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Read the story below and solve the mystery.
You can then scroll down to see the answer.
Come back next weekend for another mystery!


Detective Phil Lang joined his fellow detectives at Clancy’s Bar and Grill. Every Monday the group of guys got together for dinner and conversation, which was mostly about their cases.

“You look rested after your vacation, Phil,” Detective Conners declared.

“I don’t know about being rested,” Detective Lang laughed, “but I was almost arrested!”

“Arrested! You?” Detective MacKenzie exclaimed. “What happened?”

“Yeah, what happened?” Detective Stone echoed.

“Okay, okay,” Detective Lang said, holding up his hands. “Here’s the story: On my last night, I was lying on the bed reading the newspaper, when someone knocked on my door, then started to rattle door handle like they were trying to open the door.”

“So what did you do?” Detective Waters asked.

“I opened the door, of course, “Detective Lang said. “The guy standing there was so startled and embarrassed; he stammered his way through an apology and left.”

“What’d he say? Detective Stone asked.

“Told me his name was Steve Green and then he apologized for his mistake. Said he was staying in room 552 and mine was 525. Said he mixed the numbers up after a little too much partying.”

“Did you get rough with him? Is that why you were almost arrested?” Detective Stone asked.

“No. In fact, I hardly gave it a thought ~ until the next morning, that is. While I was having a nice big breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, I overheard a couple saying someone was burglarizing hotel rooms while the guests were out. They said they were robbed the night before.”

Detective MacKenzie laughed. “Cases just seem to fall into your lap, Phil.”

So what happened next?” asked Detective Conners.

“So then,” Detective Lang said, “who happens to walk by but Steve Green. I jumped up and grabbed him and told him her was under arrest.”

“Steve Green? The guy who thought your room was his? Why arrest him?” Detective Waters said.

“Well, when the local police arrived on the scene things turned pretty nasty, with all kinds of wild accusations.”

Detective Conners held up his hands. “Hey, if I were Steve Green, I think I would have been pretty upset, too.”

“Him? I was the one who was upset,” Detective Lang said. “I catch the thief who’s been burglarizing the hotel and then get accused of making a false arrest?!” He shook his head in disgust.

“Is that when you were almost arrested?” Detective Waters asked.

“No, I told them I was a detective from Brownsville and they said, and I quote, ‘I don’t know how you do things back in Mayberry, but here we don’t arrest someone unless they commit a crime’.”

“Uh-oh,” Detective Stone said. “So that’s when you got in trouble. Did you punch him?”

“No, no! Nobody punched anyone. They threatened to take me to jail for disturbing the peace, and then because no one was able to identify Steve as the thief, they added false arrest.”

“Wow,” Detective Conners shook his head. “What’d you do?”

“All I had to do was give evidence, which I did. So they arrested Steve Green and let me go.”

“What evidence?” Detective Waters asked, sounding puzzled.

“I guess you weren’t paying attention or you’d have heard it,” Detective Lang said with a big smile.

What was the evidence?
Scroll down for the answer.

Solution: Detective Lang knew that is Steve Green were really trying to get into his own room as he claimed, he wouldn’t have knocked on the door. After hearing about the burglaries the next morning, he saw Steve Green, then gave some thought to their encounter the night before. That’s when Detective Lang realized that Steve Green was knocking to see if anyone was in the room before he started picking the lock to get in the room and burglarize it.

Solve-It-Yourself Mystery found in Women’s World Magazine

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