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11/18/11 3:00 P

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Magnetrainer has the best arm bike-
I love mine.

Life is happening now, not 10 pounds from now.

Beth Donovan

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9/4/11 2:34 A

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Resistance Bands.-

They are a cheap and easy exercise tool for people in wheel chairs, or with limited mobility, and also can be used on your bed!.

You could start off by hooking them to the bottom of my bed !.Then lying on top of the bed without a pillow (if possible) and just pulling the handles towards you . This gives a form of core exercise that is vital to help strengthen your core and back..

Then try to sit on the side of the bed and place the middle of them under your feet and pull towards you.

Then you can graduate to hanging them on a hook on the door. and pulling them towards your body.


are worth looking at - they are on exercise bands

Stronger SEniors has a DVD available using Exercise Bands at

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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9/3/11 9:17 P

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Since I notice that we have recently welcomed some Wheelie Sparks into our team – I thought we should have some ideas for exercise suitable for Wheelies.
I will say at this stage that I am not a Wheelie – and these are only ideas I have come across. I hope they are of use.

Exercise links for wheelchair bound people
- This one has diagrams on how to do the exercises

These are a few of the links I found by Googleing - exercises for the wheelchair bound. There were lots more !!

The "Chair Dancing " series of DVDs would be ok if you just did the upper body movements and any lower body movement that you may be capable of.
Details for these can be found in the DVD links below

It has actually proved fairly difficult and I will continue to try to update this list. Obviously what you can do will depend on your own personal degree of immobility and fitness (as it does with other mobility challenged people)

Spark Coach Jen suggested – A program on PBS – “Sit and be Fit” site They have a web site too :
where you can buy DVDs

There I also a site
that states their exercises can be used by Wheelies

There are a number of videos on U-Tube - but the content changes - so if you go to
and search "chair exercise" you will find a large selection that you can select suitable exercises from

The site
Chair Aerobics for Everyone – has a DVD specifically for Wheelies. And a sitting Chair Boxing dvd that could also be good. Arms pumping certainly raises my heart rate, even without leg work.

There is a free video clip for Wheelie exercise at

The DVDs from
state they can be used in a wheelchair.
I personally use these and I can attest that you would get a good aerobic workout by doing just the arm/body movements of any of the dance dvds.
The coupon number A15Q2673E. will give a discount on these DVDs

The Stronger Seniors Company also produces some good DVDc for Chair Exercise that could be used by some Wheelies too
They can be found at
If you use the code : SPARK - you will receive a discount on the DVDs

If you want a dvd - it is worth checking Amazon US - they have a lot, but the coupon codes will not work in Amazon Search "Chair Exercise DVDs" or "Wheelchair exercise DVDs"

Some more web sites that might be useful

For anyone interested in Chair Yoga – there is a dvd available on the following site

The following site has a lot of ideas and references

A lot of areas have special facilities for wheelchairs - and some include exercise - like basketball and tennis - but I suggest you contact your local physios or Doctor who should know what is locally available. Remember it is far better exercise and more fun if you can exercise with others in a similar position.

I also posted a message on the Main Exercise Board asking for ideas – this answer was from SIRENALATINA

Yeah, absolutely punching exercises with weighted gloves to add more resistance...punches up and down. I am not sure if her legs can be used at all...

But if not then rows!
It's got to be aerobic to push a wheel chair up hill..intervals of that perhaps? Think about the training that wheelchair olympics people do. They basically cycle with their arms instead of legs - very aerobic. They have peddlars for the arms.

Also a medicine ball workout where the ball is weighted and she moves it around in different ways and throws it around. People in wheel chairs also play tennis and that is super aerobic!

Perhaps hit against a wall with the raquet and wheel around to hit the ball. I played with someone who was in a wheel chair - and he was super fit!

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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9/3/11 12:07 P

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Love this blog! Very helpful!

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9/3/11 1:57 A

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Thanks for sharing this!


"We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear. ~"Martin Luther King, Jr.

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~Cheryle Richardson

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9/2/11 4:36 P

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Indygirl (Beth)wrote a great blog today -on ideas for exercise

To quote her final words:
When it comes to exercise, nothing is out of bounds, too silly or too little to help. Something is always better than nothing.

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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