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Living with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD)

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  FORUM:   RAD-Specific
TOPIC:   Started taking Enbrel! 

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SEATTLE58's Photo Posts: 4,040
2/6/13 5:53 P

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Hi everybody and just for an update. I had my 9th injection of Enbrel last night. It's 1x/week. And since it hasn't start working yet (!!!), my Dr. told me to take my last injection last night and will get me started on Humira. But first Humira needs to be approved with my insurance company and the patients assist. program papers will be going through and that could take a couple of weeks at least. We did go through this same procedure with Enbrel and I will have to say that Enbrel paid $4000 to help us and we since have found out that I have a $2000 prescrip. deduct. with my insurance, whereas we first thought it was $10,000, as that's what I have with the medical bills, etc. So we were happy campers! Since we paid up to the $2000 on the Enbrel, then the Humira will pretty much be free to us. That's how we're thinking it anyway. Humira, I understand will be an injection every 2 wks, so that even sounds better. I don't know why, just a little less hastle I guess! Thank you NYPROFESSIONAL, for your input. Back in December when I first wrote about Enbrel, we didn't know near as much as we know now. I just feel bad that we paid for the Enbrel and it didn't work, but we'd still maybe would've done that with another biologic. And, Enbrel may still work. So we'll see what gives in the next month or so. Thanks everybody for your encouragement and well wishing! I appreciate it and yes, I still have more chronic pain than what I'd wish for, but we'll probably always be able to say that, just with a biologic, we hope to have alot less! emoticon

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2/5/13 10:19 A

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enbrel has a patient assistance program in which it helps with payments . I don't know if this is what you are speaking of. This program is initiated for 6 months, but you can continue to roll it over. Very helpful with payments. I was just diagnosed 2yrs ago after having multiple health problems following delivery of my premature daughter. I have been controlled with methotrexate + enbrel for 1yr. I wish you the best!

NET2BIZ's Photo SparkPoints: (67,721)
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Posts: 3,329
12/27/12 1:12 P

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I have been on Enbrell for MOST of 3 months, and taking notes as I go along. I was seeing slow but steady improvement. Now, I have sort of leveled out on the RA symptoms, but have caught a cold, which I can't seem to shake.

Actually, I had trouble with the unshakable cold once before, when I upped my doseage of MTX. I did that again, and that may well be the cause. Anyway, for the duration, I am off all treatment, MTX aqnd Enbrel both, for about 3 1/2 weeks now.

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ANGEL1066's Photo SparkPoints: (67,497)
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12/12/12 7:18 P

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Good luck with it! Enbrel has been good to me for several years now, and is still getting better. I felt improvement in about a month, and just kept improving, no side effects of any consequence (injection sites can itch - I avoid sensitive areas). I hope it does wonders for you. But a healthy diet and regular exercise will enhance the effects - don't forget that part! God Bless!

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_LINDA's Photo SparkPoints: (149,344)
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12/12/12 12:22 P

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That is wonderful news Karen! I hope it does work faster for you and that you have no side effects. I have been lucky not to have any with all the meds I have taken for so many years, especially the methotrexate (16 years and counting). I have been on Humira for eight years now no problem.
Enjoy your day!

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LJR4HEALTH's Photo Posts: 32,265
12/12/12 11:53 A

LJR4HEALTH's SparkPage
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Nice that you don't have to foot the bill for the Enbrell for the first few months keep us informed on how it is going for you Good luck

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SEATTLE58's Photo Posts: 4,040
12/12/12 9:55 A

SEATTLE58's SparkPage
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Good morning everybody! I have to let you all know that I just started the Enbrel injections last night I understand that the effects can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. I'm, of course, wishing for the several weeks if not days! emoticon Wouldn't it be something if I didn't have to keep warming my hands all day long?!!!! I'm just hoping that I won't have any funny side effects~! Oh the best thing, is that Phizer is paying $4000 the first 6 months. So my first presc. for 4 weeks was $000000!!! I don't know if my insurance will count the $ that Phizer pays in with our $10,000 deduct. or not. They should! It all goes into my body! I'll be checking up on it. Well, I'm hoping that all my dear RA friends are having a good day!

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