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11/28/12 9:17 A

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Coming up with a fitness goal helped me. I started doing c25k and I loved the feeling I got when doing that, pushing myself, trying to get better each time. Also just being involved with sparkpeople helps me so much. I'm on a bunch of teams but I consider my done girls to be my main team so I try to spend time supporting that and also participating in the challenges. And I add friends that have similar goals and are in a similar part of the process as me then we motivate each other. And I also watch the people further along cuz that motivates me.

And I constantly have setbacks, I don't recommend doing it that way because it's made my progress so slow but life happens. The most important thing is to get back in the game as soon as you can. I've lost almost 50lbs even though I feel like any little thing messes me up. I'm so bad at planning. So it is possible - just takes a bit longer. Just don't give up and you will get there. Have the mindset that you can do hard things. Just because it gets hard doesn't mean you quit. That's when you push through.

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11/27/12 11:53 P

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Im very goal orientated, but need quick "wins" to keep going ...

I took my 109 lb overall goal and broke it up into four smaller goals:

59 lbs. in 3 months ... and broke this up further into 20 lbs. per month
30 lbs. in 3 months .... broken down to 10 lbs per month
15 lbs. in 3 months .... again broken down to 5 lbs. per month
5 lbs. in 3 months .... just a last push

I do daily weigh ins as it helps me see even .2 lost .... (except at my TOM) I generally see a loss (Ive got a lot to loose!) ... I try to make mini week goals based off what Ive lost already adn waht I need to loose by months end to stay on track ...

I do find it hard to stay motivated RIGHT NOW as its that TOM .... and Im just hungry a lot. I am continuing to track (even if it doesnt look stellar) and trying to eat responsibily .... and trying like heck not to look at teh damn scale! haha

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11/27/12 4:25 P

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I have to agree with short term goals, and also non-scale victories. Being able to walk a little further, not getting winded so easily, having more energy and etc.

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11/27/12 4:10 P

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What keeps me motivated is small, short term goals. I know I want weigh 140, but starting at 203 and saying OK - I'm going to lose 60+ lbs is overwhelming. I'm currently working on 2 short term goals, losing 5 lbs in November and to weigh 165 by New Year's Eve. The choices I make are with my next goal/deadline in the front of my mind (ie: if I eat this, I'll never make my November goal!) and the long term goal in the back of my mind.

I also really had to psych myself up for Thanksgiving and allow myself to enjoy it, with the expectation that I would be back on track the very next day - that night even! I planned ahead and told myself that one day (or if I were traveling it would probably have been a couple of days) will not undo my progress and change the good habits I've established.

So, like PP said, if you slip at lunch start over at dinner! We're on a journey to be healthy for life. I was not blessed with the genes that the skinny girls, who somehow don't have to work at it, have. I'm someone who will have to work at it for the rest of my life. I'm coming to terms with that.

Keep working at it everyday! And track everything (good & bad!) emoticon

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11/27/12 3:54 P

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I have learned that daily to TRACK everything and spend time here keeps me motivated........... my brain finally said enough is enough and it keeps me motivated. But daily no matter what even if its walking 10-15 minutes or to walk up and down stairs for 5 some kind of activity-- and not beat yourself up about sliding...... 2 steps back one fwd if you slip up at lunch start over at dinner :-) emoticon

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11/27/12 3:44 P

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As I keep saying on this team and other teams, make eating healthy and exercise a DAILY commitment. Make it an integral part of your day, even if it means only 10 minutes of housework.


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11/27/12 3:30 P

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I guess my question is what keeps you guys moving? I've been doing the Dukan diet and when I get into a good flow, great! Easy enough to stick to and such. And I've been hitting the gym, and I sort of view it like a toddler learning to walk - just one foot in front of the other. So if I make it Monday, I'm more apt to do it the next day and it creates a nice continuing habit. However, if something life related occurs - for me it's holidays and/or visiting relatives, I wind up getting off track and really demotivated. So what do you say to yourself to get back on the right path or get yourself out the door to your workout space?

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