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Some people go back to smoking after quitting because the didn't plan ahead. You wouldn't run a race without training for it right?? You need training to quit smoking!!
Get ready is an imporant part of quitting. It can also be the longest part. Take some time to get ready. Prepare your mind and body for this big change.
Here is what you can expect in this first section of training!
- Think about why you smoke and why you want to quit
- Learn more about your addiction to tobacco
- Think about the pros and cons of smoking and the benefits of quitting
- Review what you expect when you quit

Chapter1 Why do you smoke?? Why do you want to quit?
You smoke for many reasons. To feel good about quitting, you need to know why you like smoking.
For example, you might smoke because you like the way it relaxes you. You might smoke because it helps you deal with stress. Why do you smoke?? List your reasons .
Reasons to Smoke_____________________________________
You have good reasons to quit. Maybe you don't want to spend money on cigarettes. Maybe you don't like smoking outdoors when its cold, rainy or snowy. Why do you want to quit smoking?? List your reasons below.
Reasons to quit______________________________________
Do you have more reasons to smoke??
Smoking still ranks mainly on the positive side for you. You may see some of the negatives, but do they outweigh the positives?? Are you really ready to say goodbye to all those things you like about smoking?? You may need more time to think about this before moving forward with your quit attempt. Keep reading, but come back to your lists before moving on to the next section.
Do You have more reasons to quit??
You feel that smoking does more harm than good in your life. Remember these reasons as you try to quit smoking.
Are the numbers reason equal??
This is a good place to start. Make a new list later to see if one list grows longer than the other.
Chapter 2 Tobacco addiction
Tobacco and cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. When nicotine enters your body, it goes straight to your brain and makes you feel good. But the good feeling soon goes away. You want more cigarettes to feel good again. Always wanting to smoke means you have an addiction.
Understanding your addiction is important. Some people are more addicted to tobacco than others. Being more addicted makes it harder to quit smoking. Think about how addicted you are. This will help you when you try to quit smoking.
Take this short quiz to learn how your addiction affects you. Read each question .
1. How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette??
Less than 5 minutes 3
6-30 minutes 2
31-60 minutes 1
after 60 minutes 0
2. Smoking is not allowed in some places. Is it hard for you to visit places where you can't
yes 1
no 0
3. Which cigarette do you need most??
The first smoke in the morning 1
Any other cigarette 0
4. How many cigarettes do you smoke??
1-10 in a day 0
11-20 1
21-30 2
30 or more 3
5. Do you smoke forst thing in the morning than during the rest of the day
yes 1
no 0
6. Do you smoke when you are sick??
yes 1
no 0
Add up the numbers beside the answers. What is your total???_________________
Total is inder 5- Your addiction is low. Act now before you become more addicted. It doesn't take long to become very addicted.
Total is 5- You are addicted. If you don't quit your addiction will grow stronger. It will be harder to quit later.
Total is more than 7- You are very addicted Your addiction is controlling you!! Its time to make a change!!!

Chapter 3 Think about the costs of smoking
You already know that smoking costs money. You also know that smoking can harm your health. Here are some examples:
- up to halp of all smokers will die because of smoking
-A smoker will die eight years earlier than a non-smoker
-Smoking makes you 20 times more likely to die of lung cancer
- Smoking is a primary cause of 80-90% of COPD
- Smoking kills 2,000 people in Manitoba every year.
List other health concerns you have:_____________________________________
Smoking is expensive. The money you spend goes to the Tobacco Industry. If you smoke a pack a day, you can spend more than $4,000 a year on cigarettes.
Figure out how much smoking costs you each year.
Do the Math!!
_____packs per week X _______price?pack X 52 = ________________
What could you do with that money when you quit smoking?? List your ideas_____________________________________

enhance your life, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Never quit moving forward, rest if you must but don't quit

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