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10/21/13 6:12 P

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I need ideas to get more fat into my diet. For breakfast and lunch so far, I have 37 g fat, 42 g protein, and 6 net carbs. I've have these fat items so far (butter, olive oil, eggs, mozzarella, and olives).

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8/15/12 4:17 P

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Maybe this will help you. At the bottom of your Nutrition Tracker on the right side you'll see a box "See Today's Full Report". Click on that box. Scroll down the page that comes up to the pie chart at the bottom. It'll give you your carbs, fat, and protein percentages for the day. Most helpful to keep you on track.

I like to keep my carbs at 10%, fat at 70 - 75%, and protein at 15 - 20%. I've tried to up my protein to 25%, but that just doesn't work for me. I just don't want that much protein in a day. So, these percentages are what work for me.

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8/15/12 12:29 P

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You're doing fine. I recently blogged on why this is OK; I'll repeat here for you:

Your body has to principal fuel engines, you burns glucose (carbs) the other lipids (fats), and they do not run at the same time. Your body does not tolerate glucose well so it burns it first, if canít get rid of it all, it converts the remainder to fat, but more importantly it prevents your fat burning engine from turning on until he it is done with the glucose. At under 50 grams of carbs (with moderate protein) you will most certainly turn on your fat burning engine.

Why moderate protein? When you consume too much protein, the excess is turned into glucose just like carbs. You may be under 50 grams but if you eat too much protein you will delay the start up of you fat burning engine.
Your fat burning engine will burn the fat you eat, and the excess fat on your bodyÖ when itís turned on. Once you get pass the carb cravings, your fat engine will communicate with your mind/stomach and actually stop you from eating, and start to burn more of the fat on your body. When at least 50% of your calories are coming from fat in your diet, this happens quickly. Generally within three days of starting a low carb high fat diet, you will seem to lose your appetite; this is because your body is burning your fat for fuel. It doesnít need you to eat.

There is one other point worth mentioning. Carbs require water, lots of water to process, when you reduce your carbs you also reduce your retention of water, this is part of the reason your weight drops so quickly at first. It is also why it goes up so quickly when you decide to eat more carbs. If you are planning to eat more carbs after you have lost your weight, set your goal at least 3 lbs lower then were you want to be, to allow for the water gain as you add carbs.

Thatís about it.

8/15/12 7:45 A

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im getting ketone sticks cause i dont think im getting enough fat or something. the sticks help me stay on track. and they are cheap $6 for 100. heck maybe im not eating enough. i am going to have to find out my issue!


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8/15/12 6:19 A

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I love my fat (not the stuff on my body LOL -- I mean the stuff to eat!)!!

I love heavy cream in my coffee, mayo on my salads, untrimmed meats (lamb, pork, beef), and chicken with crispy skin!

I know a good percentage of my daily intake is fat, and I am losing. Atkins/low carb is the best!

Debb :)

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8/14/12 11:21 P

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Figure it this way. On the Standard American Diet you're getting most of your calories/energy from carbs and that essentially means sugar, since starch turns into sugar in your body in no time flat. There's nothing particularly beneficial about sugar. It makes your energy levels spike and crash.

If you stop eating sugar you need something to provide your energy, preferably something that burns steadily and reliably. That's where fat comes in. If you look at it as a swap it's not so hard to accept that you need to eat more fat. They're both energy sources, it's just that fat is steadier and more reliable.

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8/14/12 11:13 P

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Hi there,the fat also was scaring me a little also,but I feel great and I know the weight is coming off.I only weigh in once a week as I don't want to be discouraged by fluctuations.I actually log my food on Fat Secret,for me it is more user friendly.My percentages are great but my calories are always a little low like 1200-1300.Are you getting 15% of your carbs from veggies? If so than your doing great!! Good luck. Diane

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8/14/12 10:39 P

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Hi Everyone!
Well today is my second day on Induction, Starting weight yesterday morning was 182.8 but this morning already down to 180 :) almost 3 pounds in one day! I know it was probably just water weight and I really shouldn't be weighing myself every day but I am still super happy lol
I am following the rules very carefully. The high amounts of fat are kind freaking me out however. So yesterdays final totals were Net Carb: 8g (but I was informed Coffee has .5 g carbs so then 1 more gram), Fat: 134g! and Protein 130g total Calories 1783! wow seems like a lot I hope I am doing this right? Today is Net carbs 10g Fat 133g Protein 95g and Calories 1649! Any input is much welcomed :)

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