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2/25/11 1:18 P

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Coach Nicole has several short videos of stretching, which can be accessed from the page with the video mentioned earlier, or just put her name into Sprak's search engine. Pay careful attention to proper form, and always warm up well first! Use the videos provided with Spark training exercises as well, for proper form, and ease into the weights. Many try too heavy too soon. Start small and build up. The motion itself is the primary strength builder. Weight is needed only as you advance. I've only been using the lightest weights for the past few weeks - like you, I had been doing just cardio, plus I have RA in my hands which makes heavy weights ill advised - but already my strength and stamina have increased, and my formerly flabby upper arms are showing muscle! emoticon It really works! But do work different muscle groups if you must train daily, rest at least a day or 2 a week, and keep up the cardio.
Nice hot soak in bath helps soreness too. God Bless!

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2/25/11 12:06 P

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Hi there is a great Spark article that you may want to read on stretching. It is called Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action. For more articles on stretching type stretching in the search bar and you will find several good ones.
Take it easy, your body needs to recover before pressing on. Don't let the soreness deter you it will go away.
Keep up the good work.

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2/25/11 12:04 P

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SparkPeople has numerous article on the techniques and mechanics of working-out. I would suggest reading and educating yourself before starting a regular work-out routine. If you work-out incorrectly you can cause damage on a permanent basis. Generally you will strength train a muscle or group of muscles every 1 to 2 days giving them time to heal on your days off..


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2/25/11 11:57 A

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Actually, if that soreness is not from injury, then it's delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and some people live for that pain, including me! I think what happens is that the tiny fibers in your muscles tear when you work them. I remember reading that's why you also experience a slight weight gain after starting a strength program, as the muscles retain water to help repair the damage. I don't think stretching makes DOMS go away entirely, although they'll probably alleviate the pain some. The best thing to do is not work the same muscle group on consecutive days - rest is the only thing that really helps. But look on the bright side - it means your muscles are getting stronger! I wasn't kidding when I said I like DOMS. I'm sorted of addicted to that soreness.

Oh, there was an article just published today where Coach Nicole goes through some lower body stretches. You might want to check this out:

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2/25/11 11:48 A

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Re daily strength training: If you do some research, you'll find that daily strength training isn't always recommended. It is definitely not recommended for the same body parts. Muscles need to rest for a day or two between strength sessions.

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2/25/11 11:38 A

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If you are working hard, you will probably have sore muscles even if you do everything right while stretching. Just remember that it will get better, and that you earned every single pain that you have.

Ibuprofen might help. emoticon

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2/25/11 11:30 A

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I learned a hard lesson this week. Do NOT do strength training daily, especially when you are a beginner. Every muscle in my body ACHES! I stretched afterwards, but I obviously do not know the correct stretches to do, so as a result, I hurt. I was enjoying my cardio, until the muscle pain hit. I have done much cardio in the past, without ever having this kind of pain, which is how I know it is from the strength training. I would love to be enlightened!. I have been doing the exercises found in the SP fitness that do NOT require any type of equipment. I want to continue, but I need to be sure I am stretching correctly first. I don't need any more damage.


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