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1/23/10 11:26 A

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Thank you so much for posting all that good information. I try to eat the calorie count that Sparks people has recommended. Sometimes I do ok and sometimes I don't. I think for me is keeping up with my good protein to satisfy me more. I'll save your stuff to remind me.

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1/23/10 1:14 A

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Only eating 1000 calories a day is pure craziness. If you only weigh 130 ish pounds is it possible that your body has just reached its "happy" weight?

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8/29/08 8:14 P

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if this is really all you are eating you are starving. You are also missing out on a lot of healthy food. You are 137 pounds and can't lose while eating less than I do at 120 pounds. This sounds stupid but take a week and eat. I am leading a weight loss study group in my home town and heres some free advise. If a 5th grader can't read it don't eat it. Cook!! that oats in the morning make sure it is real oatmeal not some predigested instant stuff. Put some berries on it. When you add berries you don't need anything else to sweeten it. When I say add some berries I'm talking about a cup of blueberries. next if you want a snack in the morning have an apple, Lunch if you eating a lean whatever add veggies to it. Make it big. Frozen veggies are your friend. Eat them. Have some water mellon with it. If your feeling tired and need a protien pick up I like the omega 3 peanutbutter and it doesn't go on bread. put it on apples, pears, pineapple, whatever. not good on peaches. dinner you like salad? make it big put a lean protien on it and fresh veggies. get the freshes tomatoes and put a lot of them on it. The more juicy things you put on your salad the less to no dressing you need. pick a what I will call a fast pouring dressing. 1000Island is not fast or is french. I am having stuff zuchini tonight. cut the long way and scoop seads out. Mix 1 oz cream cheese, 1 oz shred. cheese, chopped up mushrooms, onion mix together and stuff in zuc. boat. bake or microwave till tender. I use the bigger zuc. that everyones says is to big. This is my main item for dinner. Get that meat and potato limitation out of your head. That is a real hard one for me. It's like everyday has to be a feast. I am learning not so. That chocolate limit it to everyother day That way it's a treat not a habit. Did I say I was having pineapple with dinner and not canned and not a small serving. Pick 1 or 2 things you can't live without and the rest of the junk keep it out of your mouth. When you go to eat something look at it and ask what nutritional value does this provide to my body and then is this the best choice I have? If you start saying because it is fun and it taste good too many times think about why you are eating these fun foods and how much fun are they 1 hour after you eat them. I hate to sound like a black cloud but girlfriend stop starving yourself and start feeding your self some nutrition. Lets quick talk soup and sugar. So if sugar causes you to crave sugar and sugar is in your tomato soup why do you crave vending machine type food in the afternoon or need a nap. Another thing we talk about in class is the TV. That food on the TV is not designed to help you lose weight it is there to help your money get into the pocket of the advertiser. There is a lot more money to be made on a box of something than a bag of apples. Hope this helps. I need to get to the gym. Now if you could find me a buddy to get me to the gym. I hate working out but I love how it looks on me. 2 hours of working out?? where do you find the time? Let me know how your doing? There is a program that talks about meltabisiam(MS) and how to boost it. I feel just cutting the additives and preservitives out will give you a great boost. My best to you Lynn

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8/29/08 5:00 P

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Yes, it is difficult to sustain 1000 calories a day as a lifestyle. It's also not recommended unless you fall into the obese/morbidly obese category and you should be followed by a physician.

That being said, I lost the first 40 pounds of weight by cutting my calories to around a 1000 a day. I also found that although I was losing weight, I was also pretty flabby. I started exercising and was able to eat more calories and still lose weight. It doesn't come off as fast, but it changes your body very quickly.

Try adding some exercise - two hours a day is not necessary. Even Jillian Michaels exercises only six hours a week. I run/bike three times a week and have added some strength training in once or twice a week. I look better, feel better, my appetite is controlled better....and I'm still losing weight.


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8/29/08 4:50 P

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Well keep up the good work Dragonfly cause i see a pedicure very near in your future and oh it will be soooo nice.

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8/29/08 3:56 P

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the days I lose consistently I'm around 900-1000 calories..but those are days I have no appetite...I can't function on that all the time..I don't know how you are doing it, I have to have 2 hour workouts to get by to lose 1 pound every 2 weeks now..and I'm calorie cycling to find my sweet spot, but not one unless I drop to what is considered unhealthy.

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8/29/08 12:07 P

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Yes I do understand where you are coming from. I also have to get down to a very low calorie count before i lose weight. I run 3 times a week and work at a fairly physical job. I think it has to do with a very slow metabolism in my case. It is frustrating to say the least. It's like you never get a break!

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8/29/08 11:46 A

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Hi SILLYSHALIE - I totally understand where you are coming from. It is hard to adjust to so little calories. I could never eat only 1000 though - I would be starving!:)

I was wondering though, what is your exercise routine? I wonder if you exercised for about an hour a day, you could probably eat 1300 calories and still lose about a pound per week.

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8/29/08 10:46 A

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Today's Best of Sparkpeople addresses the diet mentality and its downfalls. I fall into most of the things the daily addressed. How do you not feel like you are on a diet when you can only eat 1000K a day?

In general, I eat 1300K a day at which I maintain my weight. To lose weight I have to stick to 1000K.

My typical menu is:
Breakfast - cereal w/ soy milk, oatmeal or, as a splurge, nutri-grain waffles.
Lunch - Yogurt & fruit, soup or Lean Cuisine
Dinner - Salad or any of the below
A miniature chocolate and a piece of fruit as snacks.

Sounds like quite a selection but it isn't when you live with it day in and day out. With each meal needing to be around 250K, things are greatly limited. Its not just a matter of portion control.

So, how do you not feel this is a diet? Its not a lifestyle change, not when adding one piece of fruit can blow it.


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