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7/3/07 3:01 P

Thanks, Nicole

I did some searching, and here's a detailed description of B-12. They have a chart further down the page of the RDA:

Of course, I still have no clue what 2.4 (mcg/day) equates to!

My daily nutrient tracker usually shows I'm consuming above the RDA. My goal is 100-200, but I seem to average between 150 and 300. So, maybe not too big a deal afterall.

7/3/07 7:48 A


Vitamin B12 is water-soluble, which means that the body will only use what it NEEDS from food/supplements and the rest...well you'll pee it out basically. There is really no major risk about taking "high" levels of water-soluble vitamins (unless you have some kind of medical problem related to them that could potentially interfere with absorption/excretion). Also, because of its nature as water-soluble, you have to continuously supply it in your diet (or via supplement). Your body can't store it up for future use (only the few fat-soluble vitamins are capable of being stored- Vit A, D, E and K).

However, I wouldn't recommend taking a supplement that has more than the 100% DV (or RDA?) you need each day. What that is, I don't know off the top of my head, but your body can only use so much at a time--the rest is wasted (and money down the drain).

Hope that helps,


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7/2/07 5:52 P

Okay, so I got my blood test results back from my doctor today. Overall, everything is looking "textbook perfect", which makes me pretty happy.

I do have one question, though (where I'm kind of looking for a second opinion other than just the doc's).

My B-12 level came out as 473 pg/mL. That's kind of in the middle of what's supposed to be the healthy range per the web site:

My doc said it wouldn't hurt if I took a supplement of 2000 units of B-12 once a day.

Is this a moderate amount or is that a lot?

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