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7/20/11 11:43 A

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Thanks Junebug!

Yes, it IS nice to know we don't need to worry about this cancer for several more years until our next colon screening. And my husband really had been very scared before I went through with the procedure. Apparently he'd 'heard' it was very painful, but it isn't - at least not the way it is done around here today.

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7/20/11 9:41 A

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Hi Debi! You mentioned that you're used to fasting so it didn't bother you. I'm not used to fasting and it didn't bother me. I just figured a liquid diet for a day would make me lose a pound or two and that is always welcome!

It's a shame that so many people get colon cancer that could have been prevented by this one little procedure. I've had three colonoscopies now and during the last one this past Spring, I did have one or two polyps which they did remove and they were non-cancerous. I have a lot of cancer in my family. Originally it was only the Uncles and male cousins that had some type, now it is showing up in the female cousins so I am extra vigilant.

I'm glad you're experience convinced your husband to have one done and both tests came out great. Isn't it a wonderful peace of mind that you don't have to worry about this silent killer?

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7/19/11 11:04 A

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I had my colonoscopy at 50. As far as prep for the procedure went, I don't remember the exact amount I had to drink, but I remember there were a couple of options that doctors usually recommended. I did what my doctor recommended. I had to drink the really sweet stuff in two doses - I think at noon and 6 pm. the day before the procedure. It wasn't too bad - had to drink it in like 15 minutes. Then I had to stay near the bathroom after 6pm because of having to go so often and it being like diarrhea after a while. My bottom got a little sore toward bedtime. The no eating from noon the day before didn't bother me too much. I did decide I wanted some calories so I chose to drink regular Sprite rather than diet on the day before. I could drink clear liquids and that was all. As an Orthodox Christian, we fast every Sunday from Saturday evening until after our service on Sunday morning until 11:30 or so. So my body didn't protest as much as I hear others complain. I just treated this fasting time like I would a Saturday night until Sunday afternoon. My procedure was at 9 in the morning. I slept fine.

My husband drove me to the office. I was taken to a room with about ten "bays" -- beds surrounded by curtains -- where I undressed and put on the hospital gown. Nurses came and talked to me and asked if I had any questions. The nurse who put in my IV was great. I'd had an IV before with my first child, but never sedation. I didn't need it with my first child -- the IV was in case I did need something. I remember the doctor coming to talk to me and then rolling into the "procedure" room, and then I remember nothing until waking up about 20 minutes later back in the "bay." I remember nothing of the procedure. My results were an "all clear", so the doctor said to come back in ten years. I was relieved. I had to stay for about 20 more minutes while the sedation wore off and to see if there were any problems. There were none. I wasn't sore anywhere -- in the colon area or where the IV had been. I had no other pain at all. Therefore the "recovery" was just going home and resting and taking a nap. Not sure I "really" needed the nap but naps are ALWAYS welcome in my life. :-)

My husband saw how easy it had gone for me so he actually scheduled his colonoscopy soon thereafter. He was 52. He had been scared to do it. He, too, was told to come back in ten years since his test results were good.

I knew I needed to have my colonoscopy because of an experience a friend and co-worker had. She had talked about her doctors "bugging" her to get her colonoscopy, but she said she just "didn't have the time." She finally went when she was about 55 and they found polyps and cancer! She went through a very rough two years which included surgery, treatments, setbacks, etc. The radiation went really bad and caused additional complications, so she was out of work for over a year and then could only work part time for about a year after that. Thankfully she did recover and now works full time again. This scared me just a little. Enough that I decided I would do my colonoscopy at 50. I was about 48 when her cancer was discovered. In addition, since both of my parents died of cancer (esophagus and ovarian), I am aware the odds of me getting some type of cancer might be higher than normal.

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