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1/14/14 11:14 P

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It depends on your level of play, as well as,how often you play a week and for how long! I must say the best way is also to EAT HEALTHY.

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2/4/13 10:54 P

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Haven't participated in Spark Teams in years, but decided this was a great place to start!!!! No, I do not think tennis is enough to keep weight off, unless your game is singles and you place at least a 2 hour match every day of the week, ALL OUT. I am a USTA ranked 3.5 and playing doubles at my level and age of 54, I don't ever think I burn as many calories as the calorie count on the fitness counter, do you? When I play a 2 1/2 hour doubles match, I usually count about 90 minutes of actual playing time, between all the talking during the changeovers and sets, I never feel like I should count the full 150 minutes.

I try to walk about a 20-25 minute mile at least once a day with my pup, not much in the calorie burning but I'm moving. I also started back clogging in October BUT, even though I'm at the class for two hours, I only count about 90 minutes of actual aerobic burning.

Here is where I'm confused, it's hard for me to figure out how many calories I should actually be eating.........

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11/27/11 10:27 A

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Funny, Two weeks ago while bouncing around in a zumba class and clearley not keeping up with the group, off beat with the music, I pondered this question myself. Is tennis enough because I'm a little tired of jumping around to music trying to keep up with a 25 year old. Maybe in the spring I will do a little research of my own. Of course I will still eat healthy.

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11/15/11 5:06 P

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I don't think that any sport is going to keep you from gaining weight. They all take a back seat to portion control. I love many sports but my wife looses more weight by lying in bed reading books and eating very small portions. Life isn't fair.

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10/7/11 10:23 A

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Not for this little 5'2" body. I've been on Sparkpeople for about ten years??? Wow. I've worked the diet plans and journal my food. I also workout every day and play tennis four times a week. Even with all of that, I still found myself gaining slowly but surely every year.

The doctor found a slow metabolism for which I started taking medication about six months ago...still nothing...until now. I visited my son and daughter-in-law in August and again about a week ago. My son had lost 50 pounds in August on a diet that he started in JUNE! By September he had lost 67 pounds.

Of course I had to find out about this amazing diet and started on it myself. I lost twelve pounds the first month!

It's called The 17 day diet.

I'm totally hooked on this new way of eating that tricks your metabolism into losing weight. There is a support group here at spark for the diet that helps tremendously. All you have to do is buy the book. I got mine on amazon used for about three dollars. Best investment I've ever made!

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