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No wheat? No iodine, too? Where are the wheat iodine quotes?
Given up wheat? Contemplating a switch from common table or kosher salt to the popular fine milled sea salt varieties? Has it been suggested to cut back on dairy foods? The motives can be commercial additives prussiate of soda, sodium silicate, and dextrose in almost every brand of table salt. These irritation causing additives have prompted a few people to take a plunge in salt. IBS migraines and arthritis are a few signs of irritation of inflammation over time. Signs can be reduced even healed in some when wheat and other gluten grain proteins are taken out of the diet; and 14 naturally containing potential irritants plus antibiotics and hormones from dairy animal care in dairy foods. We are then directed by doctors to eliminate certain foods. The recommendation is to lose the irritant not the nutrients. Micronutrients once taken in everyday that took care in nourishing ways; implement another source, it is up to you to get the facts. If waiting for an MD doctor, Or the food and drug people; some of them do not ‘kick-in’ do not ‘see it’ until actual hypothyroidism has established enough to pass as general flagging in lab testing reports if tested and bother to test our foods and the places it is sourced (animal feed, salt added in processing, medicines or sprays of animal or plant fields during growth or storage phases) maybe that late moment the results are permanent requiring testing and daily medications for the rest of a life. Iodine deficiency is now accepted as the most common cause of preventable brain damage in the world. Has your child been tested? Have you? By caring for self and the next generations heading off this trend is more probable.

Ever thought of all the nutritional losses in food avoidance practices both weight control diet motivations or adhering to doctor’s prescription instructions and allergen avoidance protocols? It is only half of the story of capricious or permanent change; a replacement is elemental thinking to ensure whole body health for the future. Have you and your doctor addressed diet alterations of lost nutrition when asked to stop or starting a self controlled weight program thus avoid consuming certain foods? For some, the simple step of a multivitamin and trace mineral supplement can do a lot but does it do enough? Selenium deficiency can exacerbate the effects of iodine deficiency failing to synthesize enough thyroid hormones from selenium dependent enzymes, thus a capsule containing several trace minerals in not millimeter but micrometer amounts are needs for absolutely everyone. Does your child receive a multi mineral supplement? Does the AMA condone this action? Substantial good health, attractive slim future, and tone muscles are essential by getting enough fatty acids, glyconutrition, including proteins. They act as wound healers, potent cancer care and prevention tools; goiter and fibrocystic breast condition prevention; and speed up effective weight lose should essential trace factors be newly included in a healthy balance in the absence in not enough. What is enough? Medications that make hypothyroidism probable are: Amiodarone; propylthiouracil, methimazole and taken as a set of lithium with potassium. It is believed that we need to stock pile the muscle volume and vitality, save the micro minerals and many of the trace sugars, ensure good health but lose more of the fat instead of the precious muscle weight.

When eliminating foods that irritate because of scale increase or negative allergen reaction to the nervous system; be aware that it may have once served as second or tertiary source of micronutrients; iodine is one of them, a non metallic trace mineral. The tops of the earth’s mountain regions have a lost iodine condition it shows in its peoples, like draining a bathtub; the Himalayas, the Andes, and the Alps and in flooded river valleys, such as the Ganges are among the most severely iodine deficient areas in the world. The leaching action erodes surface and exposed soils; with a gradual sinking in values by as much as 10ng/10g nanograms per whole gram unit of food mass dried weight every 8-12 years. The ‘developed countries’ have wheat and the additive in table salt as main sources of this invaluable mineral. Over 30% of the world’s population is not getting enough iodine in their diet. That is about 2 billion people. Over 30% of school age children have a diet insufficiently low in iodine and in iodine body reserves. Removing wheat/dairy/and-or table salt is this the act of missing this nutrient becoming a silent organ destroyer? Are you low or missing something? I ask because Fetal Iodine Deficiency is caused by iodine problems in the mother resulting in retardation and marked signs of deafness. It can be assumed that most might be found in underdeveloped countries; full disclosure though many cases are right here in this community from babies to senior citizens. Analysis of IDD, Iodine Deficiency Disorders studies concluded not getting or having in body reserves lowers ‘means IQ’ scores by almost 15 points. In the time it takes to be consciously aware of actual poor iodine diet the manifestations of fatigue; weight gain; cold intolerance; and constipation the symptoms of hypothyroidism are locked in. For a certain specialist in the field when evidence of a body shortage occurs in a patient, that specialist recommends a supplement of three types of iodine sourcing in 1) molecular iodine; 2) sodium iodide; and 3) potassium iodide*.
It is recommended when starting a weight lose program to be seen to prevent problems before they start, this is only one of a thousand things a doctor needs to watch before a ‘liver straining’ weight lose program may begin. Your body still has needs beyond the current yet drastic diet changes to bring warranted health improvements. The drastic effort of calorie cutting; curtail atrophy via exercise; reduce waistline inches; or an allergic or intolerant body response needs iodine. A much needed micronutrient trace mineral prevents deficiency conditions. The Thyroid Association recommends some but varied by the FNB, Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine adjusted in 2001anywhere from 150 to 220 micrograms in prenatal vitamins and 220 mcg when breastfeeding; also is the amounts of: children 90 mcg; preteen 120 mcg; and adult minimum of 150 mcgs. For further study see the web site of the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders ... - 34k - Similar Pages Learn about iodine deficiency, a major cause of mental retardation worldwide... and how you can help bring this scourge under control though universal salt ...
the WHO. WHO | Sustaining the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) - 20k - Similar Pages Sustaining the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). This World Health Assembly resolution calls for a strengthening of efforts to eliminate iodine ...

Intelligence is a first measurement sign to determine this loss. Increased thyroid cancer is a direct result of higher body action of increased iodine trapping and scrounging what little there is found in the body thus become susceptible to radiation-induced events of x-rays (dental x-ray jacket must have neck the location of the thyroid is covered) and by other petite and massive exposures. Essential is a vital word for mandatory/must. It is essential that a replacement of eating other foods and assisting with a doctor controlled supplement high enough in the non-metallic trace mineral iodine to enrich a reserve and daily demands, by multi vitamin with minerals supplement with this vital nutrient, or doctor intervention into any new program. To be in control the intake of calorie, fat and nutritional counts to achieve that weight lose goal every nutrient indirectly avoided and not getting enough in the common daily diet ones shows in only subtle signs; a genuine test is needed in my opinion. Should you choose to stop eating something be sure to replace all the essentials that food used-to-carry into you gut and blood stream. But remember other thyroid hazardous foods, millet and cruciferous vegetables of: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts contain goitrogens and soybean has these: isoflavones, genistein and daidzien which will also reduce thyroid hormone production. This poorly affects total health and detours the pace of achievement in weight loses and weight maintenance goals for all ages. Give Eating Right a new meaning and a new awareness!

*Potassium iodide
Here is a paraphrased statement from this web site…
Radioactive iodine released from nuclear reactor accident makes people low in iodine really prone to radiation-induced-thyroid-cancer. The organ just sucks it up! In protective measure potassium iodine is administered. In Poland (down wind and by Chernobyl) they gave the population potassium iodide within two days of reactor event. That country has a lower incidence of childhood thyroid cancer since 1986; any coincidence?

Iodine; element forming black crystals; and a violet vapor when heated.
Iodide; any compound of iodine with another element or group.
To know the iodine levels in the body and the possible effect they may have on the functioning of your thyroid gland, it is possible to perform a simple test at home without any expensive equipment.

To conduct the test you will need a bottle of 2% iodine solution which will be available in the first aid section of any drug store. After your bath, dry off your body completely and using a Q-tip of any other clean cotton swab, apply the solution to the skin. It should be applied to an area where clothing will not rub against the skin, such as the abdomen or upper thigh. The area of application should be about 2 inches in diameter or the size of a silver dollar. Ensure that no lotions, ointments or perfumes are on or near this test area. Allow the stain to remain on the skin for 12 hours.

If the stain is still present on the skin, leave it there for another 12 hours. If, at the end of the 24 hour period, the stain remains it shows that your body has an adequate level of iodine and does not need to increase the level by absorbing the patch you placed on your skin. If however, the patch has either faded or been completely absorbed by the skin, it indicates that your body is suffering from an iodine deficiency.

This test can be used to supplement the iodine levels in the body. If the first test proved that your body requires iodine, continue repeating the procedure every day until the stain is no longer absorbed by the skin. This will indicate that your body has been able to absorb the iodine it needs and does not require any additional amounts

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