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  FORUM:   Goals & Dreams
TOPIC:   Make Your Own Fairytale (article) 

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7/21/13 2:17 P

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There is a village situated in a vast meadow on top of a mountain in a very far away land. The entire mountain top is occupied by the residents of the Land of Darlene. The Land of Darlene is made up of English cottages and the most magnificent Castle. The kingdom is ruled by Sir Jon and Princess Lula Darlene. Together they ensure that the kingdom stays happy and carefree for all those that reside in their kingdom. King Jon is tall, strong, compassionate and very handsome. Princess Lula Darlene is Curvy, tall for a lady, understanding and very beautiful in her own rights. Together they bring out the best in each other and help to rule the kingdom in the best of ways. Today they are dressing for the Festival of Giggles.

The yearly Festival of Giggles is a celebration of laughter. The residents of the kingdom all very appreciative of Sir Jon and Princess Lula Darlene for creating such a fun filled day and night of joy. The best musicians play, the most wonderful of chefs come to be part of the Festival, there is dancing and laughter for all to enjoy. The night sky is filled with the whimsical fireflies and bubbles. Adults and children alike chase the bubbles and fireflies through the air, laughing as there is not a care in the world. At the behest of Sir Jon the evening activities are always a formal affair. This is greedy moment in life because he so loves to see Princess Lula Darlene in her grand princess gowns as she is so beautiful.

Sir Jon finishes dressing in his black tuxedo that has emerald green tie and vest. He looks very dashing in his formal affair. He is holding a corsage that is made of poppies from the meadow. While Sir Jon is waiting in the study he hears commotion in the foyer of the castle so he goes to see what is happening. Upon entering the foyer he looks to the top of the spiral staircase to see what everyone is looking at. Princess Lula Darlene is standing on the top landing. She is dressed a long flowing emerald green silk and satin evening gown that is off her shoulders. From the top of the stair case she smiles down at him with her big brown eyes gleaming as she loves him so much. Her satin covered hand takes hold of the banister and she starts her flowing descend down the stair case to meet her Sir Jon. As she reaches the bottom step he reaches and takes her right hand looks into her eyes “you are so beautiful my Lula Darlene” and kisses the back of her hand. She curtseys as she states “you are very handsome my Jon”. He pins the corsage to her dress and says “shall we go”? And then the door is opened and the horns sound as they leave the Castle of Dreams.

Upon reaching the courtyard of Children they are shown to the center of the courtyard where the musicians begin to play. Sir Jon takes her hand and the waltz begins to play. As is customary they begin the night’s activities with the Waltz of laughter. Sir Jon holds her close and watches her smile as she stares deep into his eyes. She is lost in him. For with him she is perfect. Sir Jon has taught her what trust, love and laughter are. They have such a loving and whimsical life together. As they dance Princess Lula Darlene watches the fireflies dance in his eyes. She no longer considers herself lucky to have such a wonderful soul mate but privileged she is to share his life. Every day is happier than the last day but not as happy as tomorrow will be. In him she knows what confidence and lover really are. Every time she looks into his eyes she promises to do all that she can to make him happy and laugh. Only through laughter not tears can one ever really know what true love is.

After the Waltz of laughter they take their seats at the Family buffet table with their many children and grand children who all know they love each of them with all the joy in their hearts. They feast on the meal while the whole kingdom is laughing and cheering and giggling. The festival can be heard from miles away as it is the happiest place on earth.
The evening ends with the annual running of the butter flies. The butterflies are released; Sir Jon and Princess Lula Darlene lead the way as the entire kingdom chases the butterflies through the meadow. As they reach the entrance door to the Castle of Dreams Princess Lula Darlene ends the festival of giggles with a proclamation : May your next year be filled with laughter to fill your belly, giggles to fill your heart and love to fill your soul .

Darlene : Mississippi Central

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MARCIEMCGOWAN's Photo Posts: 2,344
7/18/13 5:13 P

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In my fairy tale I would find the perfect job, keep losing weight and live in a 3-4 bedroom house and have a maid like the character in the TV show Hazel.
My son would be happy and do well in school and learn to eat more fruit and vegetables. I would find a man to share my life with and I would enjoy our life together.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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BUBBLEGUM_FAIRY's Photo Posts: 907
7/17/13 11:05 P

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emoticon emoticon emoticon


Proud to be a Sunny Gal!

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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7/16/13 9:51 P

Community Team Member

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This is all so awesome! Thank you and great job, everyone! Wow! emoticon emoticon

Once upon a time, there was a shy and scared girl who went through life and school like going through the motions, and pretending all was well in her world. She wanted so much to get out of her shell, and not be intimidated by people, who were sometimes cruel and made fun of her because she loved using her imagination and truly wanted to help and care for people, but people didn't quite understand her silliness, because of her shyness. She went through a very bad stage of meeting the wrong men and met, who she thought, was a wonderful man who would help her escape her inhibitions and wisk her to his castle. She became his wife, and had a wonderful son. But as time went on, she realized she had to escape the walls that had become a prison for her, and took her son and fled and landed in a world that she created for herself and her son, a small but safe castle and had birds singing and all the animals in the woods watch over them and protect them and kept them safe from harm.

Eventually, she actually did meet her true prince, and he provided not only a safe haven, but the princess was able to start speaking more openly for herself and her son, and enjoyed a wonderful palace, with dolphins and sea life all around them in a wonderful castle and jungle of wild but trusting animals and lived like Tarzan and Jane. Truly a haven of living on love and true happiness. It doesn't take much money to be filled with love and have that true peace of mind of knowing who you are, and finding happiness in the world around you. emoticon emoticon

There is a creative child in each of us. Open your heart and invite it out to play.

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BUBBLEGUM_FAIRY's Photo Posts: 907
7/12/13 1:16 A

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I enjoyed reading that. I feel better when I start focusing on things like meditation, spirituality, and goals. I believe we all come to that place and time where we know we need to begin to take care of us, that by doing that we can help others in turn just by being kind to ourselves. Once upon a time I was a major people pleaser. It seemed everyone knew the rules and the way of life and I should just follow all of everyone else's lead. For the longest time I felt like I was "not right" and something was "just wrong with with me." I decided to take my own path, with a combination of what I learned to be true, what I had learned from others who genuinely cared, as well as my own beliefs and inner guidance. Slowly, day by day, I am beginning to shed my cocoon, and see the light. It's not about being perfect, it's not about being perfect for men, it's not about trying to no longer fit into this impossible box that some have created where we are considered "good enough" and "acceptable" only if we are this or that. I have a sticker on my mirror that says "I am more than what I own, and more than what I do." These are all just some thoughts of mine.


Proud to be a Sunny Gal!

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

PAULAAUTUMN's Photo Posts: 2,573
7/9/13 11:12 A

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Ok you asked for it and here it is.

My Fairytale Life

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived at the edge of village in a world quite different from the villagers.
She looked after the home and her sick Mother who could sometimes be quite cruel. She loved to go out into the fields and sit by the quiet stream watching Dragonflies skim the water and see hear the birds sing.
She was happiest when she was on her own reading books that took her to far away places where she could live in the mountains or a forest far from all the worries that she dealt with every day.
The village children would not play with her as she was different from them, she was serious and always had chores to do so they avoided her thinking her strange.
Despite all that life held for the girl she was happy and enjoyed her free time to the full never once doubting that life would one day be different.

As time passed she grew into a capable caring woman who could cook and keep home well. She met a man who whisked her away to his kingdom believing him to be kind and caring. She was to learn he had a dark side that was kept from others and only seen when he was alone with her.
She had three wonderful beautiful children and loved them dearly. Eventually she found a way to escape the man and was able to live her life in peace.
Then one day she met a Prince who was truly kind and took care of her giving her the confidence to do all the things she longed to do. She married him and started to enjoy all the things she thought she never would like a real Christmas. Life was wonderful and would continue to be so.

Now as time passed she grew older and wanted to do more with her life.
She wanted to make more of herself and started to take care of her body and her spirituality. Money was always short and this would never change yet she was content with her life.

She imagined what life would be like if she could do anything she wanted.
First of all the home she lived in would be be in the countryside close to some woodland so she could walk through the trees and listen to the birdsong. There would be a stream running through her garden and she would grow her own fruit and vegetables.
A dog would accompany her on her walks wagging his tail and ready to explore the woods and run alongside her eager to please.
Her kitchen would be bright and have a pantry filled with jams and pickles that she had made, herbs would be drying ready to be stored away for winter soups and stews.
Everyday she would meditate and go for walks before breakfast, then come home to enjoy a bowl of fruit and home made yoghurt with a cup of Earl Grey tea whilst the dog dozed after his adventure.
Her Husband would sit opposite her with a slice or two of toast and a cup of coffee the bread would be home made and fresh. Then he would be off to gather his painting equipment ready to do his artwork.
She would hum as she busied herself in the home getting things in order and cooking meals.
Plans would be made for the Summer Holidays to places she had always wanted to see. The Pyramids in Egypt, the Rocky Mountains, The Grand Canyon and visiting Italy, Venice and Germany.
Christmas would be spent where there was snow and sleigh rides. Sitting by a roaring log fire listening to the wood crackle and burn, a large Christmas tree sitting in the corner filled with twinkling lights and bright coloured baubles. Presents all wrapped hiding their contents waiting to be opened. Grandchildren tucked up in bed excited and waiting to hear the Sleigh bells of Santa's sleigh.

All these things she would have if she could but she would not exchange what she had. She may not be able to do these things but she had the opportunity to do most of them.
Walks in the park and by the canal, listening to birdsong in the garden and meditating every day.
Learning about the places she wanted to see and go to. Then there was Christmas, sitting with her Grandson reading him stories and watching his face light up as he saw the Christmas tree and opened his gifts.
Seeing her Husband every day and watching him as he created small works of art making the scenery for his model railway.

A Fairytale life? Maybe but what a wonderful life it is full of ups and downs, with joy and wonders just waiting to be explored.

Please Call me: Paula

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7/4/13 1:53 A

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Oh, I've thought about this a lot lately!

If I could do anything with my life without worrying about constraints or obstacles, or even, dare I say reality?, I would become famous.

I would lose the weight, go back into acting like I've always loved to do, attend local auditions until I landed a role that I could support myself off of, SAVE SAVE SAVE, retire early, and spend the rest of my time writing, and of course become published. BAM. Fairy tale in a nutshell.

BUBBLEGUM_FAIRY's Photo Posts: 907
7/1/13 7:13 P

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I found this article and I loved it. I thought it definitely pertains to the team.

Sure, fairytale stories may be the product of make-believe ... but who says you can't create an enchanting story for your own life? What has happened to your 'happily ever after' dreams? You can still make them come true! Fairytale stories don't just happen in make-believe, they happen to real people too! It's up to us to write our own delightful life story ... and the more we see it, feel it, and believe it the more successfully we will create our own 'happily every after'.

This is a simple, but effective Exercise to take the time to do. It encourages you to start exploring the way to think that will enable you to create your own fairytale stories. (Unless you're the personality type who really dislikes this type of thing, have a go at this Exercise. It's no different than 'escaping' when watching a movie you adore!)

First, let's 'watch' one of the fairytale stories we all know. Take the time to really feel this ... so close your eyes and see in your mind's eye Cinderella dancing at the Grand Ball. Imagine the scene inside the ballroom - the lovely décor, the gorgeous people, the delightful music, the chatter and laughter.

Cinderella is dressed exquisitely, she's twirling around the ballroom, skimming effortlessly across the floor. Close your eyes and feel how Cinderella feels - she's totally 'in the moment', she feels so light, so free, so happy. She feels beautiful, alive and peaceful - not allowing anyone else to affect her enjoyment.

She's in her own lovely world, yet others are dancing around her - some gracefully, some gleefully plodding, some doing their embarrassed best not knowing the steps. Cinderella doesn't mind, she's way more interested in living her own 'moment', she's not bothered about the 'other people', or even the fact that her life isn't actually that rosy back home.

"Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending."
-Author Unknown

How much do you 'live the moment' and truly enjoy the wonderful experience that might be happening right at the moment? Or are you more or less constantly thinking about, even perhaps worrying about, what's 'back home'?

Cinderella's fairytale story has destined her to become princess and live in a magnificent castle ... a truly fairytale happy ending! Even so, the chances of her living 'happily ever after' are extremely remote. Even in the most outstanding fairytale stories, there is still the daily living to deal with! There will be problems with the hired help, tantrums from the toddler, and the castle will need costly maintenance. She can choose to deal with these 'issues' as calmly and quickly as possible, or make them the focus of her life.

Write your own fairytale story!

Are the wonderful experiences of your life your focus, or do you spend most of your time thinking about and dealing with the ho-hum, and annoying things? Why not take the time to deeply and precisely create a bright and beautiful new life story for yourself? Even if all of it didn't come true, why not play the lead role in an enchanting new script that you write for the remainder of your life?

People do tend to spend a lot of time searching for an 'answer' - we investigate ways to make more money, we question our relationship/s, we search our religion. We take a vacation, get a new job, move house/town. We do a lot of things in life, either consciously and very often, subconsciously, searching for 'the answer' to living a satisfying and happy life. We all too soon believe that fairytale stories just don't come true in any shape or form.

To continue with this Exercise, let's just pretend for a moment ... what does YOUR ideal fairytale story look like? Cinderella's life went from hard-working, orphaned farm girl to princess. If you could believe in fairytale stories again, what would your fairytale life look like? What would you DO every day? What would you HAVE in your life? What would you BE? Forget about the mundane and annoying things just for this Exercise! Think of the most amazing fairytale stories you've ever dreamed about - ones that you couldn't begin to believe would ever come true.

Even though you probably believe that it's totally impossible, just pretend for a moment! If you could be successful and happy, what would your wonderful life look like?

You might imagine a lovely house in the mountains, with you awakening every morning to fresh, clean air and the sound of twittering birds. You glide through your gorgeous home out into your delightful garden of flowers and warming sunshine. Or perhaps this isn't your style at all, your fairytale story would include living in a city apartment decorated impecably with the latest décor, close and convenient to your life's passion of fashion and socializing.

Take the time to carefully consider what your happy life looks like. Don't handicap yourself by thinking for a moment that fairytale stories just don't come true! IF you could be happy, successful, and very satisfied with your life - what would you DO every day if you could do anything you wanted to? Who would you hang out with, and when, and how? What would be your ideal job? What activities, goals, hobbies would you just love to do?

By carefully considering these questions and giving ourselves heartfelt answers, we begin to uncover our real selves. The person that was 'born that way', not the person that was 'made that way'.

Write down your answers ... and consider carefully - from your heart - how you would absolutely love to live your life; then write your own unique fairytale story ... and begin to live your own happy life!

Edited by: BUBBLEGUM_FAIRY at: 7/1/2013 (20:08)

Proud to be a Sunny Gal!

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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