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11/11/15 11:38 A

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HI Jeanknee,

I can say I actually am beefing up my fat intake - healthy fats - not fired foods, but more nuts, nut butters, avocados, fish, etc, because I eat pretty healthy already except not enough, and we just had our health assessments at work. My bad cholesterol was on the high side, but my good cholesterol was very low. I'm hoping by getting some more healthy fats into my diet and getting that healthy cholesterol up it will take care of the bad cholesterol. I can't work out anymore than I already do, and there is very little saturated fat to cut out of my regular diet.

In addition to trying to eat more for my current training load, I am starting ultra training this winter for next year so I must learn to eat MORE, lol!

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12/31/14 7:33 P

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I'm going to preface my questions with a disclaimer of sorts...I know that we are each unique and what works for one will not necessarily work for another and that I am responsible for my own choices and their consequences. That being said, are any of you routinely eating so fat is more than 35% of your calorie intake? If yes, are your cholesterol counts okay? I know that a person can be thin and still have cholesterol issues. So, I am cautious about eating too much fat.

I am asking because I want to increase my running distance and it has been a struggle for me to eat enough to maintain my weight. December looks pretty darn good as far as weight goes. But, I can see that another downward dip may be in the making; so, I increased my calorie intake this week.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...

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7/11/14 1:48 P

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RAVELGIRLY, I worried about that too. I definitely did not want to gain weight during training for my upcoming marathon. Of course, I would love to keep losing, since I'm about 15 pounds away from my goal weight. I would be happy with maintaining, though.

At first, I did not change my eating at all and did not link my fitness tracker to my calories tracker. I also didn't prioritize eating during long runs. I'd have maybe a gel or a few chews and that was it. I found that I was hungry all the time, ALL THE TIME, and struggling to get through long runs. I also was not losing weight, and found that I even gained a couple pounds. Clearly something was wrong. A few weeks ago, I added a separate section to my nutrition tracker called "Run Fuel." I started following the recommendations to eat something every 45 minutes or so during 10 plus mile runs. I linked my calorie tracker to my nutrition tracker and started eating closer to what's recommended. I account for my run fuel in my overall calorie count for the day. It's really worked; I'm not starving all the time anymore, and I've lost the few pounds I put on. I'm eating waaay more calories every day than I have in like two years, and that was mentally difficult to deal with, but physically I feel so much better than I know I just have to do it.

The lesson for me what to not be afraid of eating enough to sustain myself, both during runs and after. At least while I'm training, my body responds better when I eat a little bit more.

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- Amy

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7/11/14 12:55 P

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I'm really nervous about adding nutrition to my long runs. My long runs used to be 10k so I didn't worry about eating during, just had a snack after. Now I'm training for my first half and I discovered that I cannot go more than 7 miles without nutrition.

So on my 9 mi run, I had a few Honey Stinger energy chews. Not enough nutrition during or enough calories after because I bonked and was totally exhausted for two days.

Today was 10 mi. I had one piece toast w jam pre-run then 9 ounces water, 9 ounces sports drink, an 3 Clif Shot Bloks. (One blok every 2 miles after mile 4.) It kept my energy up and I felt good during. We shall see how I feel for the next two days. I had my usual coffee, water, and oatmeal made with milk and topped with blueberries and a few raw almonds post-run.

I'm worried about taking in too many calories though. Is it really ok to consume more calories on long run days? I'm in weight maintenance mode now and don't want to gain but also cannot afford to lose any more weight.

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5/9/14 1:52 P

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I'm sort of amazed that I didn't become a runner sooner because it's the one culture besides elementary school that wholeheartedly embraces my two favorite foods: peanut butter and chocolate milk. I'm strict about toast with peanut butter before races and long runs, and so enjoy my chocolate milk when I get home. I do GUs and Bloks on the road, and sometimes pretzels because I lose a lot of salt at long distances.

I eat pretty healthily otherwise too. I'm a daytime vegetarian, which means I generally only eat meat at dinner time and then sparingly. Lots of vegetables and fruit and whole grains and dairy. And nuts like nobody's business; they are my greatest weakness.

- Amy

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5/8/14 11:31 P

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I try to mix my breakfasts up. Yes to whole grain cereals, but I also like to have smoothies, egg white omelets and sandwiches, even fish or beans.

Before a race ... always oatmeal. It's my only ritual.

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5/6/14 11:10 A

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Every morning I start with homemade cold Muesli (oats soaked in soy or alm milk overnight), topped with wheat germ, fresh fruit, chi seeds and soy (or alm) milk.

Long runs and races: for breakfast, I eat the biggest bagel I can find with a smidge of alm or cashew butter. add an Apple or banana and 1/2 serving of vitamin water. (I start eating bagels for breakfast and/or lunch 2 days before race day as my carbo loading plan, cut back on salmon because of the oil. I don't do pasta.) I will substitute no doz for coffee on race morning.

Post run and post race: greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and granola. Banana if I need more. Other 1/2 serving of vitamin water.

Snack of choice: healthy trail mix, yogurt or fruit. Love YumNuts. My Homemade trail mix-cashew, pistachio, real dried tart cherries, 60% Cacao choc chips.

Fuel of choice only in my longest run and races: GU chomps or gels, but I am liking Huma Chia Energy Gels if I can find them.

Dinner: whole foods whenever possible. I keep it simple. Lots of fish for me, chicken for family, lots of greens, salads are ready made from deli. But I have to throw in kid friendly spaghetti, always whole wheat.

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5/6/14 9:34 A

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When I'm at my best for breakfast I have either a 100% whole grain english muffin or oatmeal with berries, bananas & a small glass of orange juice. An apple for snack. Another 100% whole grain english muffin with turkey & honey ham cold cuts for lunch. A handful of almonds for another snack. Another banana if I ran that day. And a reasonable dinner (what everyone else is having - wise choices, reasonable portions). If dinner is up to me it would most likely be a salad with some turkey or eggs with some mushrooms, broccoli & spinach.

While training I like Clifbloks & Gu.

How about every one else? What works for you?

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