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2/9/15 8:10 A

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Always be courteous.

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6/28/14 9:54 A

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Thanks Konrad, pdq and Dee--being vocal would help. I'm not too good at that, running is my solitary time, but etiquette works both ways emoticon .

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6/27/14 9:23 A

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Houston runners/bikers are also pretty vocal: "on your left". And yet, on a trail that clearly says runners/walkers have the right of way over bikers, we still get yelled off the trail.

Stand your ground, as long as you don't get hurt. I do like Konrad's idea.

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6/27/14 7:05 A

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hi Barb
in the Vancouver area, people are vocal. most of the pathways are shared; runners, walkers, bikes, dogs often off leash.
so it is common to hear a bike bell, but also a comment like "on your left". runners will also say "on your left" (or right as it may be). people in twos and threes can be totally engrossed in their group, so fare warning is accepted and common practice. and if people are not "sharing", it is common to hear "share the path" (or road, or whatever you're on).
I was the director of the marathon clinic at the Y for several years and one of the biggest issues I insisted in groups was "be aware". that included not tuning out - to any traffic: cars, other runners, walkers, dogs, bikes, etc.

have a great run the next time you're out there :-)

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6/26/14 9:22 P

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Here is an oddball way to deal with it. Stop and ask them what time it is. Most likely they will have a cell phone, which the youth are happy to use. This will make them interact with you, maybe even a line of conversation. You say thank you, they say you're welcome, they will scoot to the side, and you continue on with your run. For the rest of their lives they will move aside for you, and all it will cost you down the road is a wave and a smile.

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6/26/14 8:56 P

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I bow to the power of positive thinking from all the comments! I'm jaded because in the late 80's, I was running on a sidewalk and gave what I thought was a wide berth to a homeless woman with a big purse/bag. The next thing I know I'm getting up from the grass. She'd swung her bag and caught my side. Stellar right arm.

Anyway, I'll cut the kids some slack, chalk it up to them trying to figure out what to do. I'm sure it'll come up again since the path is pretty well-traveled. Good idea to stop and wait for them to pass.

Barb...from Ohio

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6/26/14 6:42 P

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I'd stand my ground too! They should go single file while passing! There are about 8 miles of paved trails in a big park near where I live that walkers, runners, and bicyclists all use. There are lines down the middle for people to stay on the right except when passing. Even on this fairly wide trail I've seen 3 or 4 people walking side by side so they take up a huge part of both coming and going trails! Sometimes byclists come up so fast that we don't hear them and I've had that happen to me. I do appreciate it when they either ring their bell or say "Passing on your left" as they pass me so I know they are there. I've had some that don't do either and get startled when they whoosh past this slow moving walking turtle LOL. I've had a stroke on Halloween 2013 and don't move as fast as I want to. But when they are meeting head on they should definitely see someone coming! Shouldn't need a bell then, they should just walk single file!


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6/26/14 5:52 P

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I agree with Pastafarian. I call it my version of "stand your ground" I always smile and say "good morning" and let them decide who falls behind. If they truly didn't think about what they were doing, this gives them a heads-up and maybe they will be more courteous the next time someone is coming toward them.

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6/26/14 5:38 P

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I agree. That is a bummer. Haven't run into that one yet (literally). I do think it is amazing, though, how many times I have to ring the bell on my bike so that walkers will let me pass without stopping. Is there a bell for runners?

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6/26/14 5:09 P

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It's common courtesy for people to behave as you said. However, it is possible they didn't realize how quickly you were moving, or maybe they were still discussing which of the two of them should fall back, or maybe they figured that a trail runner would have no problem running through a grassy ditch, or any of a number of other reasons.

If I was in that situation, I'd just come to a stop, stand still, and let them work out how to pass me.

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6/26/14 4:52 P

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Warning: possibly a ranty post. Was running today down my usual trail and saw 2 healthy, young ladies walking side by side coming my way. The trail is wide enough for two, not three, with a grassy ditch on either side. No problem, I of them will step behind the other so I can pass. Yeah, no. Is there a law somewhere stating the runner has to forfeit the right of way and fall halfway into the ditch? It just burns me. *end rant*

Barb...from Ohio

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