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6/10/14 9:31 A

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My schedule seems a bit different to everyone else but it's all about figuring out what works for you. :)

.075 synthroid & 2 cytomel at 3:30am and go back to sleep until 5:30

5mg cytomel at 10:00 AM

5mg Cytomel at 2:00 PM (unless I eat a late lunch, then it's 3:00pm)

Tiana from North Shore, IL

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6/1/14 12:42 A

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hey LTF!

Well the stock answer on this forum is that you've got to try it for yourself to see if that works for your particular body and life style.

Many of us who were okay with Synthroid to begin with, me for example, need to add Cytomel (T3) to our T4 meddie as we get deeper into per-imenopause.

I take my T4 at nite before bed with a small chunk of T3, and a larger chunk of T3 in the morning, no T4. I take it sublingually on days that I've eaten too close to bedtime.

Works for me now, but I went thru various combinations/times of day as my hormonal status/lifestyle shifted.

: )

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5/25/14 11:35 P

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I was on Synthroid and started gaining after losing about 60 lbs. First 5 mcg Cytomel added, felt a little better, but wt still going up, then on 10 then 15, taken as 5 three times a day with Synthroid at bedtime. Then I went hyper with shakes, palpitations, so we backed the dose down. Still had problems but wt still going up. Finally no Cytomel, and even went down on the Synthroid and still gaining wt but heart stuff finally went back to normal. So I tried upping the Synthroid, from 63.5 to alternating 100 mcg with 88 mcg. and on that my TSH now down to .39 and T4 and T3 just below the middle range, but no hyper symptoms-and the best thing wt actually going down VERY slowly, with alot of work, so I have hopes of eventually getting to my optimal weight! Each person is different and reacts to the same meds in different ways!

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5/25/14 2:15 P

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I have been taking my Synthroid/Levo since being diagnosed before I go to bed. The doctor put me on once daily Cytomel. I was just wondering if I should take both in the PM or stagger them to get the best results.

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Kimberley, BC, Canada

5/25/14 1:48 P

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I take Levothyroxine and Cytomel. I started out initially on Levo only, but then quit losing weight and started gaining. My doc had not run my T3 in a while, so we ran it and it was low. I tried taking Selenium to help my body convert the T4 to T3, but it wasn't enough. He started me on Cytomel, 5 mcg twice daily. I take my Levo and Cytomel first thing in the morning when I get up with the kids - about 6:30 am. I then take the second dose of Cytomel at bedtime. Your meds should be taken on an empty stomach. My levels have been good for over a year, and I will see my doc next month for my annual exam and check my levels then.

Lisa L. South, RN

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5/25/14 1:17 P

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I take exactly that combination and I take them together first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It works very well for me as my levels are very stable.

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5/25/14 10:57 A

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Wonder if anyone else is taking a combined drug approach to dealing with their thyroid. Recently, after discussing it with my doctor we moved from taking straight Synthroid to adding in Cytomel. I have always taken my Synthroid at night before going to bed. To get the best results should I be taking the T3 medication at the same time or at a different time? All the drug information says is to take at the same time every day. What works for others?

There is no such thing as failure: only early attempts at success!

Kimberley, BC, Canada

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