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12/16/12 12:57 A

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Keep recording. Get as much rest as you can. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Aim for maintenance rather than weightloss during tough flares.


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12/3/12 6:39 P

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Thomasina and Cathy, thank you for your support and advice. I looked into retirement, and need to hang in until June 2015. Sigh. Although if things get really bad I could retire sooner, but it's not really financially feasible. My compromise is that if I need to take a day off from work, even if my sick leave is all gone, I will do so. I'd rather take a day now and then, than have to take a longer leave because I've fallen apart physically.

When my schedule is normal and runs smoothly I stay healthier. It's just been a series of stressors since last June, albeit some of it happy stress, topped off with two nasty viruses, one after the other in September and October, followed by the road trip for Thanksgiving, that has all conspired to create this flare. I have several weeks off between semesters, and other than another road trip to see family (I can't believe I'm doing this AGAIN!) I will have some down time to get myself healthy. Well, as healthy as I ever am, anyway. I'm hoping for a very steady and boring spring semester. Boring is good!

In the meantime, I'm logging my food again, trying to get to bed early, and hope to be able to take more walks now that the recent stormy weather has subsided for awhile. (Of course tonight I have a sort of mandatory meeting/holiday party for work. Sigh. I may excuse myself early.) I need to start back to daily stretching, too. I know what needs to be done, just have to find the energy and motivation to do it.

Thank you both for listening and responding!

One day at a time...
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12/3/12 10:51 A

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Hi Beth,
Your post reminds me of how I felt when I was working.. All my energy went towards work and I had nothing left over for much else. I am fortunate to be retired now and I still get those days where nothing other than having an afternoon nap will get me through the day. I feel that way this morning..

I can't offer any quick fix's as I haven't found any and just have to say no to extra activity on those really sore and tired days.

I hope you can find some balance and put yourself first once in awhile..

cyber hugs..

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12/3/12 10:01 A

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Boy, that's a tough one. Your post touched me, and Iíve been wanting to reply for a few days, but I donít know if anything I can say will help. I really feel for you, because I've been there too. I am fortunate to no longer be working, but I remember the days (not so long ago) when I would get home and just flop down exhausted, in pain, and depressed.

I do know the most important thing during a flare is to take care of your self. Now when I'm in a flare, it's usually because I've gotten out of my routine, I'm stressing about something, or I've been overdoing things. The first thing I want to do is eat everything in sight, and the last thing I want to do is exercise. Well, I know that if I start eating to comfort myself, I'm going to feel bad for making bad food choices. And beating myself up for screwing up my weight loss just makes me stress out more, and that doesn't help my fibro. And not exercising always leads to more stiffness and pain for me, and that doesn't help my fibro.

What does help is to think in terms of moderation. I don't think there's anything wrong with comfort food -- as long as you can maintain portion control. A nice hot cup of tea or hot cocoa and a favorite treat -- one or two cookies, one piece of chocolate, whatever -- taken in a nice, comfy spot when you get home from work might help you decompress a little. Maybe follow it with 10 minutes of gentle stretching or 10 minutes of meditation to relax body and mind. Yoga has been a real benefit to me.

When your flare subsides, try getting into a moderate exercise routine Ė something that works for you and that you will do on a regular basis. This just might help reduce the frequency or severity of your flares.

I wish you well... hang in there!

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11/30/12 11:43 P

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I'm having trouble staying on Spark Track while managing fibro symptoms. With increased fatigue and higher than usual pain levels, getting through the work day takes all the energy I can muster. When I get home in the afternoon I'm so desperate for relief that it's hard not to head for comfort food. (I am soooo grateful my kids are grown and on their own. I don't have the energy to take care of myself, let alone small children!) I do make sure I eat a good breakfast and lunch, and have been working at keeping protein levels up.

My weight has been plateaued for several weeks now, bouncing up and down the same pound or so. Exercising hasn't been happening, not that I do vigorous work outs anyway, but even walks after work haven't happened often. My dog is not amused... I suppose I can be grateful I'm not gaining really, but I want/need to lose those last 10 pounds. And the thought of the possibility of gaining back the weight I've worked so hard to lose is depressing and frightening.

How do you handle this? I was sick with various viruses most of September and October, and am finally starting to get past that. Over the holiday we did a road trip, and had Thanksgiving dinner with each side of the family on consecutive nights. I'm sure there was some gluten cross contamination (I'm gluten intolerant) coupled with the stress of family and of too much time in the car. Hence the flare.

I could use some advice on how to stay on my Spark program when I'm so worn down. Help please???
Thanks, Beth.

One day at a time...
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