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7/18/13 8:21 A

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I would like to see a thread called Today's Weight, On-plan Eating and Exercise. For me it would be a thread where we could log our daily weight and commit to ourselves publicly that we plan to eat on-plan today and say what kind of exercise we plan to do today! For me these are "goals" that I work toward everyday...sometimes more successfully than others!

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8/19/12 4:55 P

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I can see this thread is pretty stale, but just thought the idea was a good one. Maybe this is more about team goals, but there is a lot of talk about personal goals, which resonates with me.

Since joining Spark oh, so long goals have been ever evolving, and have morphed from the pre-set "Spark" quick start goals: track! drink water! exercise! to more healthy lifestyle related goals, some of which are the same: drink water, exercise, to which I've added yoga, meditation, cooking, reading, and other things that I want to do more of, but get lost in the shuffle of the daily grind. Tracking them lets me see if I'm doing the things that are valuable to me, or if I'm slacking off on those.

I was also noting the other day that many of the activities I've started over the past 5-7 years were things that initially scared the h3ll out of me, but I now enjoy immensely, like skate skiing and mountain biking. I actually find that pushing through fear of failing is so rewarding, and being a bit of a perfectionist that is a hard one to push through, but it's worth it.

To me constantly looking at my maintenance plan, adding new challenges and goals, has been the key, Spark helped with that, but I did the work. And that makes the work worthwhile!

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10/30/11 2:23 P

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I like adding new goals but I'm trying not to be overly focused on them. Just like new ideas, I hold them loosely in my mind, always prepared to change them as I learn more.
Last year my fitness goal was to finish a half-marathon (I finished two) and be comfortable riding my horse bareback (I almost love it better than riding with a saddle now).
For this coming year (2012) my fitness goal is to get better at ice skating to where I can do some spins and single jumps, to run a half-marathon in less than 2hrs.15 min. and to finish a trail marathon.
As far as food my goal for this year was to grow our own organic vegetables and have enough organic duck eggs for summer and fall, for next year I'm hoping to provide our own veggies for the spring in addition.
I was also trying to quit caffeine this year and tried several times but eventually went back to it. I will try again for next year because it's better for my adrenal gland function.


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9/3/11 3:51 P

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Gosh, so many. Lift more, run further, run faster, hit further, stay off the disabled list (talk about a challenge!), try new activities (i.e. expand comfort zone), improve body composition (body fat %). These are just top level goals. The great thing is, they're nearly all measurable. Since you love numbers like me, I have spreadsheets and charts showing my lifts, my runs, hit ball distance, etc. Sadly, I have failed at the "stay off the disabled list" goal over the last 6 weeks and I've regressed. The good news is, I've marked my lows and can start looking towards improvement again.

I like the Zig Ziglar quote "a goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle". So "I want to maintain" isn't going to cut it for me. Too vague, too nebulous, impossible to measure. I need numbers. Maintenance is a result of measurable goals set with a plan to get there. We should never be idle.

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8/16/11 10:18 A

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I have added goals that don't seem to have anything to do with weight loss, such as keeping a prayer journal once a week, checking my blood pressure once a week and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Keeping records on Sparkpeople is so easy and playing the trivia game, reading articles and blogs and spinning the wheel is just plain fun for me. Another goal I think I'll add is laughing every day. My husband is really good at making me laugh. A good belly laugh is great exercise for the abdominal muscles.

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7/14/11 4:31 P

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When the new daily goals went up, I was happy to see the mix. I always thought breakfast was essential for me. In the maintaining mode, I weigh in everyday right now so I can see what works and what doesn't. And logging all meals is a way of life now, isn't it?

But the one that keeps me jazzed is doing one thing towards mental well-being. I try to do it everyday. One day, I went to my fave lil breakfast dive and sat with someone I'd share pleasantries with but never talked at length with. That was rewarding and made us both feel great. Today I went to my city's Fine Arts Center. I walked around the quilt exhibit there and it was a great experience.This goal can get me through the day when I need it most. I'm very thankful for that daily goal as well as the others.

I've been such an uber-geek for so long, (can you say hacker for over 30 yrs?) I'll leave the tools to y'all to hash out.

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6/30/11 11:23 A

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Susie, I agree that over the years, the good habits of weight loss can become second nature, requiring little conscious effort...most of the time. But by living One Day At At Time, I can adjust my day to the stresses coming up. When my husband was ill and injured, I had to keep a detailed log of his care and progress for the doctors, so I upped the detail in my own journal. I needed it at that time. Now I am back to just jotting down what I eat and making menu plans.

My life changed completely on the day he had his stroke, then a couple of weeks later when he broke his ankle. There was no predicting it, and I had to change on a dime. There is no way I could have embarked on a major change for myself at that time, but I could go back to the old life I lived when I was losing. Every year during Lent, I keep a rigorous journal, too, just so I never forget. It is exactly the kind of discipline recommended during a period of fasting (though I don't truly fast) and penitence. And it serves me well when the world comes crashing down.


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6/30/11 6:32 A

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Goals I'd like to see are more trackers that follow progress such as measurements, percentage body fat, BMI and weight - not simply as numbers, but some sort of Hooray, you've held steady for XXX weeks. Something that recognizes that staying the same is the goal. The current ticker system doesn't really do it for maintenance.

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6/29/11 10:00 P

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I am not good at goal setting now that my weight and size/shape is where I wanted it to be. I work out, but don't try to set new records of how much weight I can lift or how many reps I can do. My goal is making healthy choices one day at a time, and that is especially important when life gets more stressful. I have been here/done this before ... And I hate to discourage anyone, but I made it 5 years ... And then went back to terrible habits when caring for my dying mother ... And again when caring for my Dad in his last year. Those MAJOR stresses have beat me before, and I worry about when the next one will come ... So the goal is still making healthy choices one day at a time! Staying faithful to exercise and moderation in foods is critical. Each time I choose what is beneficial for me instead of what I "feel" like doing, I am pleased! I really hope that being active on SP and having you all listen & encourage me will be the ticket whenever that next BIG stress comes!

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6/29/11 4:56 P

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My goals are continuation of maintenance!

That and last year when I started the C25K I wanted to not only finish it (it was my third attempt) but I wanted to be able to walk out of the house and run for an hour and not feel dead.

I can do this now! emoticon I have a 10K run in mid September I started training for, then I shifted mid stream to 1/2 marathon training as there is a 10 nautical mile run the weekend before that I want to do, which is just under 1/2 distance. Improving my running ability is a goal.

I also started w/ a PT to make sure my form is correct in ST exercises and I am bound and determined to get my abs flatter and hopefully to pick up my saggy butt!

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6/29/11 1:40 P

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In the sticky "wishlist" thread NELLJONES said:

"The big problem with Maintenance is the concept as it applies to "goals". My goals are more daily that ultimate. There is no graduation, or date, or number on a scale; it isn't even like the room is painted and done. I will never be done. It's more like a series of what Spark calls "streaks" that go on every day forever. But if I think about "forever" I get panicky ("I'll never be able to eat another Reeses in my life" would make me head straight for the Reeses, so I just don't eat Reeses One Day At A Time). "

I agree there aren't "I want to get down to X lbs or Y % body fat" goals the same way there are when you're losing.

As far as I can tell, the goals once you get to maintenance have to do with time - "How long can I stay within my goal range without popping out of it?"

The NWCR research says that the probability of keeping weight off skyrockets after you've managed to maintain for 2-5 years. So for me, the short-term goal is to keep my weight within my goal range for a month. The medium to long-term goal is to keep it off for a year, then two years, up to 5 years.

After that I hope these new habits will be so automatic that I won't have to think so much about being vigilant. If that doesn't happen, then I guess I'll be vigilant until they cremate me. And that's OK because it's worth it to me, to be able to live at a size where I'm comfortable.

I actually reward myself every month that goes by when my weight is in range. I buy myself those colorful stretchy BUFF headbands:

I like to wear them while working out. If my monthly weigh-in day rolls around and I'm within parameters, I get my BUFF. If I'm not within parameters, I don't get it. This provides pressure on me to keep the weight in range.

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