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10/17/07 12:24 P

Great list! I have all of them, and like another post says--"now use them all wisely."

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10/15/07 12:01 P

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Thanks for the article... Very eye-opening!!!

Remember the Geese!!

Unless we can hear each other singing and crying; unless we can comfort each other’s failures and cheer each other’s victories, we are missing out on the best that life has to offer. The only real action takes place on the bridge between people. -Anonymous

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10/14/07 12:45 P

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I must be doing something right, I have all of them

Sherry (Mama Hawk)

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10/14/07 7:25 A

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Thanks for sharing the article --- I have all of those things in my home and use most of them regularly, even weekly or more.

Expanding on this topic, if you go to meetings, look for a great cookbook called "From Pantry to Plate". There are great lists and tips for stocking your pantry and freezer with these and other items, then lots of recipes you can put together with what you now have on hand. We love it, and it's cut down on my husband too-frequent runs to the store for just one or two things.

It's a WW cookbook.


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10/13/07 10:18 P

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I have 8 of them too, only I would add pepper and cinnimon, both wonderful spices to jazz up any dish.

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10/13/07 5:35 P

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Thanks, I checked and have 8 of them, now to use them corretly

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10/13/07 4:07 P

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Here is an article from that I thought would be great to share on here. Enjoy!!!!

10 Foods to Always Have on Hand

The solution? Keep an intelligently stocked kitchen so you're never more than 10 minutes of cooking time away from a healthy meal.

Thanks to Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD, a dietician and exercise physiologist in Louisville, Kentucky, we've compiled a list of 10 foods that will help you create simple meals at a moment's notice. Plus, "they'll give you a variety of nutrients without an abundance of calories," Mohr says.

1. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
"Chicken can be prepared with almost anything you have in the house," says Mohr. Grill it for a sandwich, spice it up with curry and cumin for Thai-style satays, or just throw it in a salad. There are thousands of choices.

Frozen chicken will last up to six months in your freezer (well sealed) and will quickly add low-fat protein to any meal.

Serving size: 3 oz of cooked boneless, skinless breast meat
POINTS® value: 2.5

2. Unsalted Dry-Roasted Nuts
Choose the roasted, unsalted version you can find in most supermarket produce sections, not the oily snack mix kind. "They're loaded with healthy fats, plus you can use good mixed nuts as toppings for stir-fry and salads," says Mohr.

Instead of breadcrumbs, crush the nuts and use them to coat chicken-breast strips for a tasty, protein-packed "breaded" cutlet.

Serving size: 1/4 cup
POINTS value: 5

3. Frozen Vegetables
A no-brainer, and no one's freezer should be without them. Stock your favorites, from broccoli to spinach (which can improve everything from soup to pasta). Frozen vegetables can last up to one year, so it's no sweat to keep all the ingredients necessary for an instant, colorful stir-fry. Or, add them to a quick vegetable soup, like minestrone.

Serving size: 1/2 cup
POINTS value: 0

4. Fat-Free Soup Broth
No cook would ever be caught without soup broth (vegetable, chicken or beef). You can use it to flavor meat, thin sauces, make gravy—and a million other options.

Throw raw vegetables into broth and they'll last up to three days longer, says Mohr. "They'll not only stay more crisp, but they'll be more flavorful because they'll absorb the flavor of the stock," he adds. Set the pot over a flame and you have an instant healthy soup. Toss in a chicken breast for a tasty meal.

Serving size: 1 cup
POINTS value: 0

5. Lean Ground Beef
"Ground beef is loaded with iron, zinc and protein; it's always good to have some on hand to add nutrients to meals," says Mohr. You could grill it into a burger or crumble it into any conceivable dish.

Serving size: 3-ounce cooked patty
POINTS value: 4

6. Basil Leaves
When you need a touch of class—and perhaps to create the illusion that you put more effort into cooking the meal than you really did—add a few whole, fresh basil leaves. It's a flavorful spice and garnish that's visually appealing. You can use it in numerous ways: to make pesto, to flavor fish and meats, or to liven up fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

Serving size: Almost any
POINTS value: 0

7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sure, it's high in POINTS values, but it's one of the most versatile sources of good fat—and a little goes a long way. It's important to purchase 'extra virgin' olive oil for a flavor boost. When a recipe demands an oil or fat, it's the best choice.

Serving size: 1 teaspoon
POINTS value: 1

8. Canned, Crushed or Whole Tomatoes
Chili, pasta sauce, soup ? sooner or later, a recipe will call for it, so keep a can in the pantry. It's a great source of potential cancer-fighting lycopene and vitamin C.

Serving size: 1 cup
POINTS value: 0

9. Chicken Sausage
"It comes frozen and is lower in fat than regular pork sausage," says Mohr. It'll add spicy flavor to otherwise drab meals. With spaghetti sauce, create a sausage version of Bolognese or eat it on a roll hot dog-style. Grill two links for a Cuban sandwich. Give yourself an extra five minutes in the morning, and you might even eat it for breakfast.

Serving size: 1 3/4 ounces cooked
POINTS value: 2

10. Dried Whole-Wheat Pasta
A fail-safe anytime you crave a quick, filling dinner. Whole-wheat pasta has more fiber than white flour pasta, so a smaller serving fills you up more. You can add penne to soups, or eat angel hair with a low-calorie marinara sauce or a dash of olive oil, garlic cloves (which you should also keep on hand) and red pepper flakes.

Whole-wheat pasta:
Serving size: 1 cup cooked
POINTS value: 3

Store-bought marinara sauce:
Serving size: 1/2 cup
POINTS value: 2

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