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4/17/13 8:47 A

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I joined late in the game. But better late than never. I am almost caught up on the challenges.
This whole thing "life", is a challenge. It is our choices that make it easy or difficult.

I choose to keep moving forward. Thank you for helping and this is such a supportive group. I have goals just to get healthy, eat healthy, and feel better.

Whatever you ask for in prayer,
believe that you have received it,
and it will be yours. (NIV)
Mark 11:24

I only take one day at a time, and not worry about the past. Right now is what is important.

One person said to me, "if you don't try, you have lost nothing, but if you do try, then you have gained confidence to do better"

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4/16/13 5:24 P

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I have been enjoying the challenges. I am doing pretty good with my goals especially losing 2 lbs this month as I have lost 1.5 already. I am swimming 35 minutes a day this week and was walking or biking the other weeks. I am taking my blood pressure on Tuesdays and Saturdays and only missed once. Today it is 144/84. I sat outside sewing most of the morning and saw a cactus wren and a pretty little warbler who sang so sweetly. Also four little quails hopped up and ran along the fence for a while. Very cute.

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Lovin the skin you're in.
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4/16/13 1:59 P

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Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. As a result of the challenge, I have moved off a plateau and resumed weight loss. Have I been perfect? No! Have I progressed in the right direction? Yes. Because of the challenge, it's easier to identify when/where I deviate from the program. Usually, it is on the weekends. Also, I've managed to cook more at home and eat out less. Really has helped with sodium intake, so should I say sodium reduction.

Challenge is fun. And, it takes me to the different sites that I had not been utilizing.

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4/16/13 12:19 A

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Huddle, huddle!!!

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4/16/13 12:07 A

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I haven't done as well as I could have with my goals -- I've let myself get sidetracked by any number of things, a family dinner, invitation to go out to eat pizza, you name it! Also still haven't gotten started with that strength training thing... the last half of the month I will make every effort to do better!

Secondly, I intended to go back to day #12 and do a fitness video -- I'd like to try the Qi Gong video, which is similar to Tai Chi -- but that never quite happened for me today. I did, however, spend quite a bit of time outside today, cleaning things up in my greenhouse and planting a couple of planter boxes... so I'll count day #6 for the 2nd part of today's challenge! I also played the trivia game, which I usually do.

Keep up the great work everyone, and don't forget you can go back at any time and do any of the challenges at any time... most of them would be great for doing on a regular basis, in fact!

Sandy (Michigan Upper Peninsula) -- Say "Ya!" to da U.P, eh?
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4/15/13 11:13 P

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I have been much more motivated. This challenge have also brought me around in Places I have never visited before.

Good job, Sandybreit emoticon

Vallensbæk Strand, Denmark

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4/15/13 9:53 P

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I've completed each challenge and continuing to stay positive (as much as possible) and working out daily. This is a doable task (weight loss) AND I WILL do it. This team has made me more conscious of certain things that I never would have paid attention to otherwise!! I'm grateful for being able to do this challenge. Plus, it's fun!!

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4/15/13 9:17 P

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I did # 5 for the first time in 8 weeks I finally reached over 1200 calories. I ate a form of bread also 1st in 8 weeks. So my totals today were 1278 cal. 78 carbs 74 fat ( over ) 82 protein emoticon

With Christ I can do anything!

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4/15/13 8:42 P

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I took the trivia quiz and got three out of four correct.

Life begins outside your comfort zone

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4/15/13 8:37 P

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I have managed to get each challenge done so far this month. The one I like the best is naming 3 things I'm grateful for... I've passed this onto my son and today I heard him give a list of what he is grateful for. Today I got outside to get 30 minutes of Vitamin D.
What a great challenge this has been.

At the end of the day, be able to look back and say "I did my best today."


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4/15/13 8:21 P

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I spent 15 minutes outside getting my vitamin D for the day. Beautiful here in North Texas.

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4/15/13 6:15 P

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My challenge to myself for the month was to be within my target range for sodium 25 out of 30 days. I'm good 14/15 days so far!

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4/15/13 1:17 P

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From what I can see I htink I missed tow...the one about going outside for 15 minutes and the last give myself a goodie. The weather today is not conducive to going outside. It is cold and rainy. All week it is suppose to rain. If it lears tomorrow afternoon I'll go out and then today I will give myself a goodie. I'm getting a fruit salad for my goodie!!!!

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"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." - Tom Robbins

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." - Conrad Hilton

"Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ..." 2 Corinthians 2:14

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4/15/13 12:45 P

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Started great and then fell of the wagon. I'm back and working hard despite not posting although I did make many choices this weekend that could have been better. Started a fitness class on Friday and had to miss already this a.m. due to a service call for our phone service but will go and work out alone later. I did purchase a fitbit and find it a constant reminder to move. Pounds are starting come off as well. Going off now to find something to reward myself per yesterdays challenge

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4/15/13 12:38 P

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I've completed each daily task and have been doing well for the most part. The one thing I need to improve on is that the last few days I've eaten some things that aren't the best for me. (Identify possible roadblocks.) I want to get back to my more healthy eating habits.

Reno, NV PDT
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4/15/13 11:57 A

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I am embarrassed emoticon to say I had to check what I wrote. SO now I have copied those goals on a sticky note and posted them where I can see them.

I am doing well with tracking every day and I have not given up but need to do more work on mindful eating and turning negatives into positives.

I will work on Day 7 and 8. I thought I had caught myself up but maybe not.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates

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4/15/13 11:40 A

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Day 3 - went for an hour walk

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4/15/13 11:23 A

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I posted a huddle - Go Team! I did this because this group is so active and positive.

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4/15/13 11:19 A

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I have re-done challenges 3 and 6 by spending a few hours in my garden. Also challenge 11 -
I play the Trivia game every day.
I also enjoy this challenge. It gives me something to look forward to every morning.

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4/15/13 10:47 A

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I've pretty much stayed on track toward meeting my goals for this month, but it would be easier if I planned ahead better. So now I'm refining the goals a bit and making them more specific in the hope of forming new, healthier habits. I played the trivia game again - 3 out of 4 right this time.

Achieve success in any area of life by identifying the optimum strategies and repeating them until they become habit - Charles Givens

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RAFFERM Posts: 482
4/15/13 10:29 A

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This is a great thread. It gives us something to focus on and have fun with while we are working hard! I somehow missed that goals tracked on the tracker do not necessarilyy accumulate on team sites. So, today I am going to make sure my swimming is tracked through the "Water" team!

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4/15/13 9:48 A

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I am going to do challenges 1,2,3,5 and 6 today. Going to combine the 15 min outdoors with the 15 min activity. Will post later about my water, meals and what i did. This is going to be FUN. emoticon

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4/15/13 9:29 A

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I went back and did Spark People Trivia. Got the first 3 right this time , last time it took me 8 to get 3 right.

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4/15/13 8:54 A

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We're halfway through the month -- tell us how you are doing with the goals you set for April.

Here's a summary of the first 14 days' challenges -- go back and do one of the days you missed, or repeat a day that you particularly enjoyed. (More complete instructions for each one can be found in the posts for the individual days -- be sure to click on "see more topics" to see them all!

(Day #1) Set your goals for the month and share in this thread.

(Day #2) Identify possible roadblocks to achieving your goals and a plan for overcoming those hurdles, and share in this thread. Drink at least 8 cups (total of 64 ounces) of water today

(Day #3) Do at least 15 minutes of physical activity -- post what you did and for how long, as well as entering your activity in your fitness tracker.

(Day #4) Find a new recipe on that you want to try and tell us about it.

(Day #5) Use your nutrition tracker and enter everything that you eat and drink; post whether you stayed in your calorie range and what percentage of carbohydrates, protein and fats you consumed.
NOTE: recommended ratio per USDA: 10-35% protein, 20-35% fats (less than 10% saturated fat), 45-65% carbs

(Day #6) Spend at least 15 minutes outdoors; tell us what you did and something that you saw out there that you found interesting (it need not be interesting to anyone but you!). If you like, take a photo and post it on the team photos -- then post a link so we can find it!

(Day #7) Post a blog on your Spark Page, sharing at least 2 things that made you smile today; make a post in this thread letting us know so we can visit your page! (If you don't have your own Spark Page, and don't want one, go ahead and just tell us what made you smile today right here! If you do want a Spark Page, but don't know how to do it, send Sandy a Spark Mail ! Remember, I can't send you a Spark Goodie at the end of the challenge if you don't have a Spark Page to send it to...)

(Day #8) It's Monday! What one thing will you work on changing this week to improve your nutrition and/or fitness?

(Day #9) Post a "huddle" on the team page

(Day #10) Read a motivational article on the SP site and briefly tell us how you can apply the information to your own program

(Day #11) Play the Spark People trivia game until you have 3 correct answers. The game is found in the "wellness" section under the "articles & videos" tab at the top of the page. Be sure to read the information about the question (particularly if you got it wrong).

(Day #12) Try a SparkPeople fitness video that you've never done before and tell us about it; find them under the "articles and videos" tab at the top of the page. Don't forget to collect your Spark Points for watching the video (click on the "get your spark points" button under the video window).

(Day #13) Read (or re-read) the article The Power of Gratitude; list 3 things you are grateful for.

(Day #14) Give yourself a Spark Goodie that represents something that you are using as you work toward a healthier lifestyle (a jumprope? a pedometer? bananas?); tell us what you gave yourself.

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