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TOPIC:   Niacin to Lower Cholesterol 

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5/10/13 2:56 P

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Just be careful, there have been issues with using Niacin and a statin at the same time. Make sure you check with your cardiologist. I was using the protocol for about a year after my bypass until my Dr. decided the risks outweighed the benefits. I use a statin which has worked well for me to lower my bad LDL and I use fish oil and diet to increase my HDL.


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5/8/13 8:34 P

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I used niacin for a couple of years, then stopped. I was using slow release tablets and the flushing wasn't bad at first but in worsened the longer I took it. I don't remember why I got off of it, but now I'm on 10mg of Liptor and my LDL is good, but my HDL is low and triglycerides high.

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5/8/13 12:18 P

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My cholesterol has been over 200 for several years now, i may try naicin for a month and recheck to see what happens, menopause has been a buga bear for me, those hot flashes are brutal. I will definitely take the aspirin

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5/8/13 11:22 A

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I have been on 4 different 'statin' drugs for 90 days each and they didn't lower my cholesterol 20 points total. The most any one of them dropped it was 5-7 points and all of them gave me muscle cramps or charlie horses. My new doctor put me on Niacin 500 mgs for 90 days to see if it would help. I was warned about the Niacin flushing and rash and told to take an adult aspirin one hour prior to taking the Niacin. Forget that, I sailed through menopause with no night sweats, no flushing let's see what happens when I take this without taking the Aspirin. For 21 days I did so, then one night I forgot I had taken it and took a second pill. With in 30 minutes I was breaking out in a rash and getting so hot I was getting sick to my stomach I took the aspirin and went outside into the cold night air, which felt great. It took me a while to cool down enough I could stay inside. Lesson learned. I take the aspirin nightly now before I take the Niacin.

Ninety days are up, my cholesterol has been rechecked and it dropped from 239 to 200; my Triglycerides also dropped big time 139 to 69. For this Vitamin in mega dose is working! I actually think I have been deficient in B-3 for years, by the way I feel since starting it. Just had to share! emoticon

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