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1/27/12 11:33 A

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Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! I think she will get better over time, hopefully as we adjust to each other. The puppy daycare seems shocked that she has problems at all, so I think it must be when she's around me. With time and patience I'm sure we'll get through this just fine.

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1/25/12 6:35 P

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Interesting that she gets along with other dogs at the doggy daycare. Have you talked with the people there? They may have some ideas for helping with her behaviour, or know good and affordable trainers.

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1/25/12 4:57 P

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Dogs act very differently when they are on a leash. My three get a pack mentality when we are out on our walks. They are very social at the dog park with the small dogs but go crazy barking at the big dogs on the other side of the fence. When some one comes toward us, I try and hold leash very short and get out of their way. I don't want anyone to say that my dog nipped them as they pass us. Lorraine

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1/25/12 4:25 P

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Lenny and I are on the other end of that problem. emoticon

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1/25/12 4:09 P

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Not necessarily the same thing, but when I adopted Lucy (my doxie) at age 7- three years ago, she also showed signs of aggression towards other dogs, especially big dogs! She'd bark menacingly and growl......but never at humans.

I was concerned, especially since we are a neighborhood of dog lovers, and people were walking their pets all day long. I noticed she was better with small dogs.....but still barked.
Using the leash and 'NO'.....I have been able to correct her behavior, about 80% of the time now. Maybe she's more trusting, more relaxed with me, or maybe she recognizes most of the dogs as 'regulars'. I just think you need time and patience = and definitely let her know that her aggressive behavior is 'bad'. I hardly ever correct her these days and our walks are much more pleasant.

You've only had her 2 months....and you don't know her history.....keep bonding with her, and find a word or phrase that she'll associate with not barking. In my case I use a leash tug and say "no barking!" simultaneously. Eventually, Lucy got the message.

Now, she even lets herself get sniffed by dogs she knows......and she walks nicely with another dog on walks.

Good luck.....Again, I think it's just a matter of time and a little behavior modification.....and of course, lots of love.

regards, Libby

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1/25/12 4:03 P

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Not sure where you live, I live in a small community and I charge between 30-60 dollars for an hour of training in my clients home. You may want to talk to some of the vets in your area and see who they recommend. Also you may be able to find a dog socialization class with a local kennel club or dog training club if you are in a big city.
As far as your dog barking, she may have had a bad experience with a dog attacking her while she was on leash in the past and the previous owner may not have protected her. Beagles will often bark as their way of defense when they get worried and this often does not mean that they will bite other dogs but just try to scare them off. It would be interesting to know if she does this with dogs that are smaller than her and with dogs that are submissive (tail down, ears back, shy) or only with dominant dogs that are charging towards her.
The best thing you can do is let her have lots of positive experiences with other dogs both on and off leash which is why a dog training class would be helpful. Classes in our area usually go for 6 weeks and the local parks and recreation department charges $60.00, which is even more affordable than private consultations.
Hope that helps,

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1/25/12 3:48 P

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Not that this is necessarily the answer but that sounds so like our dog and if anyone has an answer I will be waiting to read it. It has a lot to do with him thinking he has to either own us, protect us or just keep us out of harms way. Daft, I say!!!!

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1/25/12 3:24 P

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My beagle, Piper, is a rescue that I adopted from the county shelter two months ago. She 6-7 years old, and we know nothing of her history. With people, she is as sweet as can be. However, she really does not like other dogs. I live in an apartment complex where lots of the other residents have dogs, so this issue is causing problems.

When I first brought her home, she barked and pulled just at the sight of one. If the dog came too close, she would growl, lunge, or snap. I've been working with her since then, and now just seeing a dog does not set her off. However, if the dog gets too close, within about 10 yards of us, she starts up, despite my efforts.

She has never bitten another dog, but I am worried she might if this behavior continues, or that we will come across a dog that is willing to snap back and might possibly hurt her. Many of my neighbors will now walk another way if they see me with Piper, even if they aren't walking their dog.

However, I can take her to doggy day care and she gets along with all the other dogs very well. I am fairly confident that she only shows this aggression when my husband or I are around. I've started looking into trainers, but just one session is a few hundred dollars and I can't see spending that kind of money if there is a way I can handle this on my own.

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