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5/11/09 9:50 P

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Thanks Rick! I also have those two cups in my kitchen. Wonder if we all do. It is when I travel that it is confusing and I just refuse to lug around all those pill bottles wherever I go. It is already an expedition just running errands ;-). I noticed some "pill pouches" at the store today. They are really just ziploc baggies with white space to write on and an am or pm box to check. But they are small squares like maybe a third of a snack baggie. I am going to give those a go during my next appt rounds. I can eye almost everything but I suppose 'almost' is the operative word here as it only takes one screw-up. I did not consider myself a worry-wart for a couple yrs before all this. Did not even go through the panic at diagnosis. But am finding myself second-guessing everything in the last 6 months, incl the all-too-common did-i-turn-off-the-stove question. Perhaps I am also getting older, but at 38 it doesn't seem right.

p.s. that shaking the bottle thing would be a great party trick!

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5/11/09 8:59 A

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Sanctuaria, I take about 12 or so different meds and supplements. Half of which I take twice a day. I have them lined up on two shelves in my kitchen pantry(no kids to worry about getting in them)and I have two little cups, different colors, one for morning one for evening. Every morning I take all the pills except one,I take it at night. and in the evening I take the ones I need right before I go to bed. I am suppose to take certain ones at certain times, before eating, after eating etc. I told my Dr. I just wasn't going to rack my brain trying to figure out all the different times I needed to take these. I checked with him to make sure there were no drug interactions by taking them all at the same time. He verified there wasn't a problem, so it works for me now.

As far as recognizing pills so not to mix the up, The longer you are on them you will become more familiar with the different sizes and shapes and tastes. I can in most instance tell what med I have in my hand just by shaking the bottle and listening to the rattle. (I know, weird isn't it)

When I travel I either take the whole bottle(s) or I put each into a smaller marked color coded container.


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5/7/09 11:46 P

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Thank you for your thoughts. I like the magic marker and the taste idea too. My current plaquenil is a dog bone (funny visual ;-) but I was prescribed the round generic of it once and then put it away as reserve. Guess I should just get rid of it.

Well, after 3 hours of organizing and inspecting and re-labeling, I am sitting on my couch with a dozen bottles, a pill cutter, old syringes, pages of rx material and scissors. And have to laugh. I look like a junkie !!

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5/7/09 11:01 P

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You can always taste the pill at least for the steroids cause they taste nasty and have a distinct taste to them, the others I don't know cause I am now down to just the steroids and the plaquenil that I was getting had a dog bone shape.


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5/7/09 10:30 P

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Sorry you had a mix up. It's expected sometimes when you're on mulitiple meds, different times, doses etc.
When I travel, I just bring the whole bottle with me, so I don't have a mix up and with all the flight restrictions, there are no questions about what I'm carrying.
Right now, I'm only on 1 med, so it's easy but before, I would write on the bottles with a permanent marker. When I had pill cases, I would have my own code (abr) as to what was inside, a.m., p.m. etc.

Hope this helps!

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5/7/09 10:20 P

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Hi - I hope it is okay to post here. I just discovered something in one of my travel pill cases from a couple of months ago. It looks like I had hydroxychloroquine mixed in with 1mg pills of prednisone and a couple ambien to top it all off.

I am sick and embarrassed at the thought that I may have possibly mixed those up for a day or two. I'm the freakishly organized kind with the label maker. How could I have ended up with 3 diff meds in one pill case slot? I honestly thought I had an adequate system. So much for that. I live by myself so there are no checks and balances or second set of eyes.

And really? Two of the most common frontline meds for lupus patients, commonly taken together, and one is 092 and the other is 260 in teeny tiny round white pills?? I thought it was the ambien I would have a mixup with ... never even thought to ID the hydroxy since I normally only take it as plaquenil.

I have now relabeled everything (am exhausted from this) and am not going to group pills into mealtimes or by hour anymore. But then what if you are in major brain fog and can't remember? My dosages are always changing so it's not like I can label it that way. I keep a current rx list on my iPhone but then I forget it's there! Any other suggestions from those that are way more experienced at this than I?

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