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6/24/13 7:59 P

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I can't do " cheat days". Kinda defeats my purpose of changing my bad eating habits. I don't deny myself any food that I want, I just don't over indulge. So I don't find I need "cheat days."

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8/24/12 11:40 P

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My days off are when I'm on vacation or when I have company or a very late night. I prefer to do my daily ritual every day. emoticon Janis

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Spark People Team Leader, GLITTERGIRL, from Team, "I Can't Do This On My Own", helped me reach my goal in 2012. I was able to maintain my weight for several months, but now I have to get serious again as much of my hard work I let go of, putting my focus on another issue. I will keep on, until I get back to my goal.

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8/19/12 7:33 A

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I want to take a day off, but I cannot do it. I wish I could...I push myself every day.

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8/15/12 7:03 P

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I,too, am not going to take a day off. I feel I will lose momentum. emoticon

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8/15/12 2:56 P

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I am a true believer in everything in moderation! No matter if it is the "BIG" cookie. But I do track it so I can see how many calories/fat/points it is worth. Then I can look back on it and see was it worth it. emoticon

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8/15/12 7:06 A

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I, personally, don't cheat. I can't!! In the past one day of cheating lead to another...and another. Now that I have adopted the sp healthy lifestyle my mind doesn't even go there. I think you are doing a great job with your weight loss. So if a cheat day works for you and you continue forward on your journey go for it!

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Kathy (Vermont)

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8/15/12 1:24 A

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In the past, no matter what diet I was onif I broke it no matter what or how hard I tried I could not get back on the diet. For the past year I have been on the Dukan Diet Plan and it satisfies me so much in everything part of it I have no problem having a cheat day and then going right back on plan. I might not have a break for over a month and then just have one meal or maybe one day depends on the situation. But it is easy to get back on plan. I have gone through al four phases of the plan and have lost all the weight that I want to lose. I am now maintaining my new low and eating healthy without even thinking about it. So I agree, a cheat could be really good. Once in a while. If you find that you are doing quite a few and the scale is being affective then you need to see what is missing in your plan.

I hope this helps.

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8/14/12 8:41 P

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If I crave something bad, I try to appease that craving by just having a little of whatever it is. I do know if I don't have a little, when I do get near that special food, I go on a binge. At TOPS, we chose a no no food each at Tuesday's meeting and that night is a "free" night if we want to have some of the no no food. Wednesday starts where you pay for indulging. Each week a new food is chosen. That sure helps me.

Trust God, believe in yourself, and keep looking forward. You can't change the past. You are always special.

Linda Kay

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8/14/12 7:06 P

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I think "a" cheat day is not going to hurt anything. But .... if you are finding that your having a lot of them, then you need to look at your diet and see what is missing.
I am a cookie person. I don't believe that I have ever meet one that I did not like. So I can't have them in the house right now, later .... maybe. But for now, when I'm out running errands and I think about it, I will stop and get one. I know that the calorie count is through the roof and I don't even log it, I don't think about, I enjoy that one great big cookie. And I move on. It's not a daily or even weekly indulgent, but at least once a month. I know I can have it, I just have to go and buy it so it doesn't bother me.

Please, Please watch and listen for motorcycles while your out and about!

Peace, Love & Hugs
Becky (^_^)

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8/14/12 5:34 P

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When I 'indulge' as I did yesterday with a muffin (that was so not worth it). I eat a little less each day of the week. Then I 'walk myself through eating it' and find out what caused me to eat a muffin (that I really don't even like). How fast did I eat it, did I at least TRY to enjoy it or gulp it down, etc...........well, I did that and found I bought it because it was a Peach Muffin, peaches are in season and homemade that morning, I wanted to try something new, I ate slowly to enjoy the flavors, I knew eating it that I did not like it. But it is over and I learned a valuable lesson. (and when I got home and researched the muffin, I found it was 450 darn calories)!!

thx for the share.

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8/14/12 5:24 P

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Everyone 'cheats' at some time or other. I work the cheat into my diet by eating salad only for my next meal, this usually evens out any extra cals. I think beating yourself up will ultimately lead to total burnout, and that is more destructive than an unexpected indulgence. Added exercise is also a good way to feel like you have not let yourself be beaten by your indulgences.

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8/14/12 5:19 P

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a little extra working out never hurt nobody! :D I think it's okay if you've reached a milestone, and uhm, HELLO you've lost over 30lbs!!! I'd say once won't hurt.

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8/14/12 5:06 P

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Ok broke down today and found myself in a McDonalds drive through. I have been pretty loyal to my diet for sometime now. I am still 30 some odd pounds from goal. What are your opinion on cheat days? Do they help? Do they hurt/ My initial feeling is I should add an extra exercise session to offset slipping up today.

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