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I am one of those oddities that is highly allergic to a bunch of foods, including some fruits. Amoxicillin and tomatoes are two of my allergies. Actually what started out as just amoxicillin is now all in the -cillin family. As a child two of the foods I was allergic to were tomatoes and oranges. Now it makes me wonder if it is the acidic nature of the foods. I still have oranges but have to rotate them in my diet, as I do with several other foods. Raw tomatoes are my problem and cooked don't bother me as much. If I touch a tomato for cooking it causes my hand to swell up like a catcher's mitt. My mom used to joke that the only time she had hives was when she ate those foods while she was pregnant with me. LOL

Food allergies are unique and tricky. There are time frames to consider when reactions come. Sometimes a reaction comes and you think that it is from what you just ate, but it is actually from the previous meal. To be safe I would avoid tomatoes raw or cooked if that is the allergen (I have oral reactions to ketchup also). As the other poster said, read labels. Beautiful thing is that as we eat less processed foods with long lists of ingredients it is easier to see find the culprit for the reaction.

My allergist gave me a list of things that may cross-react, but that really only applies with the seasonal outdoors stuff and foods. Those could be the only allergens for her. Try not to worry and just keep an eye out for reactions. Tough depending on her age, because youngsters don't always verbalize stuff. One thing that happens with me when I am having a reaction is my ears and lips start to itch like mad. Hives were number one when I was a child.

There is a food allergy team on Spark:

All the best!


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7/25/13 11:30 P

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I can't see any other way than to specifically research every ingredient that goes into what you give her. And hope for the best :-) Given the tomato thing I'd probably check how she is with other things from the same botanical family. Like egg-plant, for example.
Maybe also ask what she likes to eat and see where it intersects with what you are prepared to make.
In general most vegetables, fruits and beans are not allergens for the vast majority of the population. As I understand it the main problem allergens, the big 8, are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.

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7/25/13 11:15 P

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The hubby and I have been mostly vegan for about two years now. We don't worry to much if an egg sneaks into our bread or if there is parm on the crust of our cheese-less pizza at a restaurant, but at home our kitchen is vegan unless we are making pizza for the neighbor kids. Then we make an exception for cheese.

We usually have NO trouble feeding kids on a mostly vegan diet, even though the kids we care for are not regularly vegetarian. My concern is that we are going to be doing respite care for a foster placement next month for a girl who is allergic to amoxicillin and tomato based sauces (which make her break out in hives).

She has no other known allergies, but now I am a little concerned that some of the ingredients we use (coconut milk, nutritional yeast, soy, etc) might be things that are not KNOWN allergies because they are not a regular part of her diet . Wondering about vegetarian allergen and kid-friendly meal ideas.

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