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4/5/14 12:34 A

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Hey, CosmicWatcher, that sounds like an intriguing concept for a show. I'll check out the link. Thanks.

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3/28/14 7:53 A

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thanks for information. I am working hard on what I eat. plate full of vegetables, smaller amount of meat and little to none pasta or potatoes, if I use them I buy whole grain pasta. haven't downsized my plate yet. figure if I am eating the right foods and not going in for seconds like I use to almost every meal. then I am doing good. good luck on your venture to better health.

keep on trucking

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10/27/13 8:27 P

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a few more things you likely know too,,,as you exercise you build muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat,,,

also as you change your way of eating, your stomach actually does shrink or your appetite, im not sure,,,but you do feel full faster,

also if you use a smaller plate or not put as much on, you may still eat everything on the plate,,,making sure veggies are one third, protein one third, and carbs one third

don't know if this helps or not,,,im plus size and these are things I have learned along the way

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10/27/13 6:30 P

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Hello, hello and hello again :D
I'm happy to say i'm back and fighting. :)

i'm posting this to share with you something that helped me take up losing weight once again, since during this summer i had decided i'd quit the game forever.

it's a british tv show which pairs a supersizer with an underweight person in a food clinic, where each one must feed on what the other person would eat on a normal day. it goes on for a few days and most of the time it's really interesting to hear the comments each participant makes about their swapping partner's eating habits.

i remember that in one episode i was s h o c k e d to hear the underweight person say something like "i'm full. i simply don't need to eat any more of that because i'm not hungry anymore."

to you it may not be a realisation at all, but to me it was like a slap on the face. i know that i'm always focused on my mouth and not in my stomach. even when i started cutting down on my portions, i would eat the whole plate, just because it was in front of me. i never cared what my stomach had to say. but since i watched the show, i'm being careful. i enjoy the tastes and the textures in my mouth but i'm also paying attention to my belly. if i think that my portion is too big now, i simply don't eat it all. well, i'm not exactly there yet, but i'm working on it and i've made it happen a few times so far.

i watch an episode whenever i feel i need some help with my mindset. it's been working like a charm for me. even when i fall off the wagon and overeat, i'm now conscious about it. i know i can correct the calorie surplus by creating a calorie deficit for the next few days. i no longer let such things bring me down because i've realised it's something I'M IN CONTROL OF. it's not a defeat, it's only a round of a battle lost. and guess who always wins the next round.

in the show's next seasons they also introduce the overweight person to a super morbidly obese american person who's life has been greatly afftected (and restricted) by their diets. that's what gripped me to the series, cause it was just sooo shocking and i knew that i myself haven't been that far from there:

i hope it'll help you too.

so here's the link to one of those episodes:

watch at 12:00 on to get a taste

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