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12/9/11 8:50 A

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hey ladies,

thanks for the replys. Yes i am eating every 3 hours, i always keep that in check. sometimes i tent to eat too soon when i hhave nothing to do, though. But i must say this week went really well because i was frees from a lot of mental pressure. I founf a new house and can move out soon, so it will only get better. I didnt have anybinges or even the urge to binge and made quite a few protein batches. Im also eating rice cakes nmog theyre so conveniets! I cant go without them anymore.

Im stull a bit 'durr' about my legs but i can see that following the eating plan more strict really helps. I was also just bloated from the binges. Im in the first week of phase 3 now and i really want to do it right i just know its more about the food than just my training, i always get myself to the gym. But, on leg days, i think ill consume a bit less protein. But the carb cycling will start next week so we'll see, eep!

im in the home stretch! IM NOT GIVING UP!!

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12/4/11 7:02 P

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I found this about slimming down muscular bulky legs had some good information in it.

As far as eating goes. I find I do better when I plan my meals ahead of time. I designate one day out of the week usually Sunday for food prep for all the recipes and make them up ahead of time. (Jamie's Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, Salsa, Turkey Pumpkin Chili, I Cook up all my Chicken Breast for the week, Cube up all my sweet potatoes and store them in a ziplock bag, and cut up all veggies, etc) I make up my menus and stick to them. It helps me to have a plan otherwise I will graze wonderously. I also found that it helps me to enter my food ahead of time like the night before for the next day because I can see where I am at on macronutrients and see if I have enough protein for the day. Anytime there is goodies its hard and tempting. We are nearing the holiday season with even more opportunites. A plan in place will be needed. I hope this helps some.

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12/4/11 6:33 P

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hey there!!

Just a couple questions first. are you eating very two to three hours? If not i suggest setting an alarm to remind yourself. sometimes we get busy and it doesnt cross our minds until we realise were starving! I'm in phase 2 so I'm not sure where exactly your at. i think week 8 is there calorie alternating. since you've been doing this program for a few weeks maybe your not getting enough calories and your body is saying FEED ME! Make sure your eating within your calorie ranges and sticking to them. For night time something that has really helped me is casein protein powder. Its a slow release protein that helps stabilize our metabolism for longer durations (like while I'm asleep) trust in the program. stick to it as closely as possible and you will see results! For motivation a vision board helps. it reminds us of why were doing this, what our goals are what inspires us! If you find your gaining too much muscles in your legs try switching up the twice a week workout for a bodypart that is lagging. ie. Shoulders or abs. And lastly you can do this. Something brought you to where you are. stick with it! You can succeed! Slip ups happen! just continue on your plan. Continue on your fitness journey. A weekly cheatmeal (not day, meal) has actually been proven to help aid in fat loss. check it out at you can do it. hope this helps :)

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12/4/11 5:27 P

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ok ladies i feel totally worthless right now. Ive had a major overeating that continued for the rest of the day. Its sunday, i didnt train.

Lately ive been struggling with the program food-wise. At first i was becomming a bit psycho and secondly i wasnt sure how all this protein was affecting my body. To my opinion my legs were getting too big, but i must admit ive experienced overall weight gain.

But basically its this; im experiencing overeatning and binges more frequently lately. It really upsets me, but its also because i still live with my parents and there are issues here that get me really stressed. Oh and my mom cooks at random times, and its really hard to withstand all the freshly cooked food ( she cooks with plenty of fat.. so yeah) when im coming home and being just hungry. Today it all went bad, i slept at my friends' and retuned home at about 2 o clock, planning to have lunch.. and i was at the kitchen sink wanting to prepare my food; BAM: pizza right in front of me. there was no-one around, but me being hungry like i was, ate the topping and some of the base.. and then there was stress and more stuff and it all ended in an almost non stop food fest

i notice that the hardest part for me is keeping with the right food aound/after meal 5, when im at home.

gosh its such a long story but i had to let it go somewhere..
I was also wondering, the previous week i did week 8 for the second time because i funked up the food the week before as well. Now that i went wrong AGAIN, should i just continue to week 9 or do week 8 again? I really want to focus on fat loss now. My muscle mass surely went up since the beginning of the program. But maybe its better to just go into phase 3 now? I dont like my legs getting bigger so i think thats what i should do.. just focus on the fat loss now ( and hope ill find a room soon... )

Or should i just get my provate situation stable first, because i dont want to fail and end up bingeing during carb cycling, i dont want it all to be for nothing :(


anyway thanks for reading my rants... this is a support team right..? :)

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