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11/24/13 11:47 A

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My doctor advised that checking ketones at home is not as accurate as at the MD office, so many times people will be doing just fine, but it doesn't show up when they check ketones at home.

I think having an initial weight loss, then a stall of a few days can be very normal. In fact, sometimes it is better to weigh weekly. I also noticed that according to your ticker, you want to lose 12 pounds total. I think that if you are that close to goal, it may come off more slowly than for someone with a lot more to lose.

Keep up the great work!

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Low Carb is working for me!

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9/16/13 9:34 A

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I second the advice about the exercise. I've lost 6 lbs and I'm 5 days in, and I think it helped that while my body was adjusting and I was feeling SUUUUPER tired, I just stopped exercising. I think your body needs time to adjust before you really have the energy for it.

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7/8/13 3:58 P

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How are you doing? Lost anything yet? emoticon

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7/1/13 12:13 A

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I agree with everyone here... hang in there, it sounds like you are doing everything right! I am on Day 7, and haven't lost a pound yet. I'm actually UP by 1! Am really fighting the discouraged feeling, and pushing through. I know I am following the plan to the letter, and the sticks measure a low (but present) amount of ketones, so I still think it must work eventually! I am actually envious of your 3 lbs! So keep going, it will pay off!


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6/27/13 1:54 P

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Thanks Everyone! emoticon
I did not measure myself so I'll do that tonight and start using it as a tool as well.
And yes, the mayo in the tuna/chicken is full fat.
I haven't had the "Atkins Flu" or any really bad symptoms so I wonder if I'm doing it correctly?
But I'm not giving up! You guys are great inspiration!! emoticon

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6/27/13 1:33 P

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Don’t lose heart

You’re probably right about the water weight. Be sure you’re not depending totally on the scale for progress, though. Most times it’s your measurements in inches which will be changing at first.

I’ve never had ANY response on Ketostix™ at all. You’re doing better than I am there! The “gold standard” is blood ketones, and I have a meter I got for free on a website – I think they’re still available. The meter is called “NovaMax Plus,” and it measures blood glucose and blood ketones. The ketone strips are pricey, so (even though I’m not diabetic), I used the BG strips to figure out the procedure. I’ll only use the ketone strips occasionally. They’re also available via Amazon, and I’m sure other online resources. Check the company’s website for a free meter, tho!

The meals you posted here look okay. I second the advice below about fats. Make sure you’re not making your meat salads with reduced fat mayo. Put some bacon on that salad! or in the meat salads (yum).
Check the Muscle Milk. I was drinking a prepackaged protein shake for a while, until I actually read the label! the carbs in that thing were off the chart. yikes The Atkins drinks are pretty good – very lo carb and fairly tasty. I usually start out my day with one. Try putting some heavy cream in your tea, or even a bit of coconut oil.
I have learned to avoid ALL other Atkins (or other “low carb”) products, though. The bars and snacks put me into a dead stall. I would give those up, if you can. Find some other good snacks like HB eggs or leftover meats or dip-style veggies. Just go easy on the dip! Pork rinds/cracklins are crispy treats with virtually no carbs.
If you’re grilling your meats, try finishing them with a pat of (real) butter, or coconut oil. You’re not buying that boneless/skinless stuff, are you?!? Make some nice full-fat sauces to go on your meats: béarnaise, hollandaise, lemon beurre blanc…whatever tastes you like.

If you’ll share your Nutrition Tracker, we can get a better feel for your whole day’s intake and make more intelligent suggestions.

I’ve also heard that exercise isn’t de rigueur for initial stages of low carbing. Perhaps lighten that up a bit until you get adjusted. Walk more, exercise less.

Just give it time. Your body’s trying to figure out what the heck you’re doing, too!
Keep posting. We’ll be here to offer insight and suggestions.

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6/27/13 1:11 P

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I lost way more inches than weight the first 2 weeks. When I was younger I lost more weight than inches. Age slows things down too. I think 3 lbs is great! emoticon

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

my WOE is up to 50 g. carb, moderate protein, no sweeteners of any kind, high in good fats, and only REAL food!

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6/27/13 12:58 P

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What you're eating looks basically good (I'm assuming full fat dressing on the tuna/chicken salad), but you may not be getting enough. Maybe you could post what you're eating so we could see it?

Have you read one of the books and followed a plan? A lot of people don't, and you really need to know how it works to make it work.

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6/27/13 12:36 P

Don't give up! Hang in there. I lost 3 pounds the first week, but the second week the scale did not move for me. So luckily I actually did take my measurements at the beginning. The second week after no progress, I measured and I had lost a total of 7 inches and my pants were filling looser.

This group is very knowledgable and supportive. You will be getting more replies soon. I am fairly new at this, and I have found that not everyone loses at the same rate. Some of us have to tweak and tweak our nutrition tracker.

Soon you will be able to add nuts and berries, which help a lot.

Also, you may want to read some of the team's older posts. One is about the Atkins Post Induction Stall. There's also a good post about Fat Fast.

And yesterday, I posted about a nutritional calculator for lowcarbing that helped me to lose 2 pounds after adjusting my nutrition tracker for just 1 day. I entered it into the Links off to the right of the page. But here it is again.

Just keep posting and letting us know what kind of help you need.

We have all been where you are right now - it can be so frustrating when you are trying so hard to do everything right and no results on the scale.


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6/27/13 12:02 P

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I'm on day #10 and not happy. emoticon
The first 3 days I lost 6lbs- probably water weight but since then nothing! I'm really upset.
My ketostix is at "trace" to "small" and I believe I am following the diet correctly.
My typical day:
Breakfast: 1 hardboiled egg, tea with half and half or a Muscle Milk
Lunch: 6oz tuna or chicken salad and a small side salad of greens
Dinner: protein (steak, salmon, chicken) and greens
Lots of water
occasional Atkins indulge bar if craving a sweet
Worked out 2x
Why am I not losing!!?? emoticon

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