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  FORUM:   Health, Fitness & Weight Loss
TOPIC:   Question about calories being burned 

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BEESPARKLE's Photo Posts: 4,797
1/5/13 9:08 A

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In the summer I use a pedometer on me . I goggled on the browser my fitness activity I do and the name. How long. I got my calories for it. For the time I do it.

Thanks for re back.. emoticon

I have already the Nutrition and the exercise on my sparkpage.

My track weight is wrong and I tried to put in a fresh. It would not calcualate it proper. So if it wants

to give me more weight I loss. I say thank you very much.


 Pounds lost: 20.0 

RUTHIEBEAR's Photo SparkPoints: (171,854)
Fitness Minutes: (222,688)
Posts: 23,438
1/5/13 8:28 A

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You ask a lot of good questions. FOr 71 you are doing amazing!
TO show your exercise and food trackers from your SPark page, go to the bitton Edit my Page. WHen the editing page opens, look on the right corrner. Make sure Share my food tracker and Share my fitness tracker are checked.
Save your edits at the bottom of the page.
WHen you see your SPark Page, on the upper right corner will be a button that says, My shared food/fitness. People can click on that and see your trackers.

As for how many calories you are burning...That is a difficult one. I wear a fitbit and a heart rate monitor which track my calories for me. I am guessing you do not do that. Instead you must find something on the SPark fitness list that is similar to what you have done. Is it like Aerobic exercise? If so, type in Aerobics, and choose the level - is it vigorous, or moderate? Then type in how long you did it - 30 minutes. It will automatically calculate how manuy calories you burned and track them.
I hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I will try again. emoticon

A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.
-- Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne

BEESPARKLE's Photo Posts: 4,797
12/30/12 11:53 A

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For the first time I did 30 minutes work out with Leslie Sanson. The four step was good but not into the high steps yet so did little lifts. I found the rest okay. Seeing I have osoarthritis and the sciatic left leg. I could not lift the leg too high. I did the cool downs with her not any problem.

Does anyone know how many calories burned in those 30 minutes. I see you can have it to be other exercises each day as a reminder on your Fitness but I am not ready for any floor exercises.

So I am just doing the 30 min about 3 times a week. With my food intake and water.

I filled in my Exercise for today but it asks how many calories I burned?

Also how do I add my exercise to bottom of my Spark page so others can see if they want. Perhaps that would encourage others.

Trying to find that. I did my weight tracker on my page but where do I go to add on my page the exercise i did and will be doing.?

Thanks. I do need some advise or help from you please. I am a soon to be 71 January 8th gal. So be easy on me. Ha,ha.

I was told you all are sweeties and helpers on here for each other. So truly I am counting on you.


Edited by: BEESPARKLE at: 12/30/2012 (11:54)

 Pounds lost: 20.0 

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