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12/27/15 11:44 P

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A filing cabinet~

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4/13/15 8:35 A

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I also have been just put in charge of the household finances and I was left with a mess, but I a whm doing my best to get organized I have a system but then DH gets in there and still wants to do it his way so even though he is very ill I have to tell him look I cannot do it the same way you did cause I am OCD about bills and my house but since he has been ill I have had to let my house go but I see it as some progress with the house cause I can let it go now until I get one free down then I will clean the whole thing and it makes me feel great. What we have always done is save our change I will break a dollar anytime to save my change bills or not I am saving it for a vacation when DH gets well one thing I do know about late bills is the most important thing if a mistake is made is to stay in contact with the people we owe.

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3/21/15 7:16 A

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I have a binder where I keep all those instruction booklets that come with appliances, etc. Each one is in a top-open sheet (they same ones that I use in my homemade cookbooks to keep splatters off my recipes). Lately I have been making up a new binder to leave for the people who will, hopefully, purchase our house. I'm just moving over the booklets for all the items that we will be leaving with the house - washer, dryer, furnace, etc. We have referred to those booklets many, many times so having them all in one spot has been very helpful.

This year is all about me and my quest to unload this extra person I have been hauling around.

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12/7/14 7:19 A

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Does anyone do extreme couponing, it's amazing

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8/28/14 12:31 A

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Your ideas are a great start. When your home is clean you will feel better about yourself and feel like improving your lifestyle. Itís no fun preparing healthy meals in a messy kitchen (voice of experience!).

After your home is clean invite someone to your home at least once a week, every week, no excuses. It doesnít have to be for anything fancy or costly. You will find it's easier to keep up with a few minutes of daily cleaning and decluttering when you know company is coming!

I agree with the previous suggestion of She has great information. If you sign up for e-mails, just check Baby Steps so you feel overwhelmed.

You can do this!

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8/21/14 2:45 P

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I've always been a very organised type but every once in a while I accumulate clutter. (Outdated magazines that need to be recycled, too many books so I need to donate or sell them, shredding that needs to be done.)

In terms of bills, many swear by automatic bill pay but I don't like that idea so I pay online.I want to be certain I am not being overcharged or have other tomfoolery go on it takes very little time to do this! I keep a notebook and write paid on the bill and the date I paid it. I shred these every six months if the company hasn't sent the bill in my email as I requested.

I have a separate notebook for all my appliances, the vacuum, washer & dryer etc. so I go there if I need to find information for any reason. I live pretty simple so I don't spend and waste time with a lot of nonsense of dusting and cleaning knick knacks.

I don't go out shopping for entertainment since I am not entertained by shopping. I shop maybe 2-3 times a year for clothing, shoes and things of that nature. I buy only what I need and maybe a few items of what I want just to have some fun but I mainly stick with basics in my wardrobe so most things can match. I buy intimates when they are on sale usually during the holiday season.

I agree doing things one step at a time may be quite helpful~

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12/13/13 10:44 A

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Great ideas! As with weight loss take one baby step at a time. When one goal is achieved set another. Don't get over whelmed and don't stagnate but keep moving forward! All changes are a process!!
Hugs and blessings on your journey!

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12/9/13 11:37 A

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Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions and support. It makes me feel less isolated. Thanks again. emoticon emoticon

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12/9/13 12:06 A

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I understand! Both my husband and I come from a long line of hoarders. They are not nearly as bad as those on TV but their homes make us feel uncomfortable. We have to fight our messy, disorganized genes. Your binder and calendar are great beginnings. After your friends do their magic this week, I suggest Itís very similar to Sparks. You can take baby steps or giant steps to reach your goal of a clean, organized home. Then, like weight loss, we learn to maintain. Be careful! Signing up for FlyLady e-mails brings a lot of information. Like Sparks, itís easy to spend so much time reading that thereís no time for doing!

I just noticed there are three Flylady teams on this site! Here's one:

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12/8/13 10:02 P

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While you are organizing your kitchen, use measuring cups and spoons as scoops left in your staples. You can get lots of them at dollar type stores. This not only is handy when mixing up recipes and serving out controlled portions, but you can make sure you get the right number of servings from things like cereal and frozen fruit. Amazing how easy it is to scoop a little extra each time and reduce the number of servings you get for your purchase price.

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12/8/13 8:54 P

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I use a file folder that I keep on the counter where I go thru the mail. As I open each bill I write on the outside what I will pay and when it is due. Then I put it in the folder in order of date. Each week I pull out the bills and pay the one that are coming up due and record them in a ledger. As I finish paying off a bill I call and cancel the card as I have cut all the credit cards except the ones that I will keep that have the lowest APR. That way I just have my regular bills.

I have also made files for all my important papers. For the instruction manuals that come with the small appliance I have a folder for Small Kitchen appliance, Small Bathroom/bedroom, etc. It is easier for me to locate the manuals and when I get rid of or give it away I can attach it to the item.

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12/8/13 6:39 P

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It seems that every once in a while I come across a hoarder type show that inspires me to reduce and tidy stuff. I don't watch the very intense ones that find dead animals though. For me it works to leave a garbage bag in the corner of my closet where most of my clothes and laundry are stored. This way when I come across something that us out of style, will never fit, or I won't bother getting repaired or altered, it goes right in the bag that goes to charity when it is about half full I put it in the car. When tackling a particular room I have to empty every drawer or shelf. I remind myself that just because something is still of some value it does not mean I should be keeping it. I make 4 piles when sorting stuff. Keep donate trash and goes in another room. I personally need to get to the bottom before reorganizing. I find amazing things that I stashed in a hurry when guests come on short notice and had no idea where they were. For me organizing clothes and items is easier when it is exposed and reduced.

On the day before payday, if I have a dollar or 50 dollars still in my account it goes on my car loan on top of my regular payment to pay it off sooner and reduce the interest. Good for you. Good luck. Stick with it and you'll be very proud and feel great.


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12/8/13 6:08 P

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I'm not OCD but I am responsible for just about everything that happens in our household now that my dear hubby has an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis. I started paying all the bills about two years ago and this is what I find works. . .

I keep a reminder on my e-calendar to pay bills every 2 weeks (matching pay periods at work) and line up the bills that need to be paid in that time-frame -- everything is managed electronically!

I keep a spreadsheet for all credit cards -- noting what's been put on them and when they will be "clear" trying to keep my credit score improving.

I keep a spreadsheet for two separate bank accounts -- one for household matters, one for business related to an apartment for which I am the landlady.

I have as much of my money as possible managed electronically -- direct deposit from work, Pay-Pal arrangements with my renter, automatic deductions for savings (both general savings and retirement savings) and many auto-pay arrangements for long-term purchases like the car.

Hubby is inclined to keep everything (some Alzheimer's-related hoarding tendencies as well as being a child of the Great Depression) so whenever I can get him out of the house (away with his son for the weekend), I'll clean a room he enjoys using and get as much of the debris out of the way as possible (mostly it is paper). When he gets home he's delighted that it is clean and doesn't even remember the mess that was there before!

I shop more simply than I ever did before -- I used to do a lot of home cooking, fancy recipes and make-ahead meals. Now I certainly still make most of our meals at home but they are very simple. We eat a lot of soup, frozen entrees, fruit, cereal, basic stuff that does not require much time to prepare or clean-up.

I don't know if these suggestions help you or not, but they have become important coping skills for me as I adjust to not only being the "head of the household" but essentially in charge of everything!


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12/8/13 5:19 P

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I am somewhat OCD when it comes to bills. I have a list of what bills i have and I highlight them when pay them that month which means, I have a list each month. I also have a budget excel spreadheet that I update every six months to see how much we've paid off that half of the year. And I have an excel page for each of my loan type bills (ie, car note & credit card) this is printed out and hangs beside my comuter and each month I make a payment I write the amount in the ledger to see how much I have left until it's paid off. I also clip coupons and use the Walmart price match as much as i can. I hope this helps you in some way.

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12/8/13 3:56 P

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I was born into a family of disorganized hoarders. I have huge difficulties organizing my life. It has resulted in an extremely dirty home, disastrous money issues, loss of important or sentimental items and a physically unhealthy lifestyle. At the age of almost 60 I've decided that it's time to fix this. I need help, so a couple of obsessive compulsive cleaning pals are coming over this week to help tackle some of the mess. This week end I am cleaning out the horrible to let someone else do it.

That all said, I feel the most effect thing I've done so far is to create a home journal (that's what I call it). It's a giant 3-ring binder that I sectioned off to include such things as my budget/bill paying, cleaning, home issues, weekly goals, health issues and even my food. This and a giant desk calendar have been an amazing help over the past few months.

Do any of you have any nifty ideas found to be of help with organization, budgeting and a more stress free life?

Thanks lots

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