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4/11/12 1:28 A

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These were great LFF. We have similar equipment and are making similar modifications. Was laughing today with the donkey calf raises. There is no way I can lift my boyfriend and the 8 pound cat is not cutting it. I run into problems with the pulleys because of the weight increase. Find myself in-between weights and have to sub others. I'll be trying some others you have listed. Will post some of mine too. There are some other moves I like and have not seen in the program, but then again, never know what is coming at this point!!!
Thanks again:)


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4/10/12 8:30 A

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Great post LFF. I will read through at lunch break.


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4/10/12 6:25 A

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Very helpful-thanks.

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4/10/12 2:58 A

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Ok, I said I would post a comprehensive list of my alternates... there are alot. I workout at home(I do have alot of equipment though) and have back and balance issues. I paid hundreds for physical therapy and picked their brains on this program. You get the benefit. If this doesn't help- there is an "Alternates with Bands" post also.
My equipment(mostly my roommates):
+An Apex AX PWR7-basically, a barbell stand, a weight bench that inclines or declines, leg extensions and preacher curl set up, a traditional Lat pull bar, a single adjustable height cable pulley (rows, pushdowns, curls, etc) with a straight bar and a single webbed handle
+A flat bench
+Set of 3lb, 5lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb and adjustable weight dumbbells
+Wrist/ankle weights
+Two resistance bands
+Exercise ball

As a rule, I hope you already know that dumbbells can be substituted for barbells(my barbell is 40 lbs without added weight, so I still cannot use it and I always substitute dumbbells) and cable pulleys. Bands are also easily substituted in for pulleys. Too weak for one-arm moves (pulls/pushes)? You can always do the 2 arm version to build up more minimal strength.

Alternates (program listed exercise first, with substitute and any clarification I think isn’t obvious. If I don't list a URL it means its on the site, listed as an alternate already)
• Seated Cable Row(BACK) ==I started with resistance band and worked up to the cable pulley and weight.
• Single-leg Barbell (or dumbbell) deadlift or Barbell deadlifts. ALL deadlifts vetoed by PT, 2 other options(BACK):
==Rear leg raises on a ball. I can’t find a demo. Lay face down on exercise ball (ball between abs and chest), tighten abs, Do a set lifting one leg(then repeat with other leg). Lift straight leg off floor SLIGHTLY(while other stays down for balance)- do NOT kick above horizontal(no arching!) and if you feel ANY pinch in your lower back, you have raised too high. This is a very subtle movement, but it works the same muscles as a deadlift (legs, lower back). Add ankle weights to make it more challenging. If you have lower back issues, this really does the job and will strengthen your weak spot.
==Bridges/Butt Lift, Bridges on a Ball (mine are feet up on ball, not like SP shows), Bridges on Ball with medicine ball (also instead of Barbell Glute Bridge)
• Hammer Strength Lat Pull(BACK)==Reverse Grip Lat Pull
• T-Bar Row or Bent over Barbell Row (BACK, bending over BAD!)==Incline dumbbell row (face down on incline bench with arms to the side- your back is supported)
• Back extension Machine(BACK)==Back Extension
or Back Extensions on a Ball

• Jackknife Situps (Abs)==Planks (or modified planks, start with 15 second hold and increase holds to 20, then 30, then 60 seconds). Mine are in sequence- face down, side plank (L), face down, side plank (R), face down. That is one Set.
• Crunches(ABS)== Crunches on an exercise ball are more back supported. Eventually try the crunches though- core strength improves fast on this program.
• Oblique Crunches(ABS)==Modified Planks- Center, Side, Center, Side, Center
• Roman Chair leg raise/Hanging Leg Raises(ABS)== Decline Reverse Crunch or standard Reverse Crunches or (PT preferred) Jackknife on a ball (“Exercise Ball Pullin”)

• Pullups(SHOULDERS)==Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns or Smith Machine/Barbell stand standing pull-ups (sort of like the reverse of a wall pushup, feet are on the ground and you are just pulling your torso weight)
• Rear-Delt Cable Flyes(SHOULDERS)==Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise
• Flat Bench Cable Flyes/Machine Flyes (CHEST)==Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes
• Cable Crossovers (CHEST)==Incline Bench dumbbell flyes or Decline Bench Flyes
• Barbell curls(ARMS)==Preacher Curl or Dumbbell Curls
• Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extension(ARMS)==Cable Incline Triceps Extension
• Side-to-Side Pushups(ARMS)== I couldn’t do these at first. Pretty much all pushup styles, you can practice on a wall (put your feet further out than you can comfortable reach the wall then lean in) until you can do them on your knees or standard toes.
• Plyo Kettlebell Pushup(ARMS)== I did these (without kettlebell) against the wall, really trying to lean my weight into it and pushing off the wall as far as I could. You could also do side-to-sides if you mastered them, but this doesn’t involve the Plyo movement.
• Medicine Ball Push-Up (ARMS, not quite there)==Close handed wall pushup

• Skullcrushers(ARMS)==single dumbbell lying tricep extension or Cable Incline Tricep Extensions
• Overhead cable curl(ARMS)==Standing Single Arm Bicep Curl
• Cable one-arm triceps extensions(ARMS)==Tricep dumbbell Kickbacks
• Donkey Calf Raise LEGS (yeah, right!)== Wide Leg Wall Sit with Calf Raise

• Leg Press(LEGS)==Dumbbell squats (or Wall Squats with Dumbbells and a Ball)

• Seated Leg Curls(LEGS)==Lying Leg Curls
• Wide Stance Barbell Squat/Sumo BB Squat(LEGS)==Plie Squat with single dumbbell/Wide Leg Squats with dumbbell

• Abductor Machine(LEGS)==Lying Abduction

Hip Circles
Standing Hip Circles

• Adductor Machine(LEGS)== Lying Adduction

Side Leg Raises


• Single Leg Squats (LEGS, not enough balance and strength at first)== Single Leg Wall squats with a a ball

• Split Squats(LEGS)== I put an arm out to a wall to help balance

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