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2/17/14 9:43 A

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My triggers are stress and boredom. When I am bored I try to find something to do to occupy myself so I don't eat sugar, etc. When boredom hits, I grab the fastest and easiest thing I can find to eat. Stress is the worse, that is almost a losing battle. But, I might not always win the battle, but I will win this war.
I read the article about where is hidden sugars, etc. And where should it be, in the yogurt I had been eating. So instead of eating the flavored yogurt, I will get plain and add fruit to it. It can be a struggle at times. I don't drink any kind of soda, have not had a soda in months. I quit drinking sugar free cause the Aspartam was not good for me and gave me headaches, so when I had a soda, it would be non-diet. So I decided to cut out soda altogether. Now, I have to break the Sweet Tea habit. I don't want diet teas, so I need to find a natural sweetener or not drink the tea at all. I will keep reading lables, and make better choices.

My name is Rae and I live in S Florida. I have been a member with SparkPeople since 2008. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. I have been cancer free since December 2012.

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Jen's advice is exactly what I've been doing to stave off cravings to binge eat, which is always for something sugary.

Going on SparkPeople to read articles, posts, blogs, etc, is a great distraction; but most helpful is to tell myself I CAN have what I want, just not NOW. It doesn't matter if it's tomorrow or just sometime later - as long as it's not "No." The secret is, when "later" comes, I tell myself I can wait again - even though I know it's just a mental trick, it usually works for a long time!

If the cravings become too severe and I feel like I can't wait any longer, I still don't want my eating to turn into an out of control situation. First, I think about what I'd like to eat, and see if I can make it healthier; for example, ice cream with fruit instead of chocolate. I then plan out what I'm going to eat, and most importantly, measure everything accurately and track it.

Even though it's very frustrating to say "no" ten times - or even 100 times - and then have all my efforts undone by just ONE binge, I tell myself I'm still a LOT further ahead than if I wasn't trying at all!

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2/10/14 9:45 P

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There are some great suggestions given...pick one and start from there!

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

Don't be afraid to give your best at what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

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2/10/14 9:40 P

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Pvandevoort- very true! Some excellent points!

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2/10/14 10:07 A

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Yes another benefit of the gum is that it keeps your mouth occupied. Downside is that I chew like a horse. Oh well!

And PVANDEVOORT so true.

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2/10/14 9:48 A

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Love the suggestion for the gum that tastes like a dessert. Going to try that. I am also trying to pick up my phone and search the Internet to distract me when I find myself craving sugar. Supposedly the craving is supposed to last only ten minutes, we'll see. Anyone know if the dessert gum has something chocolate?

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2/10/14 7:12 A

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I am a gum chewer too... Sugar and sodium are more of a killer I believe than the amount of bad stuff in gum. Ship goes down tomorrow I will probably have a Diet Coke in my hand, OH NO it contains all this bad stuff. Who or what to believe. I am a healthy weight ( 128) and living life. Can't stop living!! Stopped smoking and drink very little alcohol. Our air and growth hormones in meats and poultry are nasty, too. Which I do believe. Back to growing our own gardens but the seeds are messed with by Monsanto. What to do. Can not look at the real big picture or we would all go crazy. I gave up nothing while losing just less of everything and that is something we can all live with once you reach your goal. Otherwise Splurges it will be.

Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels...

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2/9/14 9:17 P

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Jenmc2012- I absolutely love ur idea of saying u can have something at a specific time. I'm going to try that too.

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2/9/14 8:27 P

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I have a lot of those days/weeks where I just want junk chocolate food. Here's a few of my staples I keep on hand for those days...

fudge sicles 40 calories
Hunts low fat chocolate pudding 90 calories
1/2 cup or even 1/4 cup of Fage nonfat yogurt with a graham cracker. You can add blueberries or strawberries even. Taste a lot like cheesecake with the graham cracker....

I've started to keep lots of oranges, grapes, pineapple, blueberries on hand and I try to fill up on those first so that when I can't stand it, at least I'm semi full before I start. One last trick that does help me is to tell myself ok, you can have that, but not until tonight after dinner or not until tomorrow for lunch if it's late night. I find that often just doing this one trick comforts me. Oh... I think to myself, I can have it. Just not right now...... and often times I totally forget all about it!

Dont' know if any of these ideas will help but they do work for me!

Have a good night and best wishes. Just look at last week as good practice for this week. One day at a time...

An idea is just a wish without a plan behind it.

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2/9/14 7:52 P

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I had a very stressful week with low energy and sought comfort from sweets. I was tempted to not track the consumption of such treats but due to the fact my goal is complete accountability I had no choice if I really respected myself. I knew my self medicating "treats" were bad but I was shocked at how many calories and carbs I was adding to my day! My fix was to start chewing gum (dessert flavors) so the sweet taste that I crave stays in my mouth and NOT in my body. But now to find gum that doesn't have BHT or other bad chemicals!

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