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2/10/12 10:19 A

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I was wondering about that myself. Are all 4 of those going to pass? I was thinking about taking next week as a rest week, or cutting back on my exercise a lot just to see if I would be more inclined to do things around the house. It's been 4 months now of a fairly consistent routine on workouts and monitoring food. Many days after the workout all I do is sit and read or play computer games. Cleaning the house has to be forced. Not good!!

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1/4/12 8:56 A

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I remember feeling all of these things too. Its worse when its all at the same time. But Now - Im hungry sometimes and I munch on a handfull of almonds or plain cheerios - and when I ache - I find something else simple to do like just plain walking rather than a harder workout - and when Im tired - I sit down or take a cat nap.

Lately my issue is more around mental tiredness................. just plain feeling on the low side.
There are a few reasons for it and I know it will pass...................... eating right - exercising and staying fit actually helps that tool.

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1/2/12 3:22 A

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It is really important to take it slow when you first start up. I know it is hard to not go full board, were excited and can't wait to see results. If you keep a limit on how quickly and do the lower level of whatever exercise program you choose, you will stick with it increasing as you go to prevent feeling overtired. Be sure to stretch before and after each workout without bouncing so you don't get an injury and then have to stop. YOU CAN DO THIS! Slow and steady is the course kiddo. Get so rest. emoticon

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10/7/11 4:03 P

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I love carbs!! My challenge is get enough protein.

Last week I went to the yoga round up and boy I really stretched and challenged myself. My rear end ached for 2 days!! But I doing okay now. As for tired, well now I am more resonable about when i go to bed.... used to be a night owl and burn the candle at both ends.... no more. And I am healthier for it. Sleep is good! So is exercise and all the other things I do .... but now I get a bit more sleep... ahhh1

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10/4/11 8:50 P

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Make sure you are getting enough carbs. Most of those symptoms can be associated with too low cabohydrates.

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9/6/11 4:22 P

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I am achy, hungry and tired too! When I started sparks I also had those daily feelings, so much so that everytime I got up and moved I felt like an old lady, I was so concerned because it seemed that the only things I wanted to do was workout and watch TV. Well I went to the dr to ask why? she did all kinds of tests and came up with the results of..... "Maci you are actually the healthiest 50 yr old I have ever seen!, if I didn't know how old you were I would swear by all your test results you were in your twenties" Even though I was still chubby, even though I still ate junk food, I was changing my cals, wkouts, habits and it was paying off. She said that my body needed to rest and if I wasn't going to give it rest , it was going to take it anyways, No worries! Keep doing what you are doing. Great news for me, great news for you too!

The diff in what you feel is prob working out (tired muscles) , and stopping the crap in your body that was making spikes in your blood sugar. It will all work out, I promise. Enjoy your down time and snack on low cal stuff. We can do it!

Yes, I am still achy, tired and hungry but not near as much as when I started, and I am making better choices on all levels now. Keep up the good work!

~Maci~ Oceanside, CA
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9/4/11 4:12 P

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There is definitely an adjustment when changing from eating whatever you feel like to trying to control what you eat. I was hungry for much of the first two weeks. But I diligently used the food tracker, and figured out which foods satisfied me, which didn't, which were hard to budget around, which stimulated my appetite, and so on.

At first, I wasn't eating very differently. I was just eating less and watching calories. Later, I started watching carbs, fat, and protein. The breakthrough was when I reset my minimum protein from the 60g that SP recommends to 90g. Get enough protein, and get enough water, and I'm not hungry. (No, it's not really quite that simple; those are just the critical elements that I need to watch closely.)

I'm sure we've all had that beat-up feeling from starting a new exercise program. I've been around the block a time or two with strength training, so I was prepared for the re-entry DOMS when I took up weights again; but I still got surprised by re-entry level DOMS when I got around to the first weight lifting session with a major hamstring exercise. And I was shocked yesterday when my body felt so beat up that it wouldn't do what I thought it ought to be able to do before breakfast.

Sometimes the answer is to back off, even if just for a day. Sometimes the answer is to persevere and get it done anyway. Over time, you'll learn to tell which situation is which.

- Kevin

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9/3/11 2:12 P

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Re: Bloating

Broccoli, caulifower and peas are gassy veggies so cut back on them some until your body is used to them. I'm not sure about the asparagus. When you first bulk up on fiber it is best to add them a little at a time or you feel/be/ bloated. Just keep making healthy choices and you will gradually see changes happening to your body.

Key is losing weight slowly and it will stay off versus losing it fast because a person tends to get complacent and go back to eating the wrong things. Your calories need to come from heatlthy foods, not junk foods. You can still have your cake and eat it, just not very often and smaller portions.

Happy journey!

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9/3/11 12:47 P

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Don't get discouraged by your unfamiliarity with the Nutrition Tracker. Honestly, the ONLY reason I tried it initially was because it was a suggestion made in Week 2 of the Official Spring into Shape Challenge. I thought it was a dumb idea, but since I had made a promise to myself to follow all directions given in the challenge, I began using it. I fumbled around for awhile, but eventually became best friends with it. Just in case you weren't aware of the Nutrition Tracker tutorial, here's the link:

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9/3/11 12:10 P

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Thanks for your suggestions & encouragement.

Regarding the Nutrition Tracker - I have not sorted that out properly - have maagd to enter favourites, but not found out how to enter and save what I eat on a daily basis. Will re-visit it and try harder to get to grips with Tracking generally.

A neighbour has suggested that the sudden and significant drop in my sugar consumption, combined with more exercise, could be why I feel tired sometimes. Also, that eating more / different fruit & veg; might account for bloating a bit .

I wish my other half could bottle whatever keeps him thin. He is a 6'3" stick insect. WHo eats what he likes, can lol about do nothing and still not put on weight.

I will stick with it - and despite thinking about a lovel, squishy jam filled doughnut - we are having a salad evening.

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9/3/11 11:11 A

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I can't emphasize the Nutrition Tracker enough. It is a Godsend. Based upon the info you supply, Sparkpeople determines your ranges for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. You can plan your day based upon those numbers. It is such a wonderful tool. Also, become part of a Sparkteam Challenge (Official Spring into Shape or Official 28-Day). If you follow their weekly suggestions explicitly, you will find stunning success.

Think of Sparkpeople as a college course. Follow the professors' instructions and your body will receive an A+.

Eliminate "I will try". Replace with "I will".
You are now ready to succeed.
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9/3/11 9:50 A

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A year ago, when I first started running, my knees and hips complained majorly. After running, I walked like I had just gotten off a horse for the remainder of the day. It took about three weeks before the muscles around those areas were built up so that it didn't hurt as much. Now, running seems easier to me than walking.

Hang in there and give those muscles a chance to build and don't do too much right out of the gates. Start slow and work up to avoid injuries. emoticon

~~Kathy~~ Virginia, Mid-Atlantic Coast
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9/3/11 8:57 A
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This will be a process, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Be sure to get a good check up to make sure there is nothing wrong. If you get the ok from your doctor, then just "push" through the aches and pains. Be sure to log EVERYTHING you eat, there is hidden sugar and salt in foods, and be sure you are drinking enough water. A minimum of 8 glasses of water (not just liquids) per day. It may also help to do your walks earlier in the day if possible.

I promise, it will be worth it in the end.


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9/3/11 7:20 A

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I have only been at this for a week,having changed my eating habits and exercise regime last Sunday........but I do not feel right.

I have walked more, eaten good fresh food, inc., cod, salmon, lean chicken, lean ham, broccoli,cauliflower, peas, asparagus, sweet potato, Alpen, fresh fruit, and Nimble Hovis. I have reduced my sugar from 2 spoons a cup to half. Instead of playing scrabble or getting on the PC, my other half & I have been going for an hours walk from 10 till 11 every other night.

But I get up in the mornings and I ache, I am hungry a lot, I seem to be bloating and often feel tired - I am sure I have put on weight. Surely, this cannot be healthy...

I think I felt better when I was a couch potato.

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