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4/24/13 10:59 A

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I find that some things are more expensive. I have to eat more omega 3 products because my triglycerides are high. So I have to eat fish at least 2 times a week. I love fish and crave salmon but these tend to be more expensive. So I do shop the sales at our grocery stores. I am also staying away from processed foods and I do utilize our farmers market when it is running. I have a summer vegetable garden and put food up each year as well. Love that fresh stuff!!!

I am lucky enough to like the tap water in our town. I do not buy bottled water unless I am on the road.

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4/22/13 8:46 P

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I find I am spending much less on groceries now since I have cut out so many processed foods. I used to buy a lot of bakery items - cookies, cakes, pies and so much other food that I didn't need - ice cream, candy. Now I buy more vegetables, fruit and it's cheaper. Also I buy a lot less processed food because I am trying to reduce sodium. Processed foods like frozen TV dinners are expensive so I no longer buy those.
I am cooking most of my meals from scratch now and make batches that will do 2 or more meals.
Bottled water is a treat. Tap water chilled tastes just as good.
Also I don't buy soda so that saves money.
Last I have really reduced the number of meals eaten at restaurants or drive throughs. What a savings there.
It is much cheaper for my husband, my son and myself to eat now than it did one year ago.

You can throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off your face.

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4/22/13 1:35 P

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I don't think eating healthy needs to cost more money. Most diets tend to be too high in meat and not enough fruit and veggies which cost a lot less even in winter. Follow Rachel Rays advice: every department has a "loss leader": a food that is under-priced just to get you in the door. Buy them!

I sit down once a week after inventoring left overs to make a meal plan for lunches and dinners for the following week and make my grocery list. I do farmers markets in season, however, I still want more than carrots and potatoes and apples in the winter so its the super market.

Britta filter lives in my fridge . Its far less expensive, avoids all the packaging and several well known bottled waters out there are nothing other than repackaged tap water. "Municipally sourced" on the lable is the give away.

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4/22/13 10:26 A

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Hmm,...Which is cheaper? Eating Healthy is so Expensive! Going to a Doctor and paying for medications is very expensive. I was taught in a science class in college that every cell in your body is made new every 7 years. So if I eat healthier for the next 7 years, I will be healthier then than I am now. (simple minded thinking). Woa! You still will be dealing with some of the consquences of your bad eating habits from then and before, but You will be healthier than you would have been had you continued with the bad habits and unhealthful patterns. Oh so it maybe necessary for me to continue to pay for those expensive medications or at least part of them? Yes. So in the long run, I am better off to eat healthy now and in the future. Right.

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4/21/13 10:30 P

My experience has been much the same as what KEIANN1 wrote, below -- not drinking nearly as much diet coke as previously, nor as much "junk food" in general. I also grow a pretty large garden in the summer and preserve quite a bit of the harvest -- lots of frozen green beans and sweet corn, canned salsa, tomatoes, and tomato juice, potatoes, carrots and onions stored in the garage, etc., plus, of course, all the great stuff that we eat fresh during the summer. We're very fortunate to have water from our township system that doesn't require chemical treatment and tastes great, so no bottled water expense. All in all, i think our grocery bill has gone down slightly. I also try to plan ways to use leftovers -- a roast chicken followed by a stir-fry, for instance, or tacos followed by using the leftover meat for a taco salad. It also helps to buy "family packs" of meat and divide them up into meal-size portions to freeze, and I rarely buy chicken breasts anymore, despite their convenience, but opt for the (much cheaper) whole chickens, which I then roast and use for several meals.

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4/21/13 6:05 P

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Shop ads, seasonal and basics for best prices, quality and flavor. Tend to shop smaller stores, not big boxes, like Trader Joe's and Sprouts. Buy some organiic produce, more expensive and are health is worth it. Have managed to get DH to eat meat-free meals. Use to eat fish 2 times per week. Haven't eaten in awhile. Need to re-incorporate. DH likes fruit, not salads. I like salads over fruit. Now incorporating fruits and greens together. Prefer homemade or processed foods, but when time lacking buy prepared or eat out. We now notice the high sodium content in processed, restaurant foods. Wanting to explore food "swapability." Substituting higher cal, lower nutrient foods for lower cal, higher nutrients. DH pre-diabetic loves sweets. Both of us overweight.

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4/21/13 5:40 P

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I agree that eating healthy does tend to be more costly. There are only the two of us in my home and a lot of the times I was fixing two separate meals....mine and his. Bill has just been put on diabetes meds so he will be eating what I eat from now on. I am good on portion control but not Bill. He wants his plate full...and it will be.... but with SALAD and veggies....poor man.

I used to plan out a couple of weeks meals, but I didn't always get to make what I planned when I was supposed to. We don't eat as much hamburger helper as we used too, maybe once every other month or so. Pepsi is a rare treat and I like tap water over ice just fine. I like steak and salad and chicken and salad pretty well. I don't buy the expensive cuts of meat but I don't go the real cheap route either.


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4/21/13 4:34 P

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I go through the story weekly adds and buy what is on sale. I make a list and then plan the meals for the week, picking up any thing extra that is needed to make a meal. Yes it coast more to eat healthy, but we are worth it. We drink tap water to make up for the extra coast of the other things we eat.

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4/21/13 4:31 P

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Some items I choose now are pricier than before, but I have also cut out a lot of the bad foods so my grocery bill seems to be about the same. One big waver for me now is I do not buy as much soda now. Drink a lot more tap water.


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4/21/13 3:40 P

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By and large, I believe that healthy food costs more. However, in summer we do have a farmer's market that is cheaper. My husband now works from home through a school/grand program, so he makes the list -- we sort of make it together -- and we "plan" meals (but don't write it out like I used to -- one doesn't protest when one's spouse is doing the food prep). He does the cooking.

Everything has to be bought/prepped from home (but we were never big on eating out anyway). So water is from the tap/filtered with a Britta. Bottled water is more of a treat.


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4/21/13 1:11 P

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Although there are 2 of us in this household (husband and myself), we buy and eat our own things due to different schedules and likes. I buy whatever meat is on sale at the grocery store and fruits and vegetables that are in season. Also, I drink only bottled water.
I am not very good at planning in advance.

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4/21/13 12:38 P

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Healthy eating on a budget is more challenging for meat eaters I think. Things like brown rice, beans and oats are very affordable. But things like chicken breasts are pricey, especially if you are particular about where they come from (the type of farm, etc.).

I gave up bottled water about a year ago and just drink from the tap with a lemon wedge added for flavor.

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4/21/13 12:25 P

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I do find eating healthy costs more. Our grocery bill has got higher since trying to eat healthy. I plan meals two weeks in advance and make out my list accordingly. I only buy those foods I need to create my chosen menu. That way I don't waste food. I also make more food from scratch and avoid prepackaged foods. That way I have portion control and make only the amount I need for that meal.


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4/21/13 11:55 A

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I do plan my meals ahead of time and shop according to my list. I buy strictly from my grocery store but stick to what is in season for fruits and veggies. I also by meats in larger quantities to freeze and use later so I don't purchase it every week.

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4/21/13 11:41 A

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I live in Norway, where the vegetable section of the grocery is quite small. I am learning to eat the root vegetables that can be grown here. New flavors for me! But to get good fruits and vegies, I go to the more expensive grocery stores. I am just one person to cook for, but I like to cook. I make 4 to 6 servings of a main dish on Saturday and on Sunday, and freeze all but 2 of them. The second one is leftovers for during the week. I save money that way, while getting healthy meals.

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4/21/13 10:13 A
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Grass feed beef, free range chicken, and organic veggies are not within my budget. I usually shop first and buy what's on sale or looks freshest then decide what to make from it. Most of my cooking is from scratch. Anymore the prices at the local farmer's market are higher than the grocery prices and it's not truly a farmer's market, not like when I was a kid and the farmers had stands out in front of their homes to sell what they grew, so I don't go very often. The "flavor enhancers" they put in meat triggers headaches for me so I buy my meat from Safeway because they carry the Sanderson Farms and Safeway Select lines that don't have additives and aren't too expensive. I like their fruit and veggies better, too. But I go to Walmart for other things because of price.

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4/21/13 10:11 A

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Even though my daughter and her daughter live with me, our schedules don't jive together much. So it is easy to cook only for myself. But when we are all together I can combine
good food into our meals. If they chose to eat it or not. I don't eat lots of bread and pasta,
like they do, but a good salad with any meal will suffice. I also eat a lot of fruit,
and since it usually is just me eating them, I buy at any price. My daughter usually buys all the groceries and I buy for myself the things they don't eat.
I blew it yesterday though, it was my birthday, and I ate all the stuff I haven't been, for so long, even ice crème and cake, but on Monday I will be back on the wagon.

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4/21/13 4:24 A

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There are just 2 of us - myself and my husband, son is grown and married. We shop at a market known for its lower prices. We buy fruits and veggies in season. We shop mid-week when the meats are on sale. We don't buy very much processed or snack foods. I cook all of our meals, and stick to good portion sizes. We have very little waste.

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4/21/13 12:12 A

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We are my husband and me (plus 4 pugs) in our house. Instead of buying food in large quantum I seek quality and buy less.
I think you save money that way because there is less food thrown out. And it is far better for farm animals, environment and your own Health.

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4/20/13 11:31 P

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Unfortunately, healthy eating does cost more, IMnot-soHO. The producer of healthy, locally-grown foods must charge more as they do not use mass production methods. I know, because I am a member of a state-wide coop as both a customer and producer.
I have been a member of a CSA, but a basket of unknown veges for which I must research recipes and then cook does not fit into my busy lifestyle, especially for just 2 people. I use the coop and locally-grown farmer's markets. I grow a garden. We have chickens (for eggs).
I believe it is important to have a menu and shop for it. With only 2 people, I can get two or more meals from a small cut of meat/fish or small portion of other protein.
We have a well and our water tests and tastes good--why add to the landfill with used water bottles?

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4/20/13 11:06 P

Does eating healthy foods have to mean spending more money?

Do you plan your meals ahead of time and then make a list and shop accordingly? Do you buy produce and other items at a farmer's market or CSA? Maybe you opt for water from your faucet (filtered or otherwise) rather than buying bottled water?

Share your tips for eating healthy foods while staying on track with your budget.

Here are links to some articles that you may find helpful:
Cheap foods that are good for you:

Ways to save money on healthy foods:

Surprisingly healthy packaged foods:

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