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TOPIC:   Anyone have any luck with Chinese Medicine? 

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6/16/13 6:45 P

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I have haven't had Chinese medicine, but I've had myofacial release and deep massage (forget the name) . It hurt quite a lot and I did it for months, twice a week. It helped a lot for how I functioned, but unfortunately the only thing that has any beneficial help for the pain has been pain meds and believe it or not Methotrexate!

I hope you get some relief, Everyone is different and responds differently to various methods and modalities.


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6/14/13 12:06 P

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I tried acupuncture for my elbow, but I am sorry to say it wasn't helpful. $50 for him sticking one needle attached to an electrode and machine that automatically pulsed the needle on a regular basis for an half an hour for $50 wasn't worth it. No personal interaction or contact. Just set it up and left me to it. I like the idea of the massage. You do need deep muscle stimulation and its very uncomfortable, but would be worth it. I know a bridge playing Dr. who is pioneering and teaching the aspect of deep muscle acupuncture in which the needles do hurt like gangbusters being inserted, but another bridge player who couldn't get relief for her bad back pain from conventional medicine said it worked miracles for her.

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6/8/13 10:23 A

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Thank you both for your good replies. I'm thinking that I'm going to let this Humira work at improving me for another 5 months or so and then I'll see about going. I thought it was so expensive too, but if it would really help, I'd go for it. I felt so calm too and afterwards, I really felt that I felt alot better, but that I would need it often and then the $, hmmmmm, I'll have to see.

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6/8/13 8:45 A

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I've only ever tried acupuncture for my costochondritis (inflammation of the ribcage) and although it didn't help, I did find it to be very relaxing and calming. But in the end, I decided it was just too expensive and since it wasn't helping with the pain at all, I decided it wasn't worth it.

Good luck.

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5/30/13 7:50 P

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I didn't use it for my RA - I used acupuncture to help me quit smoking. Instead of needles, though, they used an electrode the size of a ballpoint pen to stimulate the nerves in various pressure points. I give it credit as being one of the things that really, truly helped me quit.

I'm a believer!

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SEATTLE58's Photo Posts: 4,049
5/30/13 6:45 P

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I've wondering if anyone has had any luck with Chinese Medicine for relieving RA pain. I had a Chinese massage yesterday and I sure feel tons better in my neck and shoulders, I know. I felt that I was extra sore this morning overall, but as the day's gone on, I feel more and more better in all areas. This next time she suggests accupuncture, as she thinks that could help with my hands, knees and feet. I think I might give it a try too, although it's expensive. $95/hr. $60/hr. for the massage and was that ever somewhat painful in some areas where she pushed so hard. She said that she really had to work me over like that to give me more benefit. So with feeling better today, maybe there's hope with it all. I know that we can't expect a cure, but a little more relief would be so nice. I know that with being on Humira, I'm so much better and can expect to be lots better, but I know that we'll still hurt. It would be so nice if I could get more mobile!

What do you all think?

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