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6/20/12 11:30 A

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I'm 5' w/ a 36C and I feel huge as it is. I can imagine what you must feel like. Like the others said, it's for a vast majority of people not for an individual.

FYI if you have health insurance, you can see if your Dr would give you authorization for a breast reduction to alleviate back pain. I would be first to sign up, but I'm not large enough to really qualify for that!

As for breasts hurting when working out, a have seen a lot of posts to wear two sports bras and that really helps. Good luck

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6/19/12 11:08 P

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Thanks so much Pebble. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I have always had a large bust-line despite the size of my waist too. And thanks for the tip about swimming, it is extremely hard to run and even painful at times.


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6/19/12 6:03 P

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BMI was developed to look at health risks for large populations, not for individuals. How it has become the standard for an individual is a mystery to me. Why it is the same for men and women just doesn't make sense. I am 5'2" also with a DDD bustline. My mammogram report reads "dense glandular breast tissue" which means they are not a lot of fat tissue and they are also very heavy. I am certain my breasts weigh about 10 pounds so I allow myself that extra weight. I don't look as heavy as I am, and still wear a petite medium. Since I was a C cup at age 14 and 90 pounds, DD at age 17 and 105 pounds, losing weight will not likely shrink my breasts much. This is the body type I have, and I have come to accept that. These breasts fed 2 babies who grew up to be great adults and I respect that. So please know that you are not alone, that it is not comfortable to run when you are a DDD (I swim), and if you have any tips on how to find clothes to fit let me know! You are not "average" and you need to allow some extra weight for your busline and just accept that. It is not a health risk.

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6/19/12 1:42 P

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I lost 40 pounds and went from a D to an B! Seriously, genetics does play a role. Do what is good for you, and later on down the road you may feel differently and choose to revise your goal weight. Depending on your results. Both running and strength training reduced my breast size, however they look better than ever because of the muscle emoticon

The "Finding Your Perfect Weight" series by Dean Anderson really helped me to refine a goal weight, and as my body changed I continued to refine my goal.

The link to the first article is

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6/19/12 1:35 P

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I gained forty pounds and went from B to DD. Your boobs may get smaller. It really is about what you want. You can always adjust your goals based on what you see, think, and feel. emoticon

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6/19/12 1:12 P

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I don't really pay attention to the "ideal" weight for my height because I think it is 81-99 lbs. I weighed that much when I was in elementary school and a few times after high school. I did not like how I looked when I was that small because to me, I looked sickly. So although some say that my "ideal" weight is 81-99 lbs, I'm aiming to be around 120. For now, I am taking small steps and getting to 130 first, just to see how I feel. If I feel I look great and have much more energy than I do now, then that will be enough for me. So I agree with Stubborn and say find a point that makes you happy. emoticon

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6/19/12 1:12 P

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I agree - ideal is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. Here's a couple of do you like the picture when you look in the mirror? (another guideline). Also, what does your doctor and or significant other say? Pretty much the people that have major input into this journey. Find a place that you feel comfortable and will allow you to live a relatively healthy lifestyle.

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6/19/12 12:53 P

Guidelines are just that - guidelines. I think we make them into "ideal" and that does not exist because we are all so different in shape, size and bone structure. If you don't feel that a target weight based on guidelines is right for you, then find a point that makes you happy.

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6/19/12 12:27 P

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I'm new to this website and to being healthy. I have a question/problem about my goal weight and being classified as obese. I have always been a busty and curvy person. I mean most of my weight in in my breasts. I am short, like you, but my breasts are like triple DDD's or F's. I weighed them once and found that they were about 10 pounds each. That's 20 pounds of boob! I feel like my goal weight of 133 is kinda ridiculous if you consider that I have broad shoulders and hips and I don't like being called obese because it simply isn't true. Does anybody else feel like their "ideal' weight is not so "ideal" for them? How do I get past this feeling that it is impossible for my body to be "ideal"?

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