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2/4/13 11:09 P

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If you have local access to a swimming or wading pool, you can do very intense exercising in water without causing the damage to your feet that occurs on land. Even a large hot tub can help, loosening your muscles and soothing pain as you move. The Chair Exercise Team's video website has some water routines you can adapt to your situation. But you do need to rest after a painful episode such as you describe, so that your body can recoup. Pain should not last more than 2 hours after exercise. If it does, that means you are doing damage to yourself. Baby steps is the key, as already said.

"Mountains DO move...One stone at a time." ~Rick Beneteau
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden, Hall of Fame college basketball coach
With exercise, doing some is always better than doing none. - Spark article
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2/4/13 5:07 P

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You've received some great advice already. With the RA pain I have to increase slowly and I can't run. I've tried even easy jogging for 2 minutes and it just kills my ankles the next day. There are many great exercises out there that are low impact but still intense, again I had to work up to them and can't complete them all the time when I'm in a flare.

I don't belong to a gym so I use dvds' for my workout partners. I love Leslie Sansone's walking dvd's. They start out gently and build you up over time. I went from barely being able to complete a 1-mile walk to the advanced 5-mile walks at a 12 minute mile. I also love Tae Bo as it isn't high impact but does burn a lot of calories.

Hope you find a program that works for you!

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2/4/13 6:29 A

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Wow - you sound like me! I have to use a lot of self-control not to overdo. My brain thinks that I should be able to do what I did before my arthritis.

I can't. And it drives me CRAZY!

When I was first working toward a healthier lifestyle (in 2003, when I was competing taekwondo on our association's national tournament circuit), my trainer told me that baby steps was the way to go. Most people try to do too much, too soon, get hurt or hurt too much, then quit from frustration. Now that I'm really heavy (I weigh 253 this week instead of the 175 I used to be), I'm tempted to try at work out at the same level I did before.

I can't. And it drives me CRAZY!

Hang in there!! Figure out what you enjoy doing, then do it in moderation, slowly adding weight, resistance, speed at a slower pace. My weight has been a roller coaster because I haven't been consistent in doing anything, but I feel better and my clothes fit better when I stick with a slow and steady program. Have you checked out the blogs and group for The Slowest Loser? He's been plugging away and has had great results.

I hope this helps!

It's a great day to be alive!
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2/4/13 4:10 A

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Thanks for your support. I will read your blogs and try baby steps
I came to a realization after talking to a friend
that some of the pain I am experiencing may be
from my shoes. I started wearing these Skechers
Tone ups that have a bit of a heal to them and
I think that they are bad for my arthritis. My friend
said she had a pair and had to get rid of them due to
her arthritis pain. So I will try going to the gym and walking
On the treadmill wearing other shoes and see
How I feel tomorrow. Well actually that would be today as I am still
Up due to the pain at 2 am even after pain meds *sigh*

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DANMAR1's Photo Posts: 760
2/3/13 10:12 P

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You might check out the Chair Exercise Group on SP. When I first started I tried to push my wheelchair out front and kept hurting myself. So I started 10 minutes of Chair Exercise and it has changed my step by baby step. I now exercise 1 hour part in chair and part up. I have been able to stop using my wheelchair or scooter when I go out and stop using my walker in the house. I have recaptured my "normals" in my life that I never even dared dream I could do again. People ask what new drugs I am on and I have to tell them it is what has happened through step by baby step. My doctor is thrilled and so are my family and friends. It all started small with chair exercise..or really mine was more wiggling in my lift chair. If you would like to friend me to read some of my blogs as my life has changed please do. If I can help please contact me I would love for you to have the wonderful things happen for you too with small goals and baby steps.


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2/3/13 9:30 P

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Hi I'm frustrated with exercise. I seem to always overdo it.. I had been doing it slowly.. elliptical and threadmill and didn't lose any weight.. so I got a heart monitor and have been increasing the intensity.. Yesterday I ran/walked with a friend. I felt great afterwards but today I can hardly walk.. ankles are totally swollen and I feel like I should be using a cane since I can't seem to put any weight on my feet.. its so frustrating I am trying to do what the doctors tell me by exercising and then it just makes me sick agian.. and if I decrease the intensity I don't seem to lose weight.... ugh!

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