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2/26/12 12:55 A

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I lost 4 lbs after 1 week of shred last september. This time around i am not seeing weight loss. it is frustrating when you don't see weight loss results.

I do however see more muscle tone (so has my husband) and an improvement in my stamina. i am also am only 3 days away from finishing, so even though it is frustrating, i still am going to keep working of reach my goal. who knows, maybe this will rev up my metabolism and i will see weight loss after i finish.

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2/25/12 5:28 P

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Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, and really means a lot, and helps a lot too!!! I've been pushing through it, even though I feel frustrated and worried I won't see results, i'm on Day 2 of Level 2 (holy planks btw!!!!!).

AMANDAB89: I did take a picture on my first day but have not taken another picture since then. I'm waiting for that outfit to be out of the wash (figure it cant hurt to be consistent in clothes too hehe) and I'll take another picture to see how they compare. I *feel* thinner, but my measurements don't reflect that. My mom says she can see the difference in my body, I really only see it in my face (which is a start atleast!!). So glad to know I'm not alone in feeling this way and others felt this way too and pushed through it for results! Thanks!!

RYDERB: *takes deeeeep breath* You're totally right, i know if weight comes off quickly it'll come back on quickly too...guess this can be a practice in gaining some patience lol. I've always given up on work outs in the past because of how slow the results come, but I need to stick with it this time. I dont want to be over weight anymore! I've been tracking my food and staying within the 1200-1500 cal as sparks recommends. Also uping my protein and water, cutting out junk food and soda. My food habits are part of the reason i'm overweight, I love junk and that is changing! I try to take my weight and measurements first thing in the morning on Saturdays. I weigh myself in my pjs every time, which are light weight cotton pants and a tee, so that it's consistent. When I do my measurements, I actually do them against my bare skin so I don't have to factor in fabric or bra padding etc, into the measurements. I lost the inch from my waist and two inches from my bust....this weeks measurements are the same for the bust, but I've gained back a half an inch in the waist....everywhere else is the same measurements as when i started. The plus, my bras fit better! Thanks for the encouragement, I *am* worth it and I have been reminding myself of that over and over as well as the quote about which choice I want cause they're all hard lol. Thanks!

JASHANTI: I do weigh myself in the same thing every time, Its crazy how clothes can effect the weight so differently, who knew a short sleeve shirt vs a long sleeve shirt in the exact same material could make a difference! thanks!!

SINGER73: I see you commented on both my issues, thats for the double support! Shin splints are getting better! I still have to take it easy on the cardio, but I'm working through it with shoes and better stretches!! The end of May is where my second goal is (March 17th finish 30DS and hopefully fit comfortable in size 12 skinny jeans for a reunion i have that weekend. May 27th marks the start of my beach weekends and I'd like to have made a dent in my long term goal of being 170lbs, but my may goal is to be comfortable and confident in my bikini). I'm so glad to hear you're seeing movement in the scale, great job! I'm gonna keep pushing!

Thank you all again for the support! I'll keep ya posted Together, we can all reach out goals! :)

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2/24/12 3:28 P

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I just completed the 30 Day slimdown routine and guess what I gained weight almost 2lbs and then slowly started taking it off. I'm now back to where I started but I know that I'm stronger. I actually didn't take a photo on Day 1 (it was after about 1 week) but I do take photos and measurements at the beginning of the month. I know that my body has change. I'm more concerned about my middle section since I just had a c-section 8 months ago and I can see a difference. I know that it will take time. I'm not one of those people who lose a lot of weight fast. It's a process and as long as I continue to make healthy eating choices and working out consistently that I will reach my goal. I'm hoping to be at goal by the end of May before we go cruising.

So basically what I'm saying is to just keep at it. It take a little time for your body to adjust. I actually had to start eating more and guess what. The scale started moving down. I couldn't breakout of the 180's and the past 2 days I've been 179.4 and 179. I just hope I don't mess it all up over the weekend.

Hang in there. As long as you keep pressing on, you will see results.

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2/24/12 3:04 P

Do you weigh yourself a the same time wearing the same cloths every week? Yes i know it sounds a bit crazy but i tried weighing myself in different cloths just to see if it would make any difference at all and it did. Anyway,whatever the case down get down on yourself .It could be muscle that you've gained. Good Luck!! emoticon

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2/24/12 1:56 P

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Take a deep breath, and try to find your center. Have you seen the inspirational picture, with the words… "Losing weight is hard, maintaining is hard, and being overweight is hard. Choose your hard!" That's really what it boils down to. If you find an EASY way to lose weight, guess what? That weight will just find you again, and bring friends. You have to commit to sucking it up and changing your lifestyle. We're women, Our bodies do things that we can't control If you've tracked your food, and paid attention to the nutritional content, and you haven't eaten 3,500 extra calories than it's just water retention and don't let it get you down. As far as inches go, where did you add that inch? In your butt? Because if your butt gets higher than you're going to add a little in inches depending on how it was shaped before. If it's your abs, you're probably just a little bloated from that 1 pound of water. Your chest? Those get bigger once a month too! Also, wearing different bras when you measure yourself changes the measurement. Whatever might be going on, doesn't matter as much as what you're doing. So just stay committed to yourself. You're worth the effort this is going to take!emoticon


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2/24/12 1:54 P

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Don't get down! did you take a starting picture? I was exactly in the same state of mind after i finished level1. I had lost 4 pounds during week 1 then gained 2 the second week. She says that your not going to see a lot of weight loss the first couple of weeks because your body is still adapting. I decided to take a second picture because i felt i wasn't looking any different, but when I compared my day 1 pic with may 10 day pic i couldn't believe the difference! It was very subtle, other people might not see the difference but knowing my own body I could definitely tell something was working. My advice just keep going, if anything your making yourself way more healthy! and remember it usually take 4 weeks for you to see a change in your body and 6 weeks for other people to see it! keep on shredding!


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2/24/12 1:44 P

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Hey guys,
I'm really struggling with the 30DS....I just finished level 1 and my first week was great (lost 4 lbs, and an inch) but now i'm into the second week of my diet/work out and i've gained a pound and an inch back! What gives!!!

I've been following South beach diet very closely for two weeks like it says, and of course EVERYONE i know lost an intense amount of weight doing SB (they didnt even excersize, just SB!) but here i am, working out and dieting and i feel like i'm losing nothing. And i read these posts about people losing 4-18inches on 30DS and i just feel like i'm going to get to the end and have lost nothing. I can definately feel stronger muscles in my abs which I know is a good thing, its just that I am 40 lbs over weight and I guess i'm just feeling like i'm never going to lose the weight.

*sigh* maybe i'm being ridiculious, i know i'm not going to lose a ton of weight in 10 days....I guess i was just hoping for better results, or atleast consistent losing a little each weigh in....certainly didnt expect to be gaining! And i know i might be gaining weight because of muscle, but i guess its just making me feel very unmotivated to continue. I always hear these amazing success stories for everyone i know, whether they're doing south beach, the 30DS, or some other excersize program, and i guess i'm feeling like my weight loss goals are never going to happen. And my goal is a little bit at a time, sure my long term goes is 40 lbs but my short term 30 day goal was just to lose a little so my size 12 jeans didnt have a muffin top lol and buttoned easily! But i went shopping yesterday because i needed a pair of pants and couldnt even fit in a size 12....guess mine are just stretched out.

I'm sorry if i'm being whiney....i guess i just need a little encouragement please! I'm tired of being fat and I want to change, why isn't that motivation enough? emoticon

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