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1/24/13 2:15 P

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I don't. Be patient I guess.

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1/20/13 7:29 P

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I can feel your pain. Since starting this challenge I made a good start of losing 1kg which I haven't been able to do in the last 12 months but I've now put more weight back on, 2kg worth. It is disheartening but as I keep reminding myself, the human body knows what it is doing, I just Ned to keep eating healthy, getting in the exercising, drinking water and sleeping right. If I do what's right for my body I can maintain at least and feel better than if I was to fall of the wagon altogether and put on an extreme amount of weight.
emoticon in the end its worth it just to be a healthier version of ourselves. I know I will keep pushing as I love how I feel being healthy!

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1/20/13 3:50 P

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My sister cut wheat by not eating bread pasta and some cereals. It sounds a little like a fad diet which I want to avoid. I have tried every fad diet under the sun before doing sparkpeople and my weight always yoyo'd before yet another big increase. So I much prefer long term behaviour changes. I have thought about cutting bread but I'm not sure I would eat instead. I'm open to suggestions on that as I would need something that would give me similar calories with the same ease. I currently make my own bread so I'm open to a little work on a replacement for it??

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1/20/13 12:55 P

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Scale can be your enemy. It will swing and make you feel like you have done nothing. Don't listen. Stay active, stay goal oriented, keep reaching out to other sparkers

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1/20/13 12:44 P

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I am reading a book titled Wheat Belly. Not sure I buy into all of it yet, but the author talks about how we process food and claims that all wheat can affect our weight. I almost quit eating wheat the past week and dropped weight where I was at a plateau.


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1/20/13 11:09 A

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I'm not sure that increasing the calories because I had increased the exercise was such a good idea. About 2 months ago I swapped some of my meals to include more protein and less carbs as these were the two areas it recommended I changed. This has ment I'm less hungry between meals which is good and I always include anything I snack on in my calorie total. I think I'm going to keep going throw week 3 and if I gain again then I will reset the setting to reduce my calorie intake again. I rather sit on the shelf than gain. I haven't gained in over 18 months and really am upset at such a large increase. But I haven't come this far to quit. So ill stick at it for another week and see if that helps. Thanks for the support.

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1/20/13 10:54 A

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I am so sorry dear. Have you checked your overall progress..I mean by your sleeping level, happiness level, energy level etcs. I am also stuck with the same weight since 6 month and I also have not lost inches. But my other levels are increased now. I was wondering myself too that what could be the problem and finally I found that I was eating more then calories (I still do). I also do same 8 glass of water, fruits & veggies & exercise but still no result. My problem is what I eat in between big meals. I am an Indian girl and also vegetarian. So my diet includes wheat, white rice, 2 serving of vegetable & soup (during lunch or dinner time) but also include some snacks (which I eat in between these meals) which are made from oil.

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1/20/13 9:43 A

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I have no advice for you, but want to say I understand. i have not gained, but I have been stuck where I am for several weeks. I thought that doing this challenge would help break my plateau, but I have still stayed put. I have recently been eating over my calories (like last two days) hoping to sort of "shock" my body into losing weight. I have been limiting carbs and decided to add in 3 servings of whole grains a day. I am just hoping that the diet change will help since the exercise change did not.

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1/20/13 7:24 A

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I'm on day 16. And after just weighing myself I'm ready to give up. At the end of week 1 I gained a kilo and lost nearly an inch Around my waste and a little around my arms and thighs. Half way throughout week 2 I was advised that I wasn't eating enough calories for the amount of exercise I was doing so changed my fitness profile. And at the start of week 3 I am another 2 kilos heavier and have lost no inches around my waist thighs or arms. I am still sleepin better and generally feeling better but in over 19 months I've never put on as much weight. Before starting the challenge my weight had stayed the same and I wanted to push into a loss again. I was happy that I've never gone backwards and so really don't get why I've gained 3kilos in total. 8+ glasses of water a day check, 6 plus portions of veg always, measured portions (except on the rare occasion I go out) within recommended calories except 1 day when I was slightly over! Arghhhhhh! What am I doing wrong?

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