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TOPIC:   How Many Calories Burned per Minute per Pound 

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7/6/11 3:31 P

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Calorie Burn Chart - Intensity Workout Chart
Calories Burned Per Minute of Exercise By Weight

Every activity you do burns calories. The more calories you burn, the faster your body uses up incoming fuel (food) intake. If your requirements exceed the calories provided by incoming fuel, the body dips into its reserves (fat) to supply the energy you need. By lowering your calorie intake and increasing your activity, you are able to lose weight. Men burn calories faster than women. Heavier people burn calories faster than thin people. Exactly how many calories are expended by any individual will vary.

The following chart gives the approximate number of calories burned per minute of a variety of activities.

For each activity, multiply your exact weight by the number in the per pound column to equal the number of calories burned per minute. Multiply this number by the number of minutes in that activity to equal total calories burned.


Calories burned per pound per minute (badminton - .044) x (times) your exact weight (140 pounds) = (equals) total calories burned per minute (6.16 calories burned per minute) x (times) minutes of activity (30 minutes) = (equals) 184.80 total calories burned per activity

Activity (alphabetical)

Calories burned per pound per minute
Your exact weight in pounds
Total calories burned per minute
Minutes of activity
Total calories burned

Bicycling (5.5 mph)
Bicycling (9.5 mph)
Climbing hills (no load)
Climbing hills (with 9 lb. load)
Climbing hills (with 22 lb. load)
Dancing, ballroom
Dance, Aerobic, medium
Dance, Aerobic, intense
Grocery shopping
Jumping Rope (70 jumps per minute)
Jumping Rope (125 jumps per minute)
Jumping Rope (145 jumps per minute)
Mowing the lawn
Raking leaves
Running (6-minute mile)
Running (8-minute mile)
Running (9-minute mile)
Sitting Still
Skiing, cross-country, walking
Skiing, cross-country, uphill
Snowshoeing, soft snow
Swimming, crawl, slow
Swimming, crawl, fast
Swimming, breast stroke, fast
Table tennis
Walking, normal pace, asphalt road
Walking, normal pace, fields & hills
Weight training, free weights
Weight training, circuit training


Edited by: SPARERIBAZ2 at: 7/6/2011 (15:41)
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Stormy Leigh Joined Spark People April 23, 2011 at 287.5 Pounds - Day 1 (I lost 10 pounds before joining too, yes I was 297.

My Initial Goal weight is 199 Pounds

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