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4/28/09 12:34 A

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i was a vegan for quite a few years and soy gives me to much gas and stomach problems chibi emoticon

i also love einsteen and the way he got his ideas I love to travel on the spur of the moment and i love portland oregon, hawaii. I enjoy all forms of art and the galleries

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4/27/09 8:40 P

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I am still chuckling over your comments on soy!


Even if you don't have a thyroid, I would avoid taking soy within 4 hours of your meds. IMO soy interferes with the absorption of your thyroid medication. Why do I think this? cuz it sez right on my Synthroid insert that babies are not to have their Synth mixed into their soy formula because the Synthroid is bound by the soy. IN short, soy will bind your thyroid meddie, just like iron and calcium will do... just keep it away from your meds to make your life a whole lot easier.

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4/27/09 5:02 P

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I've been a vegetarian for 14 years, but I've only known I was hypo for a little less than a year now. Before, I was forcing myself to eat those foods that are thought to be vegetarian substitutes, ie soy. I don't like soy, I think it is unnatural and disgusting so I'm glad that it is on the list of 'no nos'.
However, there are other vegetables and foods out there to eat. I still eat some of those vegetables but in small quantities and I try to eat them after several hours of taking my meds.
Not all of the goitrogenic foods affect my medication, some do more than others. For example, I might as well just cross broccoli off of my list because it is almost like I didn't even take my levo that day. But other things like strawberries don't seem to have any effect and it is ok for me to eat those.
Like Piglet has said it is a lot of trial and error. I've learned a lot of the past year as to what works for me and what does. For me white pasta is the enemy, I can eat great and workout all week but if I have regular pasta instead of whole wheat just one time, then I just trashed everything for the week.


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4/27/09 4:20 P

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I was a strict vegetarian for years (about a decade.) I ended up with sub-clinical hypo and mild adrenal exhaustion (likely from years of burning the candle at both ends.)

Everybody and every BODY is different- our metabolisms, our allergies, our principles. I have added some meat back in over the past few months. I ended up simply running out of food options as a vegetarian. My ND instructed me-explicitly- to avoid raw foods, which accounted for essentially 75% of my prior diet. SO many veggie foods and nuts are goitrogenic.

Sometimes it helps to find a knowledgeable professional (who really understands nutrition.) In the end, I think it's all a good bit of trial and error.

I don't think you need to be particularly concerned about goitrogens in the absence of a gland, but I think finding a balance that favors managing blood sugar and eliminating personal food allergies/intolerances is key.

Calcium, fiber and iron containing foods and supplements CAN affect med absorption.

Here's a good basic article/site.

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4/27/09 4:14 P

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I could be way off base here and hopefully somebody will jump in with the correct answer, but if you don't have a thyroid I don't think goitregens will both you. My understanding is that goitregens inflame the thyroid - not a problem for you. As far as I know, what will affect your meds is taking any calcium or iron within 4 hours of taking the medication.

By the way, I'm married to a vegetarian. He's not a vegan, but doesn't eat any meat, eggs or poultry. The guy is 6'3", 200 pounds and looks like he's had 3 steaks by lunchtime!! He's healthy as a horse, thank God,and he attributes it to being a vegetarian.

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4/27/09 4:10 P

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I'm a vegan who is hypo (due to cancer 13 years back), and I've seen so many things about soy being bad as well as some other "goitrogenic vegetables". I don't have a thyroid at all, so I don't know if those things affect my meds. Any veggies out there with some answers?

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