficulty staying focused on anything. The rest of the withdraw and the cravings were fairly easy for me, until my hubby smoked [and he did go outside, shut the door, etc.]. Tomorrow I start fresh, and armed with air freshener for the car that he is smoking in right now!

Any suggestions, advice on how to get around the apparent lack of concentration, or is that in my head? The psychological issues are the ones that most concern me at this point. Tomorrow I'm taking the e-cig and a pocket full of straws for the hand-to-mouth issues. The e-cig has to be better than all the crap in the real cigs!

Thanks bunches


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