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8/3/13 8:36 P

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The first thing I do is track my food for the day - PLANNING what I will eat. Then, if I change things up during the day, I track again at the end of the day, making any corrections that I need to. It helps for me to KNOW in advance what I have to work with.

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8/1/13 6:27 P

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I Use the SP nutrition tracker daily. But I first make a menu out for the day before including my after workout snack and my 11pm snack as I am a Diabetic type 2. I also have a limited income so I have to plan and budget for the month. Then the night before I take that menu that I wrote out and track it on SP. That way I know my nutrients will be in my planned healthy range and usually there is still some left over if I need a low blood sugar snack or eat a little snack like a half a cup of slow churned low fat sugar free ice cream. After a time of doing it and printing out the See Today's Full Report for each day I find I can know whether a meal is going to be healthy and fit with another meal for the day's totals almost autmatically, so it isn't so much hard work to do. I also use the make this a food group when I have a healthy meal so that next time I just find the group and its all printed out on the tracker. Then I can adjust it to add or delete foods or change foods in that group for that day. Hope this helps

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8/1/13 9:22 A

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This info has been so helpful! Thank you for the replys. I've downloaded the myfitnesspal app and am going to take the advice on planning in advance. When I'm spontaneous with food choices, I overeat. So far, so good!


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8/1/13 8:32 A

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I keep a book in my handbag and write down every morsel I eat for bfast, snack and lunch. By then I am home and track it on sparks food tracker. I do this before I decide what to eat for my afternoon snack and lunch to MAKE SURE I dont go over my calories. I must say this though, when you subscribe to "clean eating" which means no sauces, no prepacked foods, no muffins, cakes, junk etc its very easy to eat UNDER 1200 calories. Its pies, sauces, simple carbs that rack up the total.

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8/1/13 1:36 A

Find what is easiest for you that you can stick to and do quickly. I use the old points program from Weight Watchers as I have it all memorized. When I do points I write things down - faster for me than computer or mobile device as I'm old fashioned. :) I also use TOPS Club Exchange system. You can print the cards and sort them to the used pile as you go. Can be difficult with combined foods though. Anytime you get tired of tracking - use the plate method - 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs (grain/bread/potato) and 1/2 veggies. Right now I'm just trying to eat like a normal person as all that tracking makes me rebel. emoticon

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8/1/13 12:26 A

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I have a body media armband that counts calories burned so I use their site to enter food eaten. I eat a lot of the same foods for breakfast, lunch, & snacks so I kind of know how many I have left going in to dinner. Then I just monitor that to make sure I don't go over. When you first start out & are still learning, it's best to pre-enter or at least enter as you eat or you might eat too much. At least know the amounts you are aiming for each meal & snack. It gets easier as you do it more. This was the number one skill that helped me lose weight. I wanted to control my food choices & make my own menus so I had to learn about food components & calories. Another great tool is a food scale so your portion control is accurate. emoticon

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7/31/13 8:32 P

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I mainly use my computer.

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7/31/13 6:14 P

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I track on my android phone on an app called My Fitness Pal.
It's a great tracker === and I don't have to turn on my computer.
It's a bit tricky to learn.....but once you do - it's very easy. They have a HUGE database of foods.....even local venders. And it's easy to add your own foods....... try it.

It's fun and it's movitating.
Good Luck.

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7/31/13 5:57 P

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Yes I use the tracker here on spark people. I use to look up calories in a book and keep a journal by writing it down. In the old days before the Internet. Linda from bean town

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7/31/13 2:26 P

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I plan ahead at least in part. It may even be the night before that I decide on a few things and enter them for the next day. If the full day's menu strikes me ahead of time, I enter it ahead o time. Then, on the day I'll make what are usually minor changes as I desire or find necessary. Even if I don't fill in snacks in advance, allowing room for them is always on the agenda.

If I have a day or more of wayward, willful eating, I track as well. That's how I know what went awry when I see a scale. It also helps me stay more mindful and rein myself in..

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7/31/13 2:07 P

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Something I found helps out immensely (I don't do it all the time though) is planning my calories ahead and leaving room for a snack if there happens to be food at a meeting or something.
This way my calories are already tracked and I know ahead of time how much I can eat and still stay in range!

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7/31/13 12:17 P

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I log in several times a day to track my nutrition. There are times when I can't and I note what food I'm eating and the amount so I can track it later. I do the same thing when I'm cooking - just weigh out the ingredients or note the amount so I can use the recipe calculator later in the day. I do have the app on my Kindle and use it several times a week.

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7/31/13 10:59 A

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I use the 'My Fitness Pal' app on my iPhone & throughout the day, enter & re-check my entries on my Spark Nutrition tracker & this phone app

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7/31/13 10:51 A

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Hi friends,
I am struggling with staying on top of my calories and am blindly eating way too much. This pattern of denial isn't helping with the weight loss and is making me feel incredibly guilty.

How do you track your calories throughout the day? How were you able to make this a habit? Do you log on to SP at certain times? Use the app? I'm looking for any advice on how to take responsibility and make this a daily habit.

Thanks team for your help! emoticon

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